Review: Amazon Echo (Worth it Winner?)

In the last two to three years, we have witnessed Amazon aggressively coming out with their line of products. It all began with the  Fire Tablet and know they are even in the portable speaker market. The question is, how good are their speakers?

For quite some time, the portable speaker market has been dominated by the likes of Dr.Dre and JBL, heck, I even own a JBL speaker myself and I love it! Putting aside my love for my JBL and my lack of need for another speaker, I still decided to grab the Amazon Echo.

Here it is straight out of the box:

Amazon echo Photo

Let’s get right into it. What do I think of the Amazon Echo?

Well, first of all, I was blown away by the fact that it wasn’t just an ordinary portable speaker. This isn’t a device that you just use to play music off your phone, but an actual “smart” speaker. I was able to give the speaker commands, such as search for this, or explain this for me, and the speaker would actually come back with an answer. In the mornings, I would tell Echo to update me on how the morning traffic is looking like, and the device would actually give me intel on what to expect. So in terms of features, I was pleasantly surprised. But what about sound quality? Unfortunately, I wish I was a good liar, but honestly the sound quality wasn’t spectacular. Which is silly for such a device considering at the end of the day, this device is supposed to be a speaker for music. I found that whenever I would increase the volume closer to its maximum, the sound would begin to come out distorted. I never had this issue with my JBL. Battery life? What battery? Hah. You have to keep this speaker plugged into a wall at ALL times. So we may have to scratch the whole “portable speaker” tag off this product. It really does suck that you have to look for an outlet every time you want to use the device. The overall picture is that the device is nice, but it isn’t a must buy. Plain and simple. I don’t see the point of Amazon having to create a “portable” speaker that functions as a smart phone as well. Do we really need another “Siri” function? At the end of the day, I wanted a high quality portable speaker, and this product didn’t exactly hit a home run. On to the next!

Amazon Echo

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