Review: Furry Hatchimal Toy! (Your Kids Can Hatch A Toy Egg?)

Hatchimal, what in the world is a Hatchimal?  Well, if you have children you probably have been asked to buy one of these. As a parent, you are probably wondering what this thing your child just asked for is. You want to find out if you’re going to be spending money on something that is not worth the money – since they do cost a pretty penny!

Do you remember the craze with the toy that was called a Furby? Well, it is something like that, but it actually hatches from an egg. The longer your child takes care of the Hatchimal, the more it will grow and learn how to talk, walk, and play games with your child.  Doesn’t this sound like fun?

Hatchimals were created by Spin Masters, the toymaker. This past Christmas of 2016 they were the hottest selling toy on the market and every child wanted one. Due to this, they were very hard to find and in fact, they are still hard to find.  Some of them look very much like very colorful penguins, while others have an antenna, horns, and other distinguishing features. The type that you get depends on the color of the egg, though they all have something different waiting inside them waiting to be hatched.

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The Hatchimal Stages

Each of these furry little creatures comes inside an egg that actually takes time to hatch (well, now we see where the name Hatchimal came from).  After your child hatches his or her furry little creature (you do not know which one you got until it hatches by the way SURPRISE) they will continue to go through a total of five stages:

Stage 1: Egg – Nurture the egg until it is ready to hatch

Stage 2: Hatching – Will start to peek its way out of the egg, when it pauses you can start to rub at the egg and give it a hand.

Stage 3: Baby – Care for the little guy, feed, cuddle, comfort

Stage 4: Toddler – Teach him – how to walk, talk, and play the dance game

Stage 5: Kid – Play with your new friend, the more you do the more game you can unlock.

Caring for the Hatchimal

If you were wondering, there is no adult stage, they stay a kid that your kid can take care of for as long as they’d like.

In other words, this little guy is like a robot pet (one which you will not have to clean up after).  Once your little guy hatches your child will have to spend time playing with it as well as caring for it to teach it new things.  The eyes of this little guy will change colors to indicate feelings if it needs something. 

  • If the eyes turn pink – You can pet its head to comfort the little guy and hear his heartbeat.
  • If the eyes turn red – He is angry or annoyed. Petting his head can help him calm down.
  • If the eyes turn orange – He needs to be burped. You can tilt him forward or pat his head to burp him.

There are also other colors – purple if he is hungry, green if he gets sick, dark blue if he is scared, as well as other colors. A complete diagram comes with him. You will need to give your new furry friend attention by petting him, feeding him as well as teaching him how to talk. 

Think of this little guy as a cross between a Tamagotchi and a Furby, you remember that little virtual guy that you had to hatch and then keep alive by feeding, bathing, as well as playing with it. This is one you can hold in your hands and actually cuddle.

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What Goes into Hatching

What is needed in order to actually hatch a Hatchimal? 

Hatching one of these furry little friends will take the new owner anywhere from 10 minutes to 40 minutes.  During this time frame, you will actually need to touch, rub, as well as tap the egg in order to coax this little guy from inside.  When he is ready to emerge from its safe warm egg you will notice a set of rainbow eyes, the eyes actually start to glow from right inside the egg.  Then like a bird, this little guy will start to peck his way out of the egg.

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Downfalls of Hatchimals

Ok, yes at times this little guy just does not want to come out into this big scary world (do you blame him).  This past Christmas there were complaints made that Hatchimals did not hatch, and some even died straight out of the shell, some would not even turn on.  After these complaints were made the toy maker of this guy vowed to address these issues with the toy.

Some people even complained that they believed that this little guy was swearing while still in their eggs.  While still in their eggs you may at times hear it snoring, it may sound like a sigh with a hard “e” sound but nothing more than that.  With that being said, you can, of course, teach your little guy to say a lot of things and yes this does include swear words, but this is only because you thought it would be funny.

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My Experience with Hatchimals

When it comes to buying and using the Hatchimals, for the price I would not say they’re worth it. If they went for less then I would definitely consider it. They are cute and provide my kids with a decent amount of fun. However, a lot of times the fun is short lived. I feel like they should do a bit more than hatch quick and sit there.

Overall, the hype is something that made my kids want them but for the price, they’re merely just an expensive paperweight. My kids loved it for all of 3 days then didn’t want anything to do with it after that. My recommendation is to save some cash and consider something else.

The Latest Toy Craze - The Hatchimal


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