Review: Infantino Baby Squeeze Station (For Baby Food Needs?)

You’ve probably seen a product like this or this one circulating about via the internet. Wondering if it is worth the money or hassle to bring home and use? Want to know if all your baby food needs and concerns will be met when using this product? I decided to buy it, and on this page, you’ll find my Infantino Baby Squeeze Station review.

With many baby items on the market, you never know exactly what you’re going to get. This is especially true when it comes to baby food items that have little known about them. This squeeze station was one of the first things on my list of baby things to try when it came down to it.

Before we begin, make sure you’re ordering Infantino from a legitimate retailer, NOT from a counterfeit seller. For your convenience, here is the Amazon link to an authentic Infantino retailer.

If you’re like me, you’re trying to find ways to make life just a little simpler, better, easier, and more efficient. Everyone wants to find a way to make less mess, save time, and still provide your kids with something nutritious and with reliable and transparent ingredient information. This baby squeeze station seemed like a good idea.

I spent hours before making baby food for my older kids. I didn’t have pouches and I didn’t have or use anything particularly fancy. This squeeze station was my attempt at making the process a bit easier for one and all, and hopefully expediting it. Here is what I discovered while using the product:

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Infantino Baby Squeeze Station Review

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Infantino Baby Squeeze Station: How To Use It

The product was actually fairly user-friendly. You fill the tubes that sit in the station and make sure to screw the pouches to the bottom. You do still have to steam and process all of the baby food so it is as creamy as possible. No chunks can be found.

Once the processing is done, simply screw the containers on the ends of the tubes. You then fill the tubes and put them right into the holder. They provide you with presses that easily fit inside the tubes for pushing the food into each of the pouches.

I warn you because you do not want to overfill these tubes since it can seep out and up the sides of the tube. Once in, you just then press it down with the given presses. The food goes into the containers and you can unscrew, put on the top and pop them in the fridge or freezer for the baby.

The pouches are easy to grab on the go and easy for the baby to eat right out of. No spoons required, though spoons that screw right to the tops of the pouches are available for purchase if you wanted to give your baby a spoon-feeding option rather than straight from the tube.

What I Love About It

There are many benefits to using the squeeze station. In addition to using their disposable pouches that come with, you can purchase any generic pouch you want to use with it. They all just screw to the bottom to be filled.

It was definitely one of the best products I have tried or used for making baby food and I have tried many that exist on the market. The tubes are easy to fill, easy to press and easy to fill. I wanted to provide my baby with nutritious food options, and this made it possible to do so as well as easily accessible.

The design of the system is also great. It makes swapping out the pouches once they are full easier than ever. I was able to fill 12 pouches in a matter of 20 minutes. Not mentioning the time it took to steam and process them.

Clean up was also super simple. You can run the system through the dishwasher, or hand washing can be done easily with the use of mild soap, warm water, and a dish rag. The food doesn’t cake inside it, which is always a good thing when it comes to washing.

Infantino Baby Squeeze Station: The Cons

I don’t have many bad things to say about the system, but there were a few snags along the road. However, these are simple to remedy during the food-making process.

I didn’t like how food gets stuck if the texture is chunky or large, even if relatively soft. It will not dispense food into the pouch if there is any type of chunk in the food that you’re filling them with. You need to make sure during processing that the food is not chunky.

If you put too much food inside the tubes and press down on them, this can create a mess, so you must take caution while filling them. The product lacks a fill line that shows you where you should fill too when putting the food inside the tube.

If you don’t have the pouch screwed on the bottom tightly enough, food will come out, missing the pouch entirely and going all over the counter. This can be quite a mess, so make sure that the bags are screwed on tightly. They don’t have to be extremely tight, but tight enough to provide a solid hold.

Review: Infantino Baby Squeeze Station (For Baby Food Needs?) 1

Infantino Baby Squeeze Station: Worth It?

Overall, this is an awesome product that I would definitely recommend to my parent friends. When it comes to baby food, you can never be too safe. Making your own is a great way to go about giving baby nutritious meals. This squeeze station made it so much simpler to get the food in the pouches and store them in the fridge and freezer. The pouches actually remind of me of the pouches that you can receive from NomNomNow, which is a premium health option for your dogs, they basically have the healthiest dog food out there

The system comes with some bags, but you will have to purchase more. You can go with the same brand or a different one. You can find reusable ones, or choose to stick with the disposable kind. It definitely gives you autonomy and increased control, regarding feeding your baby a more nutritious meal with ingredients you know and understand are good.

Parenting win for all!


Review: Infantino Squeeze Station

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