Review: Philosophy Purity Face Wash (Perfect For Sensitive Skin!)

Philosophy’s line of face, body and hair products are largely marketed quite well, appealing to a variety of ages and different demographics. The offering includes more traditional, classic products, and fun products like the “cinnamon buns” all in one shampoo, body gel, and bubble bath- and yes, this smells like a fresh bakery, but in a sense it’s so intoxicating it’s still ok to apply topically. Other cheeky bath/body products include the lime green “senorita margarita”, magenta colored “raspberry sorbet” and “chilled ginger tea.” During the holiday season, fans look forward to their seasonal classics- namely “gingerbread man” and “peppermint stick,” in actual gingerbread house layouts. So it’s not surprising they’ve been a player in the market for decades now, not fading in popularity, and creating new and unique products over time. One of the most popular products, and a more traditional option (rather than cheeky) is the fan-favorite Purity face wash, a gentle wash that offers a deep-clean, and a fragrance-free formulation. Its companion product, Hope In a Jar, is often featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things (which I tend to trust, beyond all reasonable doubt). So in seeking a hydrating formula suitable for sensitive skin, gentle but effective in removing makeup, I decided to try this product out and see what the hype was all about. After all, if any product can moisturize and cleanse at once, that’s an item I’ll at least try. Turns out it’s one I also thoroughly recommend.

I found the wash to not only be suitable for my skin, but pretty phenomenal in its practical use and efficacy. It’s gentle, soothing to the skin, hydrating, doesn’t dry or strip the skin at all, but leaves a clean, soft, and dewy finish. At the same time it does provide a deep clean, removes all dirt and can even remove makeup (including eye makeup). While it is fragrance-free and doesn’t contain any chemical scents, it does have a very soft (and lovely) scent of fresh rosemary mixed with a hint of citrus, comparable to a mild post- shower scent. It can be applied with the hands or a deep-cleaning brush. It has the additional benefit of being suitable and safe for all skin types, including allergy prone or sensitive types, barring any topical allergy to ingredient.

Philosophy Purity Face Wash products
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Review: Philosophy Purity Face Wash (Perfect For Sensitive Skin!) 1

Ingredients and Benefits

Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple face wash is an award-winning cleanser and a single-step solution for cleansing and toning. It’s gentle and ingredients provide benefits to those of all skin types, sensitivities and varying concerns. Here’s a look at some of the key ingredients and corresponding benefits to application:

Sodium Lauroamphoacetate:

Acts as a mild surfactant that gently cleanses the skin without irritation or residue, not leaving any sticky texture but providing a gentle deep cleanse to the face

Meadowfoam Seed Oil:

Hydrates the skin leaving the skin comfortable and not dry, helps restore vibrance, radiance and shine, and helps to promote healing on the surface layer of the skin

Sodium Trideceth Sulfate:

Pulls dirt, debris, and makeup from the skin and dissolves them, without any sticky texture, gently removes all makeup

Twelve-Essential Oil Blend (Rosewood, Sandalwood, Sage):

The proprietary essential oil blend helps restore shine, soften skin, provides balance, can be anti-aging and helps with total skincare rejuvenation

Positives and Negatives

Here is a general summation on some of the key pros and cons to Philosophy’s face cleanser. While most of the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with a dedicated following of fans for years, there are a couple of issues that some users may have that seem a bit more negative or may pose concern. Prior to any purchase decision, you can read through to find if specific positives or negatives are of benefit or concern to you.


  • Product has longevity, valuable as it lasts quite some time
  • Excellent smell, fresh and without any chemical-type odor
  • Extremely gentle, great for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for all skin types and demographics
  • Free of any harsh chemicals, colors, dyes, or parabens
  • Free of sulfates and mineral oil
  • Great for both dry and oily skin
  • Natural, safe, and effective ingredients and corresponding benefits to use
  • Promotes natural healing of the skin
  • Does not bother the eyes (a common issue with face washes or toners)
  • Skin is left feeling “buttery soft” and dewy
  • Provides a deep cleanse that leaves skin soft and hydrated, not dried out
  • Products are cruelty free, have never been tested on animals and do not contain any animal product
  • Small amount of the product foams quite a bit, a little goes a long way in this case, adding to longevity of use and value
  • Deep cleans pores, helpful in eliminating blackheads and blemishes
  • No greasy texture or residue leftover


  • It’s actually pretty difficult to find any problems with this product, the only objection seems to be regarding cost, for those seeking lower cost alternatives

Money-Back Guarantee

If there is any skin reaction, irritation, allergy or general dissatisfaction with the purchase and use of the product, or the product is not fully suitable to the skin, the manufacturer, Philosophy Cosmetics, provides a full refund for the purchase price of the item, and may also offer suitable exchange free of any additional charge. Anyone new to using the company’s products or uncertain about pros and cons after reading reviews can take comfort in the ease of return and policy.

Philosophy Purity Face Wash
Image Credit: Philosophy

Review: Philosophy Purity Face Wash (Perfect For Sensitive Skin!) 1

The Final Verdict

I think this is an excellent product that stands up to both the test of time and its hype. It’s popularity and the cult-following and product loyalty over the years have stood the test of time, making this a staple product that’s suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. Rare is a product that can address multiple concerns for all different types of skin, dry and oily alike. But those with oily skin will find they benefit from a restored sense of balance, and those with dryer skin types will find a suitable product that both removes makeup, provides a deep cleanse, and restores hydration. I tend to have a dryer skin type naturally and during all seasons of the year, so it’s fantastic to find a face wash that doesn’t necessarily require the need for a toner (unless that toner is non-drying), and can remove all dirty and impurity without a sense of tightness afterwards. I like the philosophy here, and enjoy the feeling of restored radiance and buttery soft skin. For anyone who likes this product already, I would also look into the body collection! Similar benefits of hydration to the skin in a variety of scents, and a rainbow of colors to select from.


Philosophy Purity Wash



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