Review: The GEKO Car Camera (Winner or a dud?)

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Have you ever gotten into a car accident that was 100% the fault of the other drive, but then had to jump through hoops to prove that to you insurance company? What about the time you walked up to your car and noticed a fresh dent on your bumper, or even on your door?

These constant issues have given a rise to a niche inside the camera industry; a camera for your car.

What we will be reviewing today is the  GEKO E1008G E100 Full HD 1080P Dash Cam.  This is a Dash Cam that promises filming in 1080 P and comes packed with several convenient features. Here is what comes with your order:

Dash Cam

Let’s cover the features:

  • Records in full HD 1080P video with 120 degree wide angle.
  • Your recording and options are available through a 1.5 inch LCD display.
  • Camera can automatically record hands-free, with a continuous loop.
  • G-Sensor enabled recording which activated whenever your car experienced a bump, drastic braking, or sharp turn. When this mode is activated, the video filmed in the last 30 seconds will not be written over.
  • By default, the camera comes with a 5GB memory card which holds 5 hours of video, before beginning to rewrite.

Did the dash cam work as good as it sounds?

Review: The GEKO Car Camera (Winner or a dud?) 2

Nope. Not at all. Honestly, the camera quality was severely lacking. If you’re especially driving at night, then the footage covered is absolutely useless. To make it even worse, the car adapter that came with the order did not work. I had to buy a replacement adapter to keep the camera running to write this review.

I also constantly had problems having the dash cam stay on the dash, and the buttons were quite irresponsive.


Review: The GEKO Car Camera (Winner or a dud?) 2

That’s the quality during the day, and let me tell you this, it is impossible to read the license plate on a vehicle. So while the quality might be fair enough to use in a typical accident when both drivers pull over. But if someone bumped into your car while parking, or a driver hit you on the road and began driving away, you simply won’t be able to get a single character of their car.

My overall review on this product is that this product is a complete dud. Even though Amazon has a few positive reviews on it, if you read some other comments, and look closer into the positive comments, you’ll notice that the positive ones seem quite fake.

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