Review: IPSY Bag (Is it worth the money?)

A few months ipsy2back, a friend/coworker of mine was telling me about her subscription to Ipsy.

She had told me about it a few times and then one day I absolutely loved the makeup she was wearing,  a beautiful gold shimmery eye shadow and a vibrant red lipstick that made her teeth look stunningly white. I asked what kind of makeup she was wearing and she told me it was from that month’s Ipsy bag that she got in the mail. I went home and looked it up- and saw that the price was $10.00 a month but if you subscribed to a whole year and choose to do one payment in full for the year they would send you a free bag. So the price was about $120.00 for 12 Ipsy bags. I signed up on because I thought “well, I’ve thrown $120.00 on stuff from target I don’t even use so why not spend $120.00 on something I love like makeup, hair products, and skin care that are picked exclusively for me”. I was actually put on a bit of a hold which was fine and the company let me know this from the time I signed up for it. It took me about a month and a half to receive the first bag. When I first signed up I took a brief questionnaire which lasted maybe a few minutes where they asked me what makeup products I like best, brands,  what color my hair, eyes, and skin are so that they could do their best to give me color matches.

Every month the bag will come with five different products to try that were picked specifically for you, and they all come in a cute little makeup bag that can be used forever.

This month I received a bag that looks more like a clutch, it is pink, furry, and says “ipsy” in gold writing. See it in my featured photo! I LOVE this one. The bag usually comes in the mail the second week of every month. As far as the customer service department at Ipsy they respond right away. I had a small issue where I had downloaded their “Ipsy Shopper” app to my phone and you were supposed to receive a free sample eye shadow palette in the mail in the following months bag. I downloaded their app and the following month did not receive the palette. I emailed customer service about it and the staff member let me know that because of high volume they would be sending the palette in a separate order the following month. Not a big deal, however they should have let me know that before I received the bag in the mail that the palette was supposed to be in, so I wouldn’t have had to waste my time emailing them about it.

The Ipsy bag comes in a pink bubble wrap envelope so nothing will get damaged in transition. ipsy1I could go on and on about all the great products I’ve received but then this post would never end, you’ll have to keep reading my posts to learn about the products! This month they sent me a beauty blender, which I can definitely use to blend my foundation instead of my hands (which is really bad to apply makeup with because any bacteria on your hands is now being transported onto your face and can lead to break-outs, even if you JUST washed them. I also received a nip+fab exfoliate which exfoliates dead skin cells, improves texture, and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Josie Maran enlightenment illuminator for a natural glow on your cheeks etc, pore professional balm to minimize the appearance of pores on your face, and crate london liquid velvet lip gloss in the color “pin up”.

I really love all of these products so far. The lip gloss literally feels like velvet on your lips so the name of it is very fitting. Unfortunately the color is a bit dark and a bit too much purple color for my liking, but I will probably wear it to a Christmas party or dinner- an occasion that calls for a darker lip. Since some of these products alone could cost $10.00 easily, this bag is SO beyond worth it and once this year’s subscription is over I will certainly be signing up again. A tip I have for signing up for the Ipsy bag is definitely something I have been very lazy about- write reviews for Ipsy on facebook to ensure that you will get products in your monthly bag that you will actually like and use.

I have received so many products that I absolutely love but there has been the occasional product I don’t like, nude lipstick or nail polish. It’s not that I don’t like the nail polish, the colors have been great- a shimmery purple, a bright green- all coordinated with colors of the season/month that your bag is sent in. The issue is I really only get my nails done at the salon with a gel color because regular nail polish doesn’t stay on my hands without chipping for more than a day because of my job. Most products they send you are travel size but a lot of them are also full sized like the eyeliner’s and lipsticks which I have been using every single day for a number of months and am yet to run out. My favorite products so far have been a waterproof liquid liner – love this because my eye’s are constantly watering especially in the winter or during allergy season, and a frizz tamer hair serum. I really could go on and on, but you’ll have to keep reading my posts to learn more! Do yourself a favor if you love makeup/skin care like I do- get the ipsy bag! 🙂


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