Review: BUXOM Full On Lip Cream (#1 Sexy Pout?)

BUXOM Cosmetics has a sexy ring to it, and behind the brand theres a cheeky marketing strategy we’ve come to adore.

The company’s Instagram feed is filled with images of women’s pouts, high heels, and clever one-liners like “resting beach face for summer.” The huge following can be attributed to an assortment of colorful, playful cosmetics, but perhaps the most popular remains the plumping Full On Lip Cream.

The product is a no-shimmer gloss said to “plump with a teasy tingle,” and comes in 23 different swatches with amusing names like Bellini, Pink Lady, and Moscow Mule. The colors hold and stay on, ranging from nude to perfect red with blue undertones to shocking magenta and violet, for the daring crowd.

A personal favorite is a peach shade, great for summer and fall and bearing resemblance to an Italian dessert, perhaps a sorbet, sans any carbs. Those who prefer a shimmer may opt for its sister product, the Full On Lip Shine. Results are long lasting full coverage that doesn’t feel sticky or tacky.

Review: BUXOM Full On Lip Cream (#1 Sexy Pout?) 2

As I sit at home in any capacity or time of the day and feel dry lips, my go-to is BUXOM’s Full On Lip Cream. My first thought is, “how pretty,” but that typically follows with a pause, the proverbial thought bubble… “how much did a single application cost and how long until I need to replenish?”

So the conundrum becomes solely one of cost/value ratio, as the product is excellent and delivers a home-run.

For a night out or outing it’s an application I can always justify.

Others have developed more clever hacks, using the product intermittently with a less expensive salve or balm, using less frequent and more conservative application, or mixing the product with another in hopes that it will last longer.

Having tried numerous drug store brands that promise the same results (plumping, hydration, color, hold), I can say I’ve been let down and still in need of a decent lip product. Trying other more expensive brands has also been a fruitless endeavor in the past, with many standard glosses taking on a very “plain” quality.

So discovering Buxom’s Full On Lip Cream was very much a blessing and a curse as a lip product junkie.

BUXOM: Behind the Brand

BUXOM Cosmetics is a brand largely marketed towards a younger female demographic, with influencers like Shay Mitchell popping up on social media feeds with “brand ambassador” job titles. One liners like “Siri- remove my makeup” pop up in marketing campaigns and we’d hazard to guess most demographic marketing settings are aggressively targeting a millennial generation.

But from researching reviews it does seem the product is enjoyed by all ages, particularly women seeking to address thinning lip quality with age or signs of feathering. Though surface level Facebook manager settings/market efforts shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying the same benefits to product use. Their claim to fame is really in the line of lip products, including stains, glosses, creams, and sticks.

The creative director behind the brand prides himself on his status as a successful fine visual/makeup artist and photographer. The driving force behind BUXOM is in “bombshells ruling the world,” with images of hourglass figures, and concepts of passion and risk-taking. Impulsive yet classic, and oddly feminist.

In terms of product quality, the lip range is a huge hit. We’ve found the Full On Lip Cream delivered the results as promised, an even color with lasting hold and a fuller, plumped appearance to lips. The lips are certainly left with a “cool tingle,” which doesn’t feel uncomfortable, it’s rather minty. The improved circulation from ingredients stimulate the plumping effect and also create this sensation.

Bonus tip? If you’re comparison shopping and looking to pair this product with some other great beauty items we’ve reviewed, check out our articles on NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, NARS Blush In Orgasm, and Milk Makeup Kush Mascara.

You might also enjoy starting with Valjean Labs Facial Serum or Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil as a base.

Review: BUXOM Full On Lip Cream (#1 Sexy Pout?) 3
Credit: BUXOM Cosmetics

BUXOM Full On Lip Cream: Ingredients

The BUXOM Full On Lip Cream is free of top allergy causing preservatives, parabens, lanolin, topical antibiotic, MCI/MI, nickel, gluten, soy, and propylene glycol. The product is formulated with hydrating hyaluronic spheres that infuse lips with hydration and vitamins A and E keep lips soft and protected.

Money Back Guarantee

BUXOM Cosmetics offers a full refund of purchase product price if any concerns, dissatisfaction or allergic reaction occur. Customers purchasing for the first time with any trepidation may have fears assuaged by the commitment to a full refund in the event of any product concerns.

BUXOM Full On Lip Cream: Positives & Negatives


  • Pigment colors just as advertised in swatches
  • Delivers hydration to the lip for several hours
  • Long hold and wear, duration of pigment and hold is great all day and can withstand drinking/eating
  • Visible results- lips are plumped and noticeably fuller
  • Great product ingredients, safe ingredients
  • Does not cause any histamine reaction (similar to many other plumpers on the market)
  • Great for daytime or evening use, versatility
  • Available in a huge array of colors, suitable for all skin tones


  • Competitive price point for a lip product
  • Some customers feel the tingling sensation is uncomfortable
  • If allergy is present, there can be an unpleasant sensation and irritation to the lips
Review: BUXOM Full On Lip Cream (#1 Sexy Pout?) 4
Credit: BUXOM Cosmetics

Review: BUXOM Full On Lip Cream (#1 Sexy Pout?) 2

BUXOM Full On Lip Cream: Worth It?

The brand may be cheeky and playful in nature but the products are great. The Full On Lip Cream comes highly reviewed and recommended for good reason, this is a must-have on any bathroom shelf or in any makeup kit.

The lips are shiny without any shimmer, the pigment is bright, exactly as appeared in the swatch, and the lips are visibly fuller. The hold is so great it can withstand eating or drinking and lasts hours. It acts as a balm as well, providing and restoring full moisture to the lips.

It’s your new all in one go to product, and if you can withstand without any price objections, we say go for it. This is a staple product with a cult following and we can predict it will remain a fierce competitor in the market for some time.

Thumbs up!

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