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For the last few years, mud masks have been a growing trend in the beauty industry. As a women, it has always been pertinent to stay on top of any new facial products on the market, especially as I begin to age!

I’ve read good reviews on dead sea mud masks, and how they are organic, natural and quite healthy for your face. This mud is typically important from the dead sea in Israel. I did some further research and apparently people even visit the dead sea specifically to cover themselves in the minerals.

Once I was sold on the idea that dead sea mud mask work quite well, possibly even better than other facial masks on the market, I decided to try one.

The Problem? had no idea which one to buy. As would anyone, I made a search on Amazon and landed on probably over 100 different dead sea mud mask products. Each one claiming to be the best, and most of them with fairly positive reviews.

I took the plunge and purchased one of them and was displeased with what I received. It was far from mud…for some reason the consistency of the “mud” was very watery and had absolutely no thickness. So then I tried another, this time around the mud had a very very strong perfume smell. It was obvious that this mud isn’t completely natural and actually has added chemicals. Worst of all, after washing the mud off my face, I had burn marks for about 3 hours.

It was at that point that I gave up on the whole mythical dead sea product.

Fast forward a few months later and I notice one of my favorite instagramers making a post about a mud mask that they use known as Mineral Mask. Considering I respect and trust this person quite a bit, I trusted their opinion and promotion of the product. I did some research and landed on their website, Mineral Mask. I was a bit taken back when I noticed that for a single bottle I had to pay as much as $40 – which I found to be quite pricey.

Fortunately enough, I searched for it on Amazon, and noticed that Mineral Mask also sells their dead sea mud mask on Amazon.

Best of all?

For only $14.97!

Quite the difference in price compared to $39.99 on their own website.

First of all, the bottle is 8 ounces, so you do receive quite a bit of product for the price. The bottle arrived sealed and in good condition. When I took of the seal and opened the lid, there was faint natural smell coming from the jar. The jar was filled to the top with mud, which was nice to see because I noticed on other mud mask products, people were complaining about half full jars.

I decided applying the mud mask on my face later that evening and I did. The mud mask had a nice thickness to it, just as you would expect mud to feel if you applied it to your face. I applied a thin layer over my face, covering nearly all areas of my face. The back of the bottle had instructions to wash the mask off either when it dries up or after 25 minutes. Around 20 minutes into my treatment, I felt that the mask has completely hardened so I began to wash it off.

There weren’t much difficulties in taking off the mask as long as you use warm water, but do make sure to remove it with a circular movement, as the instructions say.

Once I took the mask off completely, my skin felt extremely soft. I honestly haven’t had any other facial product result in softening my skin as much as Mineral Mask did.

I did have some acne spots before I begin my treatment, and I noticed that after my first treatment, the marks were a bit faded. I wasn’t completely sold on the product just yet, because it could simply be my eyes playing games.

Over the next 4 weeks I would do another treatment every 3 days, following the instructions to the key.

What was the result? Mineral Mask worked extremely well.

I can confidently tell you that after a month of treatment, my skin hasn’t looked this clear for at least 5 years. Even if I tried, I couldn’t find any blemish on my face, and my acne? Completely gone. I was surprised by how well it worked that I decided to see what makes it work so well. The way this mud mask works is that it pulls all the toxins and dirt from your pores. The reason why we have acne or bad skin is due to clogged pores. Mineral Mask works by having your skin absorb the minerals inside the mask, and then by hardening, it begins to pull out all the toxins out of the skin. This cleans your pores, and allows your body to heal and close those pores permanently.

At this point, Mineral Mask has become a ritual for me, and every 3 days I will continue to re-apply it. My confidence has gone up and it’s all due to Mineral Mask. Big thumbs up to the makers! For any ladies out there ( and men!), I recommend giving Mineral Mask’s dead sea mud mask a try. From the looks of it, a single bottle will last me for about 2 months, and for what it does, it’s an absolute steal. If you have tried Mineral Mask yourself, share your experience below!

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