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Long  gone the days when we simply put on our trainers and buy a stop watch.

Jawbone has been making strides in the fitness industry for the past few years as the ultimate fitness tracking device. The UP2 is marketed as a light weight, fashionable tracker that is paired with your smartphone to give you an in depth look at your life through a healthy lens.

So just like many of you out there, this past New Years, I made a resolution. Guess what it is? To take better care of my health. This led me to do some research on the best way to get started and to track my progress or exercise, and I ended up on UP2 by Jawbone.

Review: UP2 by Jawbone (Yes or No?) 2

Two weeks ago it came in the mail, and here it is:



The Review

The UP2 came in a fairly small box, but with nice packaging. Upon taking it out of the box, it was clear that the UP2 is a very light weight band, and best of all, it looks stylish on the wrist. I didn’t feel uncomfortable walking out in public with it, or even showing up to work with the band on my wrist. So points for that Jawbone.

I made sure to quickly download the app from Jawbone and pair it with my band. That was quite easy to do, not much difficulty whatsoever. Since it was late at night and I couldn’t head out to run, I figured I will turn everything on at midnight, and then let it record data as I had to work in the morning and come back. Here is what the display said after work:

JawboneAs you can see, a nice bit of data. There were also several moments when Jawbone would alert me that I need to get up and move around a bit. So that’s a nice feature. In addition to that feature, here are other things I noticed; it learns your behavior, as it knows when you go to sleep and when you get up. Jawbone logs what you eat, and how much. This is great for later viewing to see if you should be changing your diet. It set up daily challenges for you to meet, and also challenges against your friends! You also receive daily tips from Jawbone based on your statistics on what you should change.

In terms of the battery life, it lasted one full week on a single charge. Getting it back to a full charge took only 45 minutes, and it has a nice little magnetic battery.

Overall, I like the product. Very cool, and futuristic. It keeps you involved in watching over your health, and definitely has worthwhile features such as buzzing your wrist when you need to wake up in the morning, or when you need to eat lunch.

Review: UP2 by Jawbone (Yes or No?) 2

This is definitely a product that I would recommend.


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