Review: Fidget Spinner (What’s the magic behind them)

Fidget toys are the latest craze in the world today. When life is passing you by as fast as possible and you just can’t sit still when you need too, these fidget toys are making it easier and easier for kids and adults alike to cope with that downtime.

I introduced this Owen Kyne fidget spinner to my household. For such a small, simple toy it provided a lot of joy to the children that just don’t know how to sit still. Not only that, but even us adults had a great time spinning it and enjoying all that comes with this little toy that doesn’t do too much. 

If you have restless hands, or a restless mind then it might be time to consider one of these little toys. There seems to be a lot of talk about them and recommendations from different people for different purposes.

As far as the fidget spinner goes, here is my honest take on it and whether or not you should look into finding yourself or someone you know one. They can be one of the best toys for so many things that a person might be suffering from.


Review: Fidget Spinner (What's the magic behind them) 2

Who are Fidget Toys Good For?

Fidget toys are good for a lot of different people and reasons. They come with a lot of different benefits too, which is why they’re making a big impact on the world today. You can find them just about anywhere, in anyone’s hands when the time comes.

Fidget toys are ideal for those children or adults that have a hard time concentrating or sitting still. Those with ADD or ADHD can benefit. Those that need to be able to focus on the task at hand, or listen to someone speak and need to sit for extended periods of time. This can keep your mind on what you need to be doing, or your butt in the chair when it comes to having to sit still.

Fidget spinners can provide a quick, easy way to keep occupied in times of stress, boredom or having to be in one area for too long. They can quiet and occupy children that suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, as well as adults that follow.

If you have one of these conditions, or you’re thinking about giving them a go, they really are not very expensive. You can find a decent one right online for a fraction of the price that you’d think they would be sold for.


The Good and Bad About the Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are quite fun and entertaining. It is essentially a three-sided spinner that is placed on a bearing. There are spinning bearings on each of the arms of the spinner, as well. You can place your finger in the spinner on the end and spin it around. You can put your thumb and finger in the middle and spin it this way.

Spinning and spinning is a great way to pass the time or to keep your hands occupied when you just can’t sit still. If you’re having anxiety, the spinner can keep your mind at bay when it comes to thinking about the many things around you going on.

These are great things to think about when it comes to the spinner since you want to make sure it is actually going to provide you with the necessary function you’re purchasing it for.

There are some negatives when it comes to such a device. Some kids like to bring them to school and they might fidget with them often. Some teachers do not like this and may tell the child to put them away. Some teachers welcome them as long as they’re not a disruption to the class.

Some of the bearings might become clogged with dust, debris, dirt and other outside factors. This makes the bearings stick and not turn as much when it comes to using the spinner. Obviously, you want the spinner to keep working for some time and be able to spin. This is the main function of this fidget toy. Using a simple bearing grease to lubricate the bearings on the spinner will not make it greasy but will provide an easy way to spin the spinner around and around for some time to come.


Review: Fidget Spinner (What's the magic behind them) 2

The fidget toy is recommended by many experts, child teachers, and others. This is because it provides a way to reduce anxiety, stress, hyperactivity and a wide assortment of other issues that can be found in both adults and children.

Would I recommend the fidget spinner? Most definitely. I think that it is a great way to help kids have more attention in classes, during tests and other areas where they have a hard time keeping their focus on what is being taught in the classroom.

You might be overwhelmed with all the fidget spinners on the market, but the one I chose, this one, is honestly quite great and sturdy. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then I recommend the Owen Kyne Spinner.

I do highly recommend that you do not go with the cheapest option when it comes to buying a fidget spinner. While it may work perfectly fine at first, after a week or two of use, you’ll find that the spinning mechanic of the device begins to worsen and at times, you simply won’t be able to spin it much.

Update 5/17/2017: Unfortunately a high school teacher was blinded by a student’s fidget spinner when part of the spinner broke off from the middle bearings. The article states that the student was using a cheap fidget spinner – which is why we advocate that you spend a little bit more but purchase a safe, and well-made fidget spinner. Sometimes it’s best to spend $5-$10 more if it means you’ll receive a quality product.


Review: Spinner Fidget Toy

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Wondering if the fidget spinner is the right fidget toy to get? This review lets you know what it can be used for and why you want to grab yours today.

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