On, we offer two advertising options, if your company wishes to have their product reviewed, we are more than glad to help you with that. Our other option is for individuals that wish to have their content posted on our website.

Product Review:

If you’re interested in having your product reviewed on, we are happy to help you – but we do expect the product for free!

  • 1,000-word review w/ high-quality images will cost you $350.00
  • 1,000-word review w/ high-quality images & video review will cost $550.00

For example, recently Wiz contacted us to review their light bulbs. You may find the written review for them here, as well as our video review for them here.

As of this update, their review has received over 1,900 page views in 2018 and 6,100 video views:

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In 2018, ReviewingThis received nearly 200,000 pageviews with 78.50% of the demographic being from the US:

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In 2018, 87.35% of our users came from organic search (Google):

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In 2018, we had a 50/50 split between male and female, with over 50% of our audience being between the ages of 25 to 44.

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Note: Our bounce rate is high because our visitors come to our site to read a review on a specific product. Once they’re done with the reading, they leave. The high bounce rate affects the time on page/avg time on page displayed by Analytics due to how they calculate it. Based on, we typically average of 3.1 minutes of screentime per visitor.

In 2018, we grew 78% from 2017:

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