Review: sE Electronics 2200a II C (The Only Mic You’ll Ever Need?)

I think it’s common for every musician or home recording enthusiast to have a favorite microphone: that one in their…

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Review: Shure 55SH Series II – great looks, but is it any good?

I needed a new mic. I was committed to spending a few bucks on it, and wanted to get something…

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Review: Taylor Swift Swift Baby Guitar (Is it just for fans?)

I normally lean towards badass, sometimes pointy electric guitars. So imagine the looks on my guitar friends’ faces when I…

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Review: Hotone Xtomp (A multi-effects and stomp box in one?)

No matter how traditional a guitarist wants to be, companies keep coming out with weird and wonderful tech for us…

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Review: Jim Dunlop Gator Grip 1.14mm picks – are these the best guitar picks ever?

I think most guitarists will just use whatever pick is handiest, but when we can, we do get quite picky…

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