OptiMind Review: Does It Really Work? Is it Safe? Worth it?

Before we get into my OptiMind review, I want to say that I’ve spent the better part of 2017 trying…

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Review: Amazing Grass (Is It Really That Amazing?)

Ever heard of Amazing Grass? Well, apparently this is a supplement on Amazon that has held the #1 rank in…

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SuperBeets Review: What are the ingredients? What are the 4 side effects?

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links, if you opt to purchase the product through our links, then we may…

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Review: Biotin (It’s Effects On Nails, Hair, Skin and Weight Loss)

In the last couple of years, Biotin supplements have become the rave. This vitamin holds many promises such as reducing…

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Review: NEURO-PEAK Brain Support Supplement (Do Nootropics Work?)

Every time I hear about nootropics I have 3 main initial reactions. The first is fear, or perhaps just a…

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