Review: IBOTTA APP (Can you really save money and earn some back?)

Like many other parents of a big family, I want to find a way to save money on my grocery bills. We can cut coupons each week, search all the grocery store ads but the amount of money we spend is outrageous. Even cutting out unnecessary items (I missed those Oreos) from our weekly shopping list doesn’t help much. So, I began a mission to search and find new ways that actually save money!

It didn’t take long after I started to get an idea of what might work. Online I noticed a few mobile apps that looked promising. After reading more about them I decided to give the mobile app ibotta a try.

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What is ibotta?

Ibotta is a free mobile app that allows you to receive cash back from products you already use. This is actual cash you can spend the way you choose. Not points or discounts, but real money.

How Does It Work?

To receive all the advantages this mobile app has to offer, it needs to be downloaded and installed on your mobile device. After successfully installing this app, you will be able to unlock available rebates.

Ibotta has numerous rebates you can easily unlock by performing something simple. Such as, answer a question or watch a quick ten-second video. Next, you purchase rebate items from one of the approved stores. The approved stores ibotta uses are popular and located just about everywhere. Some of these include:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Wegmans
  • Price Chopper
  • Kroger
  • Food Lion
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
  • Macy’s
  • Kohl’s
  • GNC
  • ABC Fine Wine

In addition to these stores, there are restaurants, bars, specialty, and convenience stores.

The products available for unlocking are ones you already buy for your families, such as milk, bananas, bread, and cleaning products.

Once you are purchased the items you unlocked and returned home, you must scan their product codes. Last, you take a picture of your receipt for the ibotta mobile app. Within two days you will receive a deposit of the refund money owed to you into your ibotta account. After your ibotta account reaches the amount of twenty dollars you can request a payout. This is available in a number of ways including PayPal and gift cards.

Ibotta App login

Will ibotta Use Much of My Time?

Ibotta takes up very little of your time. It only will take you a few minutes to complete any of the simple tasks required to unlock your rebates. The products shown are organized in sections such as meat & seafood, frozen, grocery, beer, and bakery. There is also a “what’s new” section for you to quickly see all that ibotta added.

Scanning the product codes on items you purchased takes less than five minutes. Once you snap a photo of the receipt, you are finished. It’s that simple and quick!

How Much Can I Expect to Save?

Using the ibotta mobile app is not something that makes you rich. However, you can expect to save money just for purchasing rebate products. It is helpful to think of the ibotta mobile app in a similar way as you do paper coupons. The best part is though, there is no need to sit countless hours searching and clipping coupons from the many newspapers you buy. Also, the ibotta app is free, unlike newspapers containing the paper coupons.

The rebates with ibotta, in many cases, are for fifty cents or more. Of course, the more expensive a product is the higher amount of the rebate. I know when reading fifty cents, you are thinking that isn’t much. However, fifty cents, time and time again for many rebates add up quickly.

Think about it. If you shop weekly and purchase ten products with fifty cent rebates each, you will earn five dollars for each week. This means it would take you only four weeks before being eligible for a twenty-dollar payout. As you can see, your rebate money quickly adds up.

How Does the Referral Program Work?

In addition to your regular rebates, you can earn money with the ibotta referral program. For each person, you refer, you earn an additional five dollars. When signing up for an ibotta account, if you use a referral code from one of your friends, you receive ten dollars, and they receive five.

Earning money for referrals is easy. Simply post your code to your Twitter and Facebook accounts for your friends to see and join under you.

Ibotta App Options

Teamwork Pays Well!

You receive bonus cash from team rebates. Your friends who join ibotta by using Facebook will join your team automatically. When you and your team earns rebates, you receive a bonus rebate. The more your team saves, the more you earn.

Are There Any Other Bonus’s Available?

Ibotta has more rebate to offer as well. By purchasing featured products or completing some tasks are just a few ways you can earn even more. They add different bonus’s all the time.

Did I Save With ibotta?

Yes! I was very impressed by ibotta and the saving I received. I signed up by using Facebook which automatically placed me in on a team with my friends. Thanks to my friends, I was already on my way to earning.

When I joined ibotta, they offered a ten-dollar sign-up bonus after using your first rebate. That was great, I was halfway to getting my first payout.

After using ibotta for a total of three weeks, I was up to my twenty-dollar requirement for my first payout. I chose PayPal to receive my rebate deposit, and it was instantly available. How easy was that!

This is a free mobile app that pays you real money to do nothing new. You already buy them products, why not save? Imagine how quickly this adds up throughout the year. I plan on continuing using ibotta for the long haul.

Ibotta Review: How Does it Fair?

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  1. Ibotta is no longer reliable. Too much time to chase after 50 cent rebates by emailing support. Used to be good, now they don’t pay and you wouldn’t even know it unless you CAREFULLY were tracking each every single rebate. Who had that kind of time while raising a family and holding a job down?

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