OptiMind Review: Does It Really Work? Is it Safe? Worth it?

Before we get into my OptiMind review, I want to say that I’ve spent the better part of 2017 trying out various brain supplements on the market to see if there is a legitimate brain supplement (one that gets rid of “brain fog”) on the market, or if every one of them is a snake oil product. If you’re an avid reader of ReviewingThis, you’ll notice that I’ve already reviewed several brain pills such as Addy Focus, Neurofuse and CogniLift on this website. Unfortunately, all three of those were nearly worthless.

In December of 2018, I noticed an ad on OptiMind, so I decided to do some research on the company, and see whether or not their product had any substance. At first, I was pleasantly surprised to see that their brain pill was covered by, and – both being relatively credible sources. Now don’t get me wrong, just because their product was covered by online media, that does NOT mean that their product works, but what it does tell us that they aren’t a fly by night company.

How To Get a Free Sample of OptiMind:

  1. Make sure to click this button for the opportunity to receive a free sample. On that page, make sure to click the button labeled “TRY IT FREE”.
  2. After clicking on that button, you will be brought down to the bottom of the page where you will enter your personal information.
  3. After entering your personal information, you’ll reach the final page asking you for your credit card information. Keep in mind, you will NOT be charged for the sample when entering your CC information, you will only be charged $1.00 for shipping. Once you receive your sample capsules, you have 14 days to try the product out. If you do not like OptiMind, then you will log into your OptiMind account and cancel your subscription. When your subscription is canceled, you will never be charged another dime. On the other hand, if you did enjoy the sample of OptiMind, then you may sit tight and have a monthly bottle shipped and billed to you.

Ingredients Found In Optimind:

The main ingredients in the capsules are called nootropics. For simplicity, Optimind is a nootropic supplement or another commonly named variation, a nootropic stack. These nootropics drugs are cognitive boosting substances that have been dubbed as “smart drugs”.  Here are a few nootropics that are found in OptiMind:

  • L-Tyrosine
    This nootropic reduces stress in the brain which allows for better long-term memory and focus.
  • Bacopa Extract
    This nootropic improves memory while reducing anxiety and stress. It’s actually used to treat individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Vinpocetine
    This nootropic dilates your blood vessels so that more blood (improves blood flow) is circulated to your brain. This leads to better concentration, mental agility, mental clarity, better energy levels, and ultimately, improves cognitive function.
  • Choline
    This nootropic is a bit difficult to understand. What it does is make it easier for your brain to make acetylcholine. If there is not enough acetylcholine in your system, and your choline levels are low, what your brain does is strip membranes from your brain cells to break down acetylcholine. In doing so, your short-term and long-term memory begin to suffer.

These are 4 out of the 10 nootropics that are found in OptiMind.

So I’m guessing you’re next question is – Does every brain supplement contain such nootropics?

Yes & No. Let me explain, when it comes to nootropics, quantity is extremely important. Many brain supplements that are being promoted over the internet may mention that they utilize all these crazy, effective, futuristic nootropics, and while they do, they use VERY little of them in the actual pill.

So what does that mean?

Well, that means that the vast majority of the pill is caffeine – yes, just ordinary caffeine. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone knows that caffeine provides an energy boost, helps us wake up, and improves our mental functions, but if all you want are caffeine pills, you can literally pick up 200 tablets for as little as $6.00.

The “brain supplements” that I had taken up to date such as Addy Focus or Neurofuse were simply expensive caffeine pills that cost me over $70 per 30 capsules. That, in my opinion, is highway robbery.

Moving on, once I noticed that other consumers were having success with OptiMind, I decided to take the plunge and see whether or not the product will hold to its reputation. As I mentioned earlier in this post, OptiMind does offer a free sample that consists of 10 FREE capsules. If you’re looking to place an order for your free samples as well, order them from their official website;

In order to keep my readers as informed as possible, I’ve detailed the exact steps I’ve to redeem my free samples.

Optimind Brain SupplementsOptimind Brain SupplementOptimind Brain SupplementOptimind Brain Supplement

Optimind Brain Supplement

Optimind Brain Supplement

I do want to point out that in one of the slides, OptiMind does offer an option to buy “RestUp”; this is the company’s other product that is supposed to make it easier for you to fall asleep. I haven’t had the chance to try it out myself just yet, but I will provide a link at the end of this article that will direct you to where you can grab free samples of it as well.

When I placed my order, you’ll notice that I paid extra for express shipping because I wanted the capsules in my hand ASAP.

Two days later…they arrived at my door. This is what I found:


Brain Supplement

Brain Supplement


Brain Supplement

First impressions, I was surprised to see the care that the company put in towards sending out free samples. They could have easily placed a few pills inside an envelope and shipped them over, instead, they included them in a nice sleeve, custom box, and included a few pamphlets.

But let’s not kid ourselves, I didn’t request these capsules to lust over aesthetic packing, I wanted to know whether or not OptiMind is legitimate!

My Optimind Review

Short answer – the pills work.

What I’ve felt taking the capsule surpasses the effects I’ve felt from constantly drinking coffee or taking any other supplements.

As some of my frequent readers may know, I am a programmer for a living. I sit in front of code for 10 hours a day, and as I’ve gotten older, I’m finding myself having difficulty in staying focused on my work or recollecting my memory. In the past few years, I’ve been an avid coffee drinker and have always experimented with different supplements to see if any would improve my mental mind. Nothing has truly done much for me until I took OptiMind for the first time.

This is my current life schedule, I wake up in the morning, make myself some breakfast, and then take one capsule. By the way, it’s recommended to take a whole glass of water with one capsule. So once I take the capsule, the effects kick in within 5 minutes…and you definitely feel it.  From the moment I arrive to work, I’m a complete powerhouse. I don’t feel drowsy, tired or distracted. When I sit down in my office chair, I go to work on my projects without skipping a beat. I can literally code, code and code for hours without taking a single break. Previously, after 30 minutes I would briefly browse the web, or check my social media as we are all probably guilty off, but now….I can work without a hiccup.

There is also a definite improvement in my memory because I’ve had fewer instances of shifting back to my notes as I’m coding because I’m able to better refer to my memory. (definite improvement in short-term memory!)

Typically a single capsule gets me through the day, but if I have a long day at work, and I plan to head to the gym afterward, then I pop in a second capsule. I haven’t had any diverse effects from taking two, and the booklet mentions taking 2 in a single day is perfectly fine. It’s honestly great before going to the gym because it gives me to the motivation to actually go. Previously, after a day at work, the only thing on my mind is going home and taking a nap. Nowadays, I take a second capsule, finish up my work, and head to the gym right away and put in a good workout. Feels like magic.

As I’m writing this review, I’m trying to find any negatives but I simply can’t list a single one. With prior brain supplements, I would have stomach issues or jitteriness, but I haven’t felt any of those side effects with OptiMind. Granted, I’ve never taken it on an empty stomach, but I do highly recommend having a healthy meal or a good snack before taking a pill.

Optimind receives my full endorsement. The product works, and it works extremely well. There is absolutely no reason not to try the product when the company is literally giving out free samples.

Do keep in mind that the parent company of OptiMind (AlternaScript) has two other products. One being RestUp, and the other is NuCulture. Restup is a supplement that helps calm the mind and help you sleep quicker and deeper. You can pick up free samples of Restup by clicking HERE. While on the other hand, NuCulture is a probiotic that strengthens your immune system and improves your general health. You can pick up your free samples of NuCulture by clicking HERE.

Before you leave, if you’re a pet owner and are interested in trying out a really cool pet food subscription service, then click here for our review.

Do brain supplements work on everyone? In most cases, yes. Keep in mind that everyone has a different lifestyle, so some lifestyles may lessen the effects that you feel from any supplements. This is why utilizing the free samples you receive with OptiMind is a smart path!

Are these brain supplements safe? That’s actually the beauty of nootropics. These substances have been scientifically proven to carry very minor if any side effects. But keep in mind, if you are suffering from a serious condition, it is still best to consult with your doctor beforehand.

Are brain supplements addictive? This is actually a concern that I myself had. You may get addicted to the pills just because of how efficient you are when taking them, but in terms of being addicted biologically, the answer is no.

Why does OptiMind require my credit card if the samples are 100% free? The simple reason is to deter fraud. Imagine if they didn’t take any identifiable information from you? You’d be able to continue to order samples over and over again just by changing your address. By requiring a credit card, Optimind is able to better control abuse towards their sample model. This also helps them transition their happy customers into recurring orders.

Can I drink alcohol if I take a brain supplement? When actively on any brain supplement, it’s best if you stray away from any alcohol, even wine!

 FDA Disclosure: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

FTC Disclosure: We are a professional review website, and on this page you will find affiliate links for which we are compensated for. 

OptiMind Brain Supplement

Improved energy
Improved concentation
Improved memory
Lack of jitterness

Full recommendation from us!

Free samples
User Rating: 3.69 ( 19 votes)

Mark Ortiz

My name is Mark and I started ReviewingThis back in 2016 as an outlet for me to review products that I've personally tried! Throughout the years, I've also brought in several new writers that wanted to share their personal experiences as well. All the reviews you'll find here have been personally reviewed my someone on the team!


  1. I’ve been using optimind since 2015 and it’s my go to product. If I have an important day coming up, or I’m feeling a bit drowsy at the start of the day, I just have to pop one in and I’m good to go. Really good pill altogether.

  2. Good review Mark. I’ve been using optimind for the past 2 months and have been loving it as well. Really helps me hit the ground running in the mornings and lasts for a while. It definitely does much more for me than coffee has ever had. I’ll take a look at the other two products you’ve mentioned in the review from the same company.

  3. thanks!!!!!

    i decided to buy optimind 2 weeks ago after reading your review mark and you’re totally right! the pills work really good, but better than the other crap i’ve purchased on the web

    1. Naeela,

      OptiMind is not a medical substitute to adderall. If you suffer from ADHD, then it’s best to approach your doctor and request a prescription for adderall. While OptiMind is fantastic for improving mental focus, it is not a substitute for adderall.


    2. Adderall is like weak meth, main chemical is a relative of methamphetamine. made me drop about 25 pounds as a kid leaving me pretty underweight as the years went on. Couldn’t sleep at night, never ate, very jittery, socially awkward, threw up in P.E. constantly always angry and depressed.
      I simply quit taking it and went from 74 pounds to 126 pounds in 4 months of quitting and was actually at a normal weight for my age. Optimind worked well for my ADHD and depression but I can’t say it would for everybody.

      1. If you don’t mind me asking what was the dose of Adderall you were on? I am on 50mg now and I’m tolerant to it, I’ll be topped at 60mg. This really scares me that I have gotten to that point in just a few years. I want a safer alternative but everything I’ve tried doesn’t work or I get told nothing is going to be the equivalent of that high of a dose. I’ve seen this optimind and have watched the reviews for it but haven’t seen a whole lot of ADHD reviews. I just want to be functional on a non-addictive product.

  4. Ashley,

    If you’ve subscribed to the monthly shipments with OptiMind and believe there is an error with the billing, then I suggest you give OptiMind a call @ 1-888-784-9315. They are available by phone from Monday to Friday, and available by email on the weekends; [email protected]


  5. I ordered my sample of Optimind and tried it for 10 days. I am definitely going to stay on the auto-ship program. I’m 58 yrs old and I work in an office where everyone is younger than me, so I needed something to keep up with everyone. and this is it. I am so happy I found something that work.

    1. Vicko,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with OptiMind. It sounds like the supplement worked quiet well for you, so congrats! OptiMind is definitely a one of a kind pill.

      Mark Ortiz

  6. I ordered this for my son who has been treated for depression at Yale, etc………Nothing has ever worked. OUt of sheer desperation, I ordered Opti-mind. He has been taking it for a little over one month and he is a new person. This is not the same doom and gloom person. His girlfriend says that he is not the same person. My husband, who was quite skeptical of this pill, is now fully onboard with the near miraculous change.

    1. Elizabeth,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with OptiMind. That’s great to hear that the supplement was even able to help with your son’s depression.

      Best wishes,
      Mark Ortiz

  7. I wanted to try Optimind free samples but I got a message saying the company does not ship to South Africa. Does that mean I can not purchase the pills because the company wont be able to ship them or does this rule only apply to the samples.

    1. I will contact OptiMind and find the answer out for you. As far as I know, free samples are only available to the US market. But I’ll double-check and find out if there are any alternatives. I’ll submit a follow-up response here and also personally email you.

      Mark Ortiz

      1. I just ordered the pills hope it really works 🙏got accepted in a my nursing program so a lot of hours of study ahead!

    2. I was able to get a hold of someone at OptiMind and relayed your question. I was told that at the moment, OptiMind only ships to the following countries:


      Based on that list, unfortunately you won’t be able to order OptiMind from South Africa. 🙁

      1. I see the US isn’t on there.. Is it not available for the United States? Also what’s exactly in it? I’m on several medications, how would I know if there would be a drug interaction with any of them? Thank you!

        1. OptiMind is available to the USA, that list above is simply showing where else OptiMind is available outside the US.

          If you want to know what’s exactly in OptiMind, then you may look at their bottle label.

          OptiMind Label

    1. Azra,

      Thank you for writing in.

      Yes, OptiMind does ask for your credit card information to initiate your free trial. Keep in mind that you will not pay anything to receive your free sample bottle of OptiMind, but if you decide to continue receiving OptiMind, the company will then bill you for your next shipment. If you receive your free bottle of Optimind and do not like the supplement, you’ll simply have to log into your account with OptiMind and cancel your subscription. Once you cancel your subscription, you will not be billed for any shipments and you will not receive any more shipments of OptiMind.

      Keep in mind that if OptiMind didn’t request for any identifiable information from its users for a free trial then the same person would attempt to procure several free bottles of OptiMind for themselves.

  8. Hello Mark
    I tried to buy Optimind in Amazon, not the free sample, but 3 units for the price of $98.71, but Optimind does not ship to Chile.
    In this case, what should I do to get to buy Optimind?
    Thank you.


    1. Maria,

      Sorry, but I checked with OptiMind and they currently do not ship to Chile. I believe that with time, they will add Chile to their list of countries to which they deliver to.


  9. I’d like to know if taking Optimnd has any long-term adverse effects. If you take it for a while and then stop taking it, are you worse off than when you started?

  10. While they do ask for your credit card, keep in mind that you won’t be charged ANYTHING for your sample of OptiMind. If you receive your sample and do not like Optimind, then you simply log into your account with them and cancel your subscription – you won’t be charged a dime moving forward.

    1. Devon,

      This question is better served for the company behind Optimind but it is safe to say that if you break open the capsule and mix it with food, the effects will be greatly diluted.


  11. Mark… I just ordered my free trail. I pray you are right! I have been struggling to come off of subutex for several months….. Between the low energy and body pain I keep going back. Really truly praying for some relief. If you have reviewed anything or anyone else has asked you about this problem, any help would be much appreciated!

  12. I was extremely excited to try OptiMind after countless hours of researching the best brain and energy boosters but now I am really disappointed. I just tried to order my free 14 day trial but received an error message saying that prepaid cards are not accepted. The debit card I’m using is my only option for payment besides PayPal Venmo. I would really like to try the product as I am really hoping it will work long term for me. I would also really like to try it before spending this much for something I may not respond well to.

  13. Why is not available for South Africa? Tried to get the trial says they are not available here

    1. Unfortunately the trial is only available for people within the United States. If you would like to try OptiMind, you’ll have to buy a full bottle. I’m sorry.

  14. I want to know if this product is a placebo effect because I have recently learned to adapt to my ADD and ADHD (I have both) so I don’t take medication anymore but find myself still slightly unfocused/unmotivated so I need to know if I’m paying for a caffeine pill that is just Placebo

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