Review: Roku Express (Is it the best streaming player?)

If you want to stay up to date with all of your favorite shows and movies while having all of them in one place, Roku Express is an excellent option for you to look into. This product offers you the chance to give up your expensive cable package and go for an option that is far better than anything else out there on the market. Basically, what this product does is provide you with a home for all of your streaming services, as well as a bunch of options that would enable you to fulfill all of your entertainment needs.

With this product, you would be able to easily subscribe to Netflix, Hulu and all of the other premium services while enjoying a bunch of channels for no extra cost! There is a subscription charge that you would have to pay in order to fully access this device, so it is important that you understand what you are buying before you actually make the purchase.

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Review: Roku Express (Is it the best streaming player?) 1

Things You’ll Love

  • High Definition Output: When you start streaming content on this device, one of the first things that will stand out is the high definition visual output that you are receiving. Most similar products on the market do have a high definition option that is available, but none provide a response that is quite as vivid as the one you are going to get from this particular device. This is probably why so many people enjoy using this product. If you are the sort of person who wants the most vivid and immersive experience possible, this product is a great option for you to look into.
  • Access to Several Services: You will be able to incorporate a variety of different streaming services into a single location when you start using this device. This means that you aren’t just going to get things like Netflix and Amazon, you will get YouTube as well which has a lot of content that you are certainly going to enjoy. The varied range of services that you will be able to access while you are using this product make it a worthy buy for sure, and a lot of people will appreciate the accuracy with which content is represented within the main user interface of this product.

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  • Easy User Interface: The user interface of this product is perhaps one of the easiest to use among all similar products in this particular category that the market currently has to offer. Most products like this are a little difficult to use, they certainly have a learning curve that you are going to have to deal with, but the fact of the matter is that this product is different. Once you turn it on, using it is going to become pretty much intuitive thanks to the graphical interface that is based on common sense movements rather than complex motions.
  • Tons of Free Content: One of the great things about this product is the fact that you are not going to have to pay in order to get quality content. Not only are you going to gain access to free services such as YouTube, you will also be able to access hundreds of free movies and TV shows that the device has in its cloud. These pieces of content are highly varied, allowing you to select the sort of thing that you enjoy without having to pay an extra dime. This is one of the few devices on the market that offers so much free content.
  • Video Game Capabilities: This device is not just for people that want to watch movies and TV shows. You will also be able to play a number of games while you are using this product, games that have become highly popular in recent times because of the fact that they offer a different experience from consoles and the like. This company is clearly trying to do something different, and what is exciting is that we finally have an innovation in the world of gaming that actually works rather than something that just adds a gimmick to the package in the hopes of enticing you into spending some of your hard-earned money.
  • Widely Compatible: Another feature that this device offers which you are definitely going to love is the widespread compatibility that you are going to receive. You have the option of pairing this device with a number of different apps and devices such as smartphones and the like, and there is HDMI capability in case you want to watch something that you have downloaded without having to pay for a service in order to access it. This widespread compatibility can help you to further centralize all of your favorite content onto a single platform.

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  • Voice Activation: The voice-activated controls for this product are absolutely spot on. While voice-activated controls are no longer revolutionary per se, this product does it so well that it merits mentioning. With the voice controls, accessing your favorite content is going to become an absolute breeze. Chances are that you will keep coming back to this product time and time again simply because of the fact that it is so easy to use, with the interface and voice control coming together beautifully. It is pretty clear that this company has put a lot of effort into making a stellar product.

Things You’ll Hate

  • Expensive: While the product does offer you a lot of free content that you can look into, the device itself is rather pricey. This would be forgivable if you weren’t forced to use the product’s subscription services if you want to add premium streaming options to your content library. The subscription charges are an additional cost that you are going to have to bear, and can prove to be a major inconvenience to individuals that want to be able to save a bit of money while they are accessing all of their favorite TV shows and movies.
  • Mobile App is Tough to Use: One aspect of this product that has been heavily marketed is the mobile app. While it is certainly true that the app offers a great deal of functionality and usefulness, it is important to note that the app itself is very tough to use. Rather than using the easy interface present within the device, you are going to have to get used to a different setup altogether. This baffling revelation is going to be a major setback that would prevent you from easily accessing all of the premium features that this device has to offer, so you would do well to think about this fact before you actually end up buying this product.

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  • Spotty WiFi Connectivity: Another major issue that you are going to face while you are using this product is the spotty wifi signals that you are going to receive. Since this is a streaming platform, you will need high-speed internet in order to use the device to its full potential. This can be difficult if you have kept said device in an area where signals are tough to receive because the wifi antennas are not very well made and often fail to capture the full speed of the internet service that you are currently subscribed to.
  • Frequent Software Updates: While it is important for a product to keep its software updated so that you always have the best experience, this device tends to update its software a little too often. This is a huge problem because the updates take a pretty significant amount of time to get fully downloaded, and often the updates end up making the product impossible to use. Crashes are a common occurrence after a software update which are usually later fixed in a patch, but he fact that this happens in the first place is a serious inconvenience that you are going to have to contend with.
  • No Web Browser: Since this is a device that is designed to help you meet all of your streaming needs, you would be right to expect a web browser that would help you make the most of the features that are being offered. Unfortunately, you don’t get a web browser when you buy this device. This is inconvenient because it makes it impossible for you to do things like check social media while you are using this device, something that is necessary for this product to be as good as it can possibly be.

Review: Roku Express (Is it the best streaming player?) 1

The Verdict

While there are a couple of problems here and there and this product does have a pretty hefty price tag, if you want a new level of entertainment you will love the Roku Express. This product is highly efficient at bringing you all of the content you need and it can prove to be an excellent hub for the various services that you have subscribed to. The free content is another huge bonus and is certainly going to make this product worth your while.

Roku Express

Ease of Use
Mobile App

Definitely one of the best streaming devices on the market

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