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If you have ever wanted a game that would scare you or cause you to have to panic, this is the game. The second game to the series Left 4 Dead came to the players in the best way possible. After the first successful game of Left 4 Dead, the creators of Valve made the second in the series Left 4 Dead 2. The enhanced all the chaos of the zombie hordes increased the scariness of mutated zombies and added creepy levels just to spice up the atmosphere.

With the main story about four survivalists named Nick, Ellis, Rochelle, and Coach. Their story takes place a couple weeks after the first original breakout. The Story begins with the four racing up a building to catch a rescue helicopter just to be a little too late. As soon as they realize help was not on the way they all decided to work together to make it out alive.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a single player or Co-op game. It can also be played online with up to four other players. up to eight players can play in one mission with for being the survivors and for being special infected zombies.

In this game, key work is key if you wish to make it through the levels. Your main objective is to make it through levels from one safe house to the next. In between, you will find weapons,  ammo, health, and bombs to help survive levels.

Left 4 Dead XBOX

Play Left 4 Dead 2 Review (XBOX) 1

Difficulty of Game Play

There are several difficulties you can play on ranging from easy to realism. The harder the level difficulty the more precise aiming is needed. On an easy difficulty, you can shoot zombies in the chest and they will die. On realism difficulty, you have to shoot or hit zombies in the head if you plan on stopping them. In realism, however, you will find zombies die easier if hit correctly. The drawback is you will die far more quickly from attacks as well.

The Levels to Go Through

There are four levels in every zone. There are several zones not including the DLC that can be added to the purchase of the original game. Every zone has some sort of final survival trail at the end of the fourth level.

For example one level you have to wait for a helicopter to come down and pick you up, but in order to get the attention of the helicopter, you have to turn on the rock concert which causes a lot of noise and attracts all types of zombies. Your objective is to hold out until help arrives as it becomes increasingly harder every moment.

Left 4 Dead XBOX 2

Team Work is Required

In this game, teamwork is not only recommended but required. If you stray away from the group you can almost be guaranteed fresh meat for the enemies. Instead of instantly dying when you run out of health, you end up falling down. The only way to get up is by having a teammate rescue you by pulling you up. This takes a moment and the teammate must not be hit when helping you or it slows down your revival time. Also, you have to be careful not to attack one another as you can cause your own demise.

Left 4 Dead XBOX 3

Special Zombies Come to Attack

There are several different types of special infected to have to deal with on every level. Every level is different but some are geared to have different special infected appearance rates than others. The special infected are the boomer, hunter, smoker, tank, jokey, spitter, charger, and witch. Each one of these special infected have special attacks and unique abilities that will be used to slow you down, drain your health or take you away from the group.

In versus mode, all these characters can be played by other players except the witch. The witch adds an especially scary aspect to the game due to her image and ability. You can tell when a witch is nearby because you will hear a young girls voice crying. If you approach her too closely she will growl at you. If you have the unfortunate luck of running into one before noticing where she is you will completely kill you in the shortest amount of time compared to the other special infected. On top of her scary nature, the witch is one of the hardest special infected to kill. If you run upon one of these infected on your own it is a high chance you will be killed and have to restart.

The Overall Game is Well Made

As stated before if you are looking for a game to give you the creeps this is it. The added effects of weather. The sounds that sound horrifying. You will soon learn the signs of every special infected just by the sounds they make when they are close and you will be creeped out. This game was well put together and manages to outdo its predecessor by adding new features and zombies to help deepen the storyline.

Left 4 Dead 2 Will Have You Racing Time

Length of Game
Overall Quality

Left 4 Dead 2 takes off where the first left, which is getting people a little confused if you've never been through the first. Find out if this exciting game is worth the cash when it comes to choosing a game that gives a bit of a challenge.

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