Review: LUA Skincare Love Your Face Cleansing Oil (#1 Cleanser I Have Ever Tried)

Having tried so many oil and gel based cleansers available, I can safely and unequivocally say at this point that LUA Skincare’s Love Your Face Cleansing Oil is by far the best cleanser (out of any gel, soap, or oil-based product) I have tried to date on the market.

After using the product for the very first time by applying only two small drops onto a dry face (with a full face of makeup, including mascara and eyeliner), within seconds the makeup started to dissolve, and I removed the product with a warm fresh towel, as per the directives.

Considering all of the products in this category I have tried to date, I have never experienced one requiring such conservative use and seen so much makeup, buildup, and debris come off of my face at once with the use of any other single product.

With a fresh herbal smell of lavender and peppermint and a soft texture, combining this with a hot towel felt like an at-home spa treatment. And results following first time use were immediate. I noticed improved texture, clarity, tone, and a brighter complexion directly following use- something I have never experienced with any other cleanser (irrespective of price point) in my life.

I was also a bit trepidatious considering the amount of active (natural) ingredients contained in the product, yet my skin was left fresh, soft, and smooth without any redness, irritation, reaction, or breakouts. Mind you, this is with a complexion that is prone to both breakouts and various sensitivities in the oil cleansing department.

While I have reviewed and recommended a bevy of products in this category previously, all which prove great results and I would still use for various reasons, after discovering this product it is safe for sensitivities it’s fair to say there is no turning back- especially considering the overall product longevity, as it has lasted longer than any other cleansing product I have tried to date.

Suitable for those of all skin types and nourishing, it is also devoid of any harsh chemicals, parabens, or sulfates.

This review will cover some main product features, some positives and negatives to bear in mind prior to purchase, some ingredients and corresponding benefits with topical use, and a final verdict, to help you make a more informed choice prior to any potential point of sale.

LUA Love Your Face Cleansing Oil and prods
Image Credit: LUA

LUA Skincare Face Cleansing Oil: The Main Features

LUA Skincare’s Love Your Face Cleansing Oil is a 2oz lightweight formulation and natural blend of organic oils, contained in a sleek glass bottle with a beautiful design aesthetic.

Designed to be safe and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin, the formulation is devoid of any potentially harmful ingredients and has a lovely scent akin to aromatherapy.

When taken off using a very warm wet cloth and followed by a cream or serum of your choice, it is the closest experience to an at-home spa treatment I have experienced to date, and incredibly relaxing.

Using only one or two drops and applied to a dry face and around the eye area (which is not irritating), the product gently dissolves and removes all makeup, dirt, oil, and debris from the surface of the skin. Directly following use, the skin looks incredibly fresh and clear, radiant, more even in tone and has an amazing sense of restored clarity.

Additionally, if you follow up with the use of a serum or moisturizer of your choice the products are more absorbing and seem to work more effectively.

This is also a product that removes so much debris and dead skin cells that it likely eliminates the need for a toner, and the skin is left feeling incredibly soft and with a more dewy aesthetic.

The only caveat in using this product is simply becoming hooked on the benefits and rewards you reap by everyday use, and perhaps needing to clean a few extra warm towels (as this method truly makes the experience even better).

LUA Love Your Face Cleansing Oil and Backdrop
Image Credit: LUA

Ingredients and Benefits

For many of us with sensitive skin types, or just consumers who like knowing what is going into their skincare products, reading over the ingredient lists in topical skincare treatment products can be as important as checking food labels on the groceries you buy or purchase via meal delivery subscription services.

Here is a look at some key ingredients contained in the product formulation and corresponding benefits with everyday topical use:

Grapeseed Oil

  • Anti-acne benefits: acts as a natural antiseptic to prevent acne causing bacteria and treat existing acne, while preventing the formation of new breakouts and blemishes
  • Helps improve a multitude of skincare concerns and conditions, including acne, stretch marks, scarring, eczema, psoriasis, and even cellulite
  • Vitamins A, C, and E are natural antioxidants contained in grapefruit seed oil, and great for skin overall skin health and aesthetic, to promote overall vibrance and skin health
  • Helps to moisturize dry or dehydrated skin
  • May kill various strains of fungi and bacteria on the skin, for the treatment of minor topical irritation
  • Works as a suitable antimicrobial agent detoxifying, leaving the skin clean and fresh following use with no residue left behind

Vitamin E

  • Anti-aging benefits: helps address concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and over time hyper-pigmentation and sun spots
  • Compliments SPF and helps further fight the harmful effects of sun damage
  • Keeps skin hydrated, while helping to calm and soothe the skin
  • Safe and suitable for those of all skin types, including sensitive skin, and the treatment of many topical conditions
  • Protects the skin by forming a protective barrier against environmental and pollution damage
  • For dry or dull skin: helps contribute to a smoother, softer, and more radiant overall aesthetic, eliminating any sallow tones
  • Protects skin from sun damage naturally and heals from prior damage
  • Improves hydration and moisture, helps bind moisture into the skin and restores any depleted hydration
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory and expedites healing rates for any topical abrasions, minor cuts, wounds, or irritations
  • Neutralizes the effects of free radical damage from pollution and UV radiation
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory, can help with skin rash, itch or irritation
  • Brightens the skin naturally and reduces signs of uneven tone and discoloration, promoting an even and smooth overall tone
  • Over time, helps minimize and decrease the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and sun spots

Tea Tree Oil

  • Very soothing and nourishing, can repair dry skin, redness, and various topical conditions
  • Has been shown to be an effective treatment in treating eczema
  • Helps restore balance and oil control, for those with combination or oily complexions
  • Helps to reduce signs of inflammation as well as any topical itchiness or varying irritation
  • Anti-inflammatory properties can help treat inflamed, irritated, red, or parched skin in need of nourishment
  • Can help expedite healing rates of any minor cuts, wounds, topical abrasions, or conditions caused by bacteria on the skin
  • Anti-acne benefits: can help prevent acne from forming and fight the bacteria that causes it, as well as treating acne scar marks
  • Soothes and topical swelling

Castor Oil

  • Anti-acne benefits: helps decrease acne and future acne breakouts due to antibacterial properties and ricinoleic acid (which fight acne-causing bacteria)
  • For those with preexisting sun damage, soothes damage to the skin, and helps repair any inflammation caused by acne, blemishes, sun damage, or skin dryness
  • Anti-aging benefits: the oil itself penetrates deep layers of the skin and stimulates collagen and elastin production, essential for the maintenance of youthful-looking skin and improved vibrance
  • Helps decrease signs of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing out the face, creating a softer and fuller aesthetic
  • For those with very dry skin: helps to fully moisturize, provides hydration, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft
  • Helps fade small scars, blemishes and burns, fatty acids in the oil support the growth of healthy new tissue surrounding “concern areas”
  • Over time with continual daily use, reduces any signs of hyper-pigmentation, evening out skin tone and helping reduce any uneven tones or spots
LUA Love Your Face Cleansing Oil and Skin Prods
Image Credit: LUA

Positives and Negatives

Excluding anyone who may have any potential allergy to an ingredient contained in the formulation (possible with any topical treatment item), it was very difficult to come up with any cons for this product at all, as it is definitely the best cleanser I have used to date and I would recommend it very highly. The only potential downside is the initial cost, however, compared to the amount of product supplied and corresponding longevity (only 1-2 drops are required for a full cleanse even wearing makeup and eye makeup), this product is actually much less expensive than drugstore formulations in the longterm on a month to month basis.

With that in mind, here are some main pros and cons to consider prior to purchase:


  • Only 1-2 drops are required (applied to a dry face) and removed with a warm towel- to remove all makeup, eye makeup, dirt, oil, and debris from the skin
  • Immediately following first time use, there is a visible difference with respect to improvements in clarity, texture, tone, and the skin feels incredibly soft and hydrated
  • While this is always opinion based, this is by far the best quality cleanser on the market I have tried to date- with an excellent clean formulation, skincare benefits with use, and incredibly longevity
  • Product shelf life and longevity: because so little product is required for use, it should last a good 6-8 months without any product drying or erosion, making it less expensive on a month to month basis than many drugstore formulations
  • Free of all parabens, sulfates, dyes, and harsh chemical additives
  • The product is formulated only using extremely clean and natural ingredients and oils to promote overall skin health, vibrance, and clarity
  • Anti-aging benefits: with continual daily use and in conjunction with a serum or cream, users will notice a more youthful, dewy, and glowing aesthetic over time
  • Lovely scent that is relaxing and akin to a spa or aromatherapy
  • Cruelty-free company: company does not test any products on any animals, use any animal products in its formulations, or during any of its manufacturing processes
  • When removed with a warm towel, the skin feels refreshed and hydrated and the experience is quite luxurious, akin to an at-home spa treatment
  • Safe and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, barring any specific allergy to an ingredient contained in the formulation
  • Even with acne-prone and sensitive skin, I did not experience any breakouts, irritation, redness, or reactivity following use
  • Skin was left glowing and refreshed- ideal for those seeking to restore a more dewy aesthetic for dull or sallow skin


  • The only con I can come up with for this product is the price point- at $20, this is certainly not an inexpensive item for its category, however, compared to the product longevity and considering how many months this lasts- in the long run, for a much higher quality product, this equates to the same, if not less money, than a typical drugstore cleanser would
LUA Love Your Face Cleansing Oil Logo
Image Credit: LUA

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are new to oil based cleanser or the company itself (which is still growing), the return policy in this case may be a highly important factor for you.

The manufacturer, LUA Skincare, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, and this policy favors the consumer, both new and returning. If you are dissatisfied with the use of the cleanser, or if it does not work for your skin to provide suitable hydrating or cleansing benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulation, you may elect to return it at any time. In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item.

If the item was received as a gift (without receipt), the policy applies for an even exchange, and this policy is applicable to online purchase, as individual store policy may vary depending on location and distributer.

If you feel the policy if not taken into consideration, you may contact customer service, and you can remain ensured you will receive a full refund.

I was happy to discover that the formulation was gentle enough to use even with very sensitive skin and did not cause any breakouts, but due to any given sensitivity concerns this policy may help assuage fears, as individual allergies are highly variable.

While I felt compared to the longevity, product quality, and corresponding benefits this was a worthy splurge, this is a highly individual choice, and only one you as a consumer can decide on.

LUA Love Your Face Cleansing Oil and Set
Image Credit: LUA

The Final Verdict

Out of all of the cleansing products (gel, oil, soap, etc.) I have tried to date on the market, this is by far a personal favorite and I would highly recommend it for anyone seeking a hydrating and balancing daily cleanser.

The product longevity and benefits with use are nothing short of incredible, as one or two drops removes an entire face of makeup without any eye or topical irritation, and the scent itself is lovely and relaxing.

I would highly recommend using a warm towel to remove the product as it adds to the luxury-type feeling on an at-home basis.

This is truly the first cleanser that I noticed immediate visible improvements with respect to clarity, tone, texture, restore vibrance, and an immediate glow. Over time with continual daily use, results continue to improve and users can expect more glowing and youthful aesthetics.

This is certainly a product I would recommend to everyone free of any hesitations- and even if you aren’t ready to purchase a full sized item, if you can score a sample, you will be highly impressed with even a first time use!

LUA Skincare Love Your Face Cleansing Oil


Highly recommended!

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