Review: Aspire Breeze 2 (The Best Portable Pod On The Market)

After having some terrible issues with a vaping pen device I was using (you can read about that experience here),…

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Review: Aspire Cleito (Smudge Away From Perfection)

In the last few years of vaping, I’m gone through 8-10 different boxes and probably two dozen different tanks, and…

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Review: Smok Nord Vape (#1 Easy Coil Changes & Best Portability?)

Although I am attached at the mouth to my Aspire Breeze 2, I recently experimented with the Smok Nord Vape…

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Guide to Finding the Best Dab Pen Vaporizers

A dab pen is used for vaping cannabis concentrates. There are different sizes and shapes of dab pens. A normal…

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VAPTIO’s C-Flat Review: (Updated December Review: Warning)

One day, after growing tired of my typical Logic e-cigarette pens (after using them for approximately a year after successfully…

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