Review: Timeless Skin Care (Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum)

As a woman, skin care products are highly important to me. I want products that can support claims and promises, ones I feel a certain sense of confidence in and subsequent appreciation for. In the past, I have spent considerable resources on products that did not support their initial claims. Unfortunately many did nothing at all and proved no visible results of treatment, hence this review.

I was interested in trying anti-aging skin care products offered from Timeless Skin Care It’s never too early to begin the anti-aging process or seek out preventative treatments. Timeless Skin Care’s products are simple, with a minimal number of ingredients. They believe in the old adage of “less is more and more is less”. Formulations for Timeless products are simplified by employing one key ingredient on the basis of their philosophy, adding other ingredients only as necessary. Also, I was pleased to read they are a cruelty-free company, with no testing on animals or use of animal product.

Timeless Skin Care Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum

Review: Timeless Skin Care (Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum) 2

Ingredients Contained in Product

  • Water
  • L-Ascorbic Acid
  • Alpha Tocopherol
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Benzyl alcohol
  • Panthenol
  • Ferulic Acid
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Dehydroacetic Acid
  • Ethoxydiglycol

Keep in mind, just because Timeless uses fewer ingredients than other product lines, does not mean it lacks in efficacy. Similar to products with higher price points, they are not more effective simply because they cost more. All of their ingredients are natural and paraben free. Unlike other skincare lines, there is no fragrances or color dyes used in product formulation.

Main Ingredient Benefits

The ingredients used in Timeless Skin Care are known to work wonders in skin care.

L-Ascorbic Acid – The active form of vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid is known to be beneficial in many ways, particularly to the skin. This ingredient supports creating younger healthier looking skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, skin is left calm and smooth, collagen production increases, skin tone is evened, and skin is left hydrated. In addition, vitamin C helps protect the skin’s surface by defending it from free radicals, which is known to cause skin cell damage. It restores antioxidant function of vitamin E.

Alpha Tocopherol – The active form of vitamin E, Alpha Tocopherol benefits the skin in many ways. It is an antioxidant which helps to defend the skin from free radicals. Works as a UV radiation protector, although not as powerful to be used as your only form of sunscreen. When applied topically, it moisturizes which helps in the reduction of wrinkles caused by the sun. The skins natural moisture content is increased, and it prevents premature skin aging and helps in the treatment of dark circles. Works to increase the effectiveness and life of vitamin C.

Ferulic Acid – Another ingredient which works as an antioxidant is Ferulic Acid. This helps to make vitamin C and E a more powerful and longer lasting antioxidant. Applied topically, it helps in preventing sun damage to the skin which slows sign of aging by reducing wrinkles.

Panthenol – A derivative of vitamin B5, Panthenol has anti-aging benefits to the skin when applied topically. Some other benefits include healing and revitalization, as well as moisturizing to the skin by aiding water retention.

Sodium Hyaluronate – A sister to the popular and very effective anti-aging product hyaluronic acid, is Sodium Hyaluronate. This ingredient helps skin retain its natural moisture, making it extremely effective for anti-aging benefits. It’s considered to be a more effective ingredient for skin care than hyaluronic acid because of its ability to penetrate the skin more easily.

What Time Skin Care Claims

Timeless Skin Care claims with the use of their 20% Vitamin C Plus E Ferulic Acid Serum, your skin will look and feel younger and softer. Skin always feel hydrated and nourished

Instructions for Use

According to Timeless Skin Care: Apply 2-3 drops to fingertips and smooth evenly onto cleansed skin morning and night. Expires three months from the date of purchase, can be extended with refrigeration storage.

Store bottle in a cool dark place for maximum freshness.

Timeless Skin Care Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum 2

Review: Timeless Skin Care (Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum) 2

My Final Verdict After Using Timeless

After receiving this product, I added it to my daily skin care regimen right away. This product is manufactured in a glass bottle colored cobalt blue with a rubber cap and lid. The functionality and aesthetic product design is excellent. This product already contains a dropper. I had no problems with the lid and the dropper that it shipped with. However, I have seen others complain of loose-fitting bottle lids.

I applied this product topically twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. You don’t need much product, I only needed two drops for each use to fully cover my face and neck. I enjoyed how after quickly absorbing, there was no oily or greasy feeling or residue left on my skin. My skin felt smooth after each application. My skin type is normal to dry so it was nice feeling my skin so soft, dewy, and smooth.

After a single month’s use, the texture of my skin felt softer and restored. Dark circles under my eyes were beginning to fade. I noticed my skin was brighter than usual as well. There wasn’t much difference, but enough to notice visible results after only a month.

I wasn’t crazy about the smell, but it dissipated quickly. I didn’t have any allergies or reactions to my skin. 

I was happy with Timeless Skin Care and hope to continue seeing improvements. I would recommend adding 20% Vitamin C Plus E Ferulic Acid Serum to your daily skin care regimen.

Timeless Skin Care Anti-Aging Serum


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