Soap & Glory Bright and Bubbly Set (#1 At Home Spa?)

I grew up using Soap & Glory products, a line of bath and body items with a clean out of the shower scent (akin to brands such as Clean or Fresh), which was sold in the luxury beauty category at the time and available in stores like Sephora, and Ulta.

The brand is known for  tongue-in-cheek names for cosmetics as well, like the infamous “Sexy Mother Pucker” lip plumping product. A few years ago I started seeing the products pop up in local drugstores like CVS at much lower costs, under the same name but at prices that were almost 50% off. The move reminds me of the recent shifts trending for companies like Bliss, seeking to capitalize on a larger audience and remain accessible to a growing millennial generation (and even Gen Z), who may be shopping on a budget. The company was also acquired by a new UK retailer I was curious to see if the quality and scent lived up to the former formulations, and what types of ingredients were being used in the new product line. I was happy to see that the new ingredient list was free of any parabens and sulfates, and with the updated price point in mind, decided to try out several products in the form of a set and compare all to the older formulations.

Overall, I could barely notice any differences with the new products, and they still felt like luxury beauty products despite the price point and vendor.

It’s important to note this is in reference to the bath and body products only, as I did notice a decrease in quality in the cosmetics (particularly the “Sexy Mother Pucker,” which used to be a great product). The inclusion of a headband and shower puff add to the at-home spa theme as well. While there are some skincare treatments and serums I splurge on as investment items with high quality ingredients, for the bath and body category I try to use products with lower price points, as a high price sticker on a lotion or shower gel just seems wasteful outside of a special occasion. With that in mind, Soap and Glory products were always so high in quality, and were typically more affordable than other luxury beauty products in the category even with their original branding and formulations, that I would still indulge in the purchase. They also are sized very generously and tend to last for several months. With a single Fresh shower gel for over $30, for example, the product only lasts about a month with daily use and seems like a waste.

This review will cover some overview on the set, which makes an excellent gifting option (perhaps even safer than the skincare route), as well as some key pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase, as well as some breakdowns on all products included and brief reviews for each.

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The Main Features

The set includes one 6.7 fl oz “The Scrub of Your Life” Body Buffer, one 16.9oz  “Clean on Me” Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel, one 6.7oz “The Righteous” Butter Body Butter, one 50ml “Hand Food” Hydrating Hand Cream, and one 50ml “Heel Genius” Foot Cream.

I was so pleased to see the largest product included was the wash, as this has always been my favorite, and it now comes in both a larger size and a lower cost. I was happy to discover the same fresh scent, foaming ability, and cleansing ability was present, and I honestly could not report any differences with use from the old formulation to the new one. The body butter was also the same in quality, texture, benefits and hydrating ability, and still has the same lovely scent as well. The hand cream was also a lovely item, and while I do not often use foot products unless they are included in sets or collections like this one, I did enjoy using it and found it non-greasy. The latter is the only product I have no frame of comparison for, in terms of original/luxury category vs. rebranded/reformulated.

I would definitely recommend this set for those new to the brand as an introductory item, fans of the brand or fans of the original products who want to test out the updated line which seems to offer the same quality and benefits with use, and for those seeking gifting options.

In this case, as a gift, it offers great value in comparison to retail cost, and may be a good option if your recipient likes skincare or cosmetics, but you have uncertainty about their skin type or personal preferences. It’s also important to note a couple of the best features regarding the collection. First, the products included are not travel size or tiny, as with many starter collections and gift sets. While the hand and foot creams are on the smaller size, the other products included are all sized quite generously and last several months even with continual daily use. Secondly, included in the set is a headband as well as a shower puff to use with the cleanser, which adds to the “at home spa” theme.

Even the branding and design aesthetic of the company has not shifted after the structural shifts. Below is a breakdown of all of the included products and concise reviews regarding each. 

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The Included Products

The Scrub of Your Life Body Buffer 

This exfoliating wash smells great and is an excellent treatment for both dry and oily skin types.

Formulated with Shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, rosa moschata seed oil, and fragrance, it does a great job of exfoliating the skin without stripping or drying it out. I really enjoyed using this and then following with the shower gel (or vice versa), and finishing with the body butter. The scrub is gentle and does not irritate the skin, cause breakouts, or any redness following use. It lasts for quite some time (several months) as it is included in the set as a full sized item, even with regular use. While I wouldn’t use this as a daily product, it can be an effective multi-use product as a standalone treatment for those with more oily skin, if you wish to use it every day. The scent is fresh and clean, with a perfect “right out of the shower” scent (along with the rest of the included products).

If you’re looking for a go-to body/ facial scrub that doesn’t feel dry or tight following use, I would definitely recommend this.

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Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel 

This was definitely my favorite item included in the set, and was always my favorite item in its original formulation as well.

The texture is rich and it foams up quite a bit for a nice lather, providing a deep clean to the skin without any irritation or reaction of the skin. The scent is fresh and akin to a right out of the shower fragrance. Because a very modest amount of product is required to create a suitable amount of foam that’s enough to clean the entire body, along with the generous sizing of the item, it should last you for quite some time and provides several months of daily use. I see no difference in terms of quality, scent, or use of the new formulation in comparison with the original. I would absolutely recommend this to everyone looking for a long-lasting shower gel with a fresh, clean scent that provides a deep cleanse without drying the skin. It actually provides hydrating benefits and restores any depleted moisture, and is perfect to use before applying the included body butter. I really like that it lingers throughout the day without any perfume or chemical type scent. The updated product in the largest size retails for $15, and while it still feels like a luxury product (rather than one purchased at the drugstore), it now comes at an affordable price that I can support.

I will definitely continue using this exclusively as a go-to daily body cleanser.

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The Righteous Butter Body Butter

This body moisturizer is lightweight and free of any greasy or sticky texture, and still fully hydrates the skin and addresses any rough patches or dehydrated areas.

It’s formulated with cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond and rosehip seed oils, aloe vera, vitamin E, however I would never know this as it’s quite light and smells like none of the ingredients listed. It has a perfect fresh out of the shower clean scent, free of any perfume odors or chemical type scents. The mega-sized bottle individually is now sold for less than $15, and the original was sold for about twice the cost. But I honestly can’t find any differences in smell, texture, or quality in terms of any differences between the two. The fragrance lingers for quite some time, and my favorite way to use the product is putting it on before bed after a shower. Only a small amount of product is needed in terms of both hydrating benefits and scent.

I would definitely recommend the product if you’re seeking a moderately priced body moisturizer which actually delivers on hydration benefits, and has a perfect fresh scent.

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Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream + Heel Genius Foot Cream

I remember using the hand cream in the former formulation, but don’t typically use foot creams unless they’re found in sets like this one, so I can offer comparison in terms of the original item only for the former.

The hand cream is a cult-favorite for the brand, and definitely helps in treating dry hands with a single use. The moisture hold is also quite good, and doesn’t require frequent reapplication. Compared to the original, there are no changes in texture or benefits to use, however the scent is a bit lighter. With that said, I prefer a light scent and the scent is lovely and also fresh. It’s possible that the smell may differ very slightly product to product, as some seem to notice the smell is actually too strong, and there may be some variability, dependent on expiration date and product storage.

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But my hands were certainly left hydrated and did not feel dry at all after use, so this is a great staple product for anyone who has dry hands as a concern or works in a field where the hands are dried frequently. In terms of the foot cream, this is not an item I would purchase alone, and with this one I can really notice the loss of quality in terms of branding aesthetic, though ultimately benefits to use are much more important. The cream smells lovely and isn’t at all heavy or greasy, and definitely provides hydration to the feet.

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While I do not typically have very dry feet, other reviews suggest if you do this will provide a suitable remedy.


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Positives and Negatives

While I enjoyed using all of the products and felt I would definitely repurchase a couple of them, it’s important to bear in mind all of the pros and cons that may be important or unique to personal preferences and purchase or opt not to in accordance. While I felt the set offered great value, there are some customers who feel it’s still too pricey considering the category. Here is a look at some key pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase:


  • Perfect as a gift option, if the recipient enjoys skincare, and may seem like a “safer” option in comparison to facial skincare, which may prove to cause allergy or reaction
  • All of the products in the new formulations offered the same texture, smell, quality in terms of use and composition, and honestly it was very difficult to notice any difference, which left me wondering, in retrospect, how much money I had potentially wasted growing up on the original formulations (or perhaps how much my parents had, in that case)
  • The shower gel has a lovely scent that lingers without any perfume odor or harsh chemical-type fragrance, and has that perfect out of the shower fresh scent, like a sweet soap
  • None of the products were irritating to the skin, caused any irritation or redness, or dried the skin at all, and out of all included products I didn’t find any I disliked
  • 3 of the products included (the hand and foot creams, and the body butter) are suitable for travel including carry-on luggage
  • Great for fans of the original formulations looking to try out a few products at once for some variety and comparison
  • Great introductory product for those new to the brand looking to test out bestsellers
  • Products are all free of any parabens and sulfates, and mineral oil
  • Longevity of use: particularly with the scrub and gel, the products last months even with continual daily use, the shower gel lasted for about 5 months even with continual daily use
  • All items included feel like they still fit in the “luxury” beauty category, but are now at a fraction of the cost
  • The rebranding and subsequent price differences have made the products available to a broader audience
  • All of the products have a perfect clean “out of the shower” scent to them, which is quite natural and free of any perfume odors


  • While this isn’t applicable to this specific product, the company has had a sharp decline in quality with respect to their cosmetics items
  • The company states it does not test on any animals to prepare its formulations, but notes that “historically we cannot claim this was the case,” which seems somewhat questionable, and it does not bear the Leaping Bunny or PETA logo, the reason for this could be testing in other countries, generally if the policy seems confusing or references the U.S. specifically, there is potential for testing to be taking place in other countries like Asia (we don’t make the claim or assertion here to know this is what the policy is with respect to Soap and Glory specifically, however)
  • Some customers still feel the product is too pricey, so it’s important to be mindful of budget, but in terms of value, several full sized products and other included items under the $40 range seems reasonable, and they can provide months of use
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Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer, Soap and Glory, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, this policy favors the new consumer, and preexisting one.

If you are dissatisfied with the use of the products, or if they do not work for your skin to provide suitable benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulations, you may elect to return the entire set. In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the full kit. You may also wish to exchange the product for an equal and full refund- or opt for a single product you prefer. One must bear in mind that you will need to return the entire set, as individual items within the kit are not available for return. If received as a gift, you are eligible for an even exchange at the purchase price. Most of this is more applicable to skincare for facial use, but some have sensitive skin on the body as well and topical conditions, so it’s important to check ingredient lists. This policy applies to online purchases and is not the same with in-store or drugstore purchases, who may not accept opened products.

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The Final Verdict

I found a lot of benefits in using the Soap and Glory set and this is the first collection I can say truly comes close to feeling like an at-home spa type item.

It makes a great gifting option (that’s also fairly safe), and comes at an affordable price but still feels like it belongs in the luxury beauty category. It reminds me a lot of Bliss (currently), and it’s really a superior product in the space. It’s also a great introductory product if you’re looking to try out the line for the first time or have any curiosity about the products and their use. If you’re a fan of the brand already, or were a fan or the original formulations, the set also offers some variety (and value), as well as a way to test out and/or compare the new formulations. I really felt, with respect to all of the included products in the set, that the new formulations were almost identical in quality, scent, benefits with use, and texture, as compared to the older products. It’s nice that the line has rebranded without a loss in quality or ingredients in the formulations, and it also makes the products available to a wider audience. I’ve rarely found a starter or bestseller collection that offers multiple full size (generously sized) products included.

If you’re looking for products that are affordable and still offer high quality ingredients with use and benefits, I’d highly recommend Soap and Glory.

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