Review: KidBox Subscription Box (Out of business)

When it comes to finding out what is in the box with so many subscription services out there, you’re going to want to know what to expect. The KidBox is one of those subscription boxes that I was definitely curious to try out. This was because not only did they seem to have cute things, but the coupon code I got for being a first-timer was calling to me. Unlike Stitch Fix, KidBox is obviously exclusive to children’s clothing!

I ended up saving some cash with that coupon code, but I also love the way that they do things. If you do not like something in the box, you do not have to keep it. You can actually send whatever you don’t want back and then you’re not charged extra for them – they take the price of the items that you send back right off of the total! I loved that! It is definitely a great way to save money!

I admit I do have a bit of a subscription addiction when it comes to the things that I can get in them. Depending on what they offer – food, clothes, crafts, pet food beauty, perfume – the list goes on, I want to check them out and see what I can get. This box was cool because it was different stuff than I am used too and it was all delivered to my door! No school clothes shopping for my kids needed! Now granted, if you’re looking for cool gadgets for your kid or baby, such as an Owlet Smart Sock, then you might be a bit disappointed, since Kidbox only sends clothes.

Review: KidBox Subscription Box (Out of business) 2

What You Get

It is important to know what you get, the price, etc. when it comes to signing up for this subscription. This is because it varies depending on what it is that you want from the box. You can make sure to make the cost as much or as little as you want. Let’s go over some basics of this box subscription:

They do have coupon codes floating around for them, so you can grab some cash off the box.

You pay for the clothes you keep ($50-$100+ ) or you send what you don’t want back and get money off, depending on what you send back. They send out a list with the specific prices for each on it, so you know what you will be paying for the items you keep.

You are sent 6-8 pieces of clothing depending on the type of box and time of year it is.

They ship throughout the entire US.

They provide 5 different boxes throughout the year – one for each season and then one for back-to-school clothing – you can change sizes and style preferences as you go before the next box ships if anything changes.

Review: KidBox Subscription Box (Out of business) 3

The Clothing

I loved all of the clothing that was found inside the box. All of it was name-brand, high-end and of the greatest quality which made it great to keep. This was something that I didn’t expect since they provide much lower prices on their clothing than in stores. This is also a perk of signing up and using their service too!

You can choose from a boy or girl, as well as different sizes – they go all the way down to 0-3 months now! This is a big thing to consider since you might not want to head out with a new baby to go shopping, they’ll just send the clothes to your front door – so you don’t have too!

As for sizes going up – they go to a size 16. This is the biggest kids size they have since after then the child would have to go to adult sized clothing.

Review: KidBox Subscription Box (Out of business) 4

Get a Free Gift!

From time to time they even send out free gifts to those out there that remain loyal to their box subscriptions. This can be a great thing. They’ve sent out everything from toys to electronics to other cool items, such as thermoses, which is awesome come the school months. The gifts are free, so you could keep them and use them without having to worry about being charged if you don’t send the item back.

They also provide a welcome box of crayons and a booklet personalized to the kid. This makes getting new clothes much cooler than it has ever been before. You don’t have to worry about not giving them something they’re not going to like. KidBox makes sure to keep their style in mind when choosing the perfect clothing for them.

Review: KidBox Subscription Box (Out of business) 5

Stitch Fix, a company that provides personally styled clothes right to your doorstep has recently announced their “Kids” line. We highly recommend reading our stitch fix review for adults and then checking out their children options on their site here.

Review: KidBox Subscription Box (Out of business) 6

My Overall Thoughts

The KidBox is a pretty cool idea! You don’t have to head out and go to stores, dragging kids along to choose clothing. They can do it all online and you can purchase what they like and send back what they don’t – easy enough!

Another benefit was that the prices are much lower than the prices you’d find in the store, which saves you money in the long run. They might still be too expensive for some, depending on what you like to spend on children’s clothing. This is a personal decision and one you have to consider based on what you get and what you like.

The shipping was fast and free, it is always free. It is even free when you don’t want the clothing and want to send some or all of it back. However, sending back clothing tends to be less known of since they do a really good job at choosing the best clothing for the child and you can personalize it all right on the website when they ask you some questions regarding it.

All in all, it is definitely a pretty cool box to subscribe too. You get some awesome things and your kid will feel pretty special when they get the box that is personalized specifically to their own unique styles and tastes. Check it out for yourself!

Check the updates below for a recent opinion on Kidbox.

Update: November 29, 2017

When our review of Kidbox initially went live, it was written by Samantha – one of our writers here at ReviewingThis. During Samantha’s time with Kidbox, she felt that the service was worthwhile and she reflected on her feelings in this review. Unfortunately, with the recent submissions of negative comments towards Kidbox, I believe it is fair to warn new customers about the quality of service provided by Kidbox.

Current complaints:

  • Incorrect sizing – Recent submissions have repeatability pointed out that they have been receiving clothes that do not fit the size profile that they initially set within their account.
  • Lack of customer service – In our opinion, a company that fails to provide adequate customer service for their current and future customers is a red flag. Especially when Kidbox has been shipping out clothing that does not accurately match a customer’s profile.

I do want to add that whether you’re a satisfied or a dissatisfied customer of Kidbox, I urge you to leave a comment below to inform future customers. In addition, I would love to see Kidbox reach out to ReviewingThis and comment on the complaints mentioned in the comments and in this section. – Mark O.

Update: July 4, 2018

Last week, Jessica from KidBox reached out to address the issues outlined above.

Review: KidBox Subscription Box (Out of business) 7
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During some emails, Jessica mentioned that Kidbox’s customer service team consists of only 4 employees – so this may explain why their customer service might be lackluster at times.

I do want to thank KidBox for reaching out, and acknowledging that Kidbox does have room to improve. Jessica has also mentioned that if anyone has any unresolved issues with their orders, to email her at: [email protected]

Lastly, if you’ve been a customer of KidBox, I urge you to leave a comment below. Whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience, your personal experience helps others in making their decision.

Update: January 01, 2023

Sometime by mid 2022, Kidbox has officially closed their doors. While they made no official statements, their website seemed to have just suddenly gone offline. Their social media accounts also suddenly stopped posting. Unfortunately, it seems like they went out of business.

The KidBox!

Customer Service

Due to recent complaints, rating has been updated.

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  1. I disagree. I loved the idea of this box and it is less than half the cost of my last similar subscription… unfortunately they can’t get it together and ship my orders. I placed 5 orders for 5 separate children. They sent 1 back to school box. After apologies and many reassurances that my fall boxes would all come, I’ve received one. Customer service is crap as they won’t answer my emails. I wouldn’t suggest this box to anyone.. at least not anyone with more than one child.

  2. UGH!!! I so wanted to enjoy this.. I received my box and it was cute. Nothing to get over excited about but I was thinking it was worth it. I had to make my exchanges because half of the sizes were way to big. the return process was easy enough and they shipped out the replacements quickly. but when i received the replacements they were ALL wrong. I got the exact same sizes that I returned. except for one item. it was a 3T and it was big enough for an 8 year old. not kidding. so i got one shirt that was a 4T and was suppose to be a 3T. It also had a large logo on it and that was my specific request not to get. and the 3 pc set was a 4T and and they resent me a 4T!!! When i reached out to customer service they argued with me stating that they would not pay for returning and exchanging but they would be happy to give me their address if I wanted to pay for it myself. They also argued that I requested a 4T for a 4T. I screen shot the order and proved to them that I requested a 3T and thats when they just stopped responding to my email. oh and the logo, she said I am confused by what a logo is. “It would have to say the word LUCKY across the shirt” I said it did!!!! LUCKY BRAND all the way across and she wont respond. So I tried requesting another person to talk to and they wont respond. I wasnt asking for something free. I was asking for them to fix something they screwed up on. its sad that a company that prides on donating has such terrible service.

  3. So completely frustrated with this experience. Can’t ever tt anyone e either. Receive a message saying to email help. Help responds with a phone number which directs you back to the email. I believe ecthey frustrate people until you give up. Their error and can’t get it fixed and the attitude if the CSR via email is very degrading in a sky kind of way. It’s a great concept but run in an AWFUL way.

    1. Deb,

      I’m sorry to hear about your poor experience with KidBox. Due to the recent influx of negative reviews towards KidBox, I will be updating the review to warn potential customers of the issues they may face with KidBox.


  4. So we got elizabeths kid box today….
    Suppose to be” brand name brand new clothes” went to put the shirt on her right from the box and noticed this bright green sticker! They are trying to say the retail vaule is 217.99 for 7 clothes and they are only charging us $88 for the box (and if we kept just the shirt it would be 40 but the green sticker says 3.99!) which is great…if they were new clothes NOT USED! I will add that we have not shopped at a ross, goodwill or thrift store in at least a year. So it did not come from our house.

  5. I ordered a kid box for each of my kids about 6 weeks ago. I got an email saying they would ship within two weeks. Nothing ever came. I figured maybe I was just on their busy time and it would take another week or two to ship the boxes because it said up to 3 weeks. It’s now been six weeks and still nothing. Sent an email asking for an update or explanation and hopefully I will get a response. 🙁

  6. Sorry to hear about your experience Miranda. But this is exactly why we downgraded our rating for KidBox, and placed up a warning that Kidbox has been exhibiting very poor customer service as of late.

  7. If you comment in their Facebook page about your experiences with Kidbox they Remove your comment and block you from commenting on all posts. I was just blocked because I was giving honest feedback to a lady who asked for honest opinions about kid box. I wondered why they only had positive reviews and never any negative ones. They delete them!! That’s very very shady!! I received a box full of ripped and poorly made clothes, took pictures and posted them and I received an email from customer service saying we can close your account if you want. Never again will I recommend them and I will make sure everyone knows how shady they are.

  8. Same thing happened to me. I emailed them and they responded and my order was shipped the next day. I’ve ordered the summer and back to school boxes for my 2 daughters, 4 boxes total and they have loved everything. I would try reaching out to them again because the service is really good to me. Good luck

  9. I ordered the fall box for both of my granddaughters. The clothes are good quality and fit perfectly. You can’t beat the price for what you get. I was concerned the clothes would be lacking in quality due to the low price, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case. My daughter is very excited that we found Kidbox. I had to contact customer service about a question and I got a reply in less than an hour. I will definitely be ordering more from Kidbox!

  10. I’ve had their service for a while now and I must say that the sizes aren’t always correct. I get the wrong sizes and I’m being double-charged for the boxes. I tried canceling the subscription and they continued sending me boxes. I like the clothes that came so I kept the boxes, however being double-charged is not worth the subscription. I have yet to hear back from customer service via email. I can get the majority of the clothes that they send at a better price from stores such as Ross, Marshalls, Burlington factory, Etc. Hopefully I can get my money back and never have to deal with them again

  11. I just received my 3 year old sons first Kid Box and I am extremely satisfied with the quality and selection of clothing. We will be keeping the entire box and looking forward to future boxes. I even looked up prices of the items to make sure they were telling the truth about actual cost and they were.

  12. We were so excited to get the first box! My daughter decided to keep 4 out of the 6 items. I just washed two of the shirts we kept and they are both “picked” looking. Also the heart leggings we kept shrunk so much she can’t wear them again. I’m disappointed and will be cancelling the subscription.

  13. I ordered kidsbox thinking it would be a nice thing for my daughter to get EVERY month. I received my first box and a item was missing, I emailed customer service to let them know not to charge me for the item I did not receive and have not heard anything yet. They charged me for the item and now I need a refund. I was so excited about this kidsbox to be disappointed by poor customer service.

  14. Has anyone else seen their box ship and sit in a random location for days and have the delivery date removed? I tried to contact customer service. Received an email that said they will get back to me and as expected from reading above, I guess they never will. Too bad, as the concept sounded great.

  15. I just got my first box! Style wise it was great, but I’m on the fence about it going forward as I wouldn’t call it a ‘winter’ box and one of the items had huge quality issues.

    Shipping: Three stars. This was some sort of Fed-Ex sure post where it was handed off to the post office. Ordered Nov 27th or so, but didn’t receive the box until this morning Dec 7th – three days later than the initial estimated delivery date. The order itself was put together very fast, it was just the shipping that was a tad slow. The shipping is *free* though so it’s not a problem.

    Price: Three stars, going off normal box price ($98.) Two stars if going by Kidbox price to keep per item. While RV wise it seems like a good deal (was around 75% off for me based on RV and pro price of $73 for box) the quality of many of the sets just didn’t justify their price to keep individually. If I am paying more than what I normally would then I expect the quality to be better – not equivalent or worse – than what I normally would.

    Quality: Two stars, but really it ranged from one to five stars. A couple items were great quality (LOSAN sweater dress, Design history dress,) the Bebe set was nice quality, The Miki B items looked average quality like what I would normally buy (just at a vastly inflated price.) But YIKES Jessica Simpson! I got two Jessica Simpson sets and haven’t tried them out, but one was falling apart as I put it on my kid! The button flew right off (which made my toddler sad.) There were loose threads right out of the package. The material on top and jeggings was super thin. The sweater-look top is horribly fuzzy and pilled after only a few hours of normal play (reading and drawing, not even anything super-active!) I’ve had quality problems with that brand before – cute styles but the fabric wears out and pills fast – so I will definitely need to write them to make sure there are no Jessica Simpson items in future boxes for me, no matter how cute.

    Selection: Two stars, due to lack of variety and not being seasonally appropriate. I ended up with *five* pairs of thin leggings and no other pant style. I much would have rathered 2-3 leggings and a nice pair of jeans, or at least some fleece lined leggings and not these thin springy ones. My daughter has a lot of leggings, I need proper pants. I got four thin shirts – a couple are ‘sweater look’ but none of them are warm. I would have rathered a sweatshirt, coat, vest, proper sweater, layering cardigan – well almost anything warm, over just more shirts. The only other items were two dresses, which seemed the right amount of dresses. Variety wise this shouldn’t have been 4 shirts and five leggings, though. Something like 2 shirt/legging sets, a nice pair of jeans, a good sweater or piece of outerwear, and an accessory like warm fuzzy socks would have been more varied and better for winter.

    Sizing: Five stars. There were minor fit issues on items just due to brand variance and style, but everything looks like it will fit my kid and have decent room to grow.

    Customer Service: Don’t know, haven’t written them, though I plan to.

  16. I signed up for KidBox a couple months ago. The first box I got was a complete disappointment. They have you fill out a style profile, but it looked like they grabbed 6 random pieces in his size and threw them in a box. If you keep the whole box, you get a discount, but if you keep individual pieces they are priced higher, and in my opinion, not worth it. I returned the whole box, thinking they’d just missed the mark and tried again. The next box was not as bad. They sent an all white jumpsuit for a 1.5 year old, which is not really a good idea, but as the clothes all looked comfy, I kept them, and the white jumpsuit to get the discount. I updated my son’s style profile, because I wasn’t seeing any of the stylish clothes I’d been requesting, and was sure to only select the stylish items I wanted. This final box was an even bigger disappointment. Snowman outfit, right as we are ending winter (priced at $41 for a 1.5 year old who may only get to wear for a month), yellow striped outfit that was not even cute, baby style onsies, a blanket (not even a clothing item or anything I asked for), and a Gerber baby outfit, that I might’ve put him in a year ago. I looked up all these items online and they were half the price of the “List Price”, so on top of being nothing that I wanted, they were overpriced. I get they gotta make some money somewhere for their shipping and stylist fees, and I would pay the money for the convenience, but totally not worth it for these clearance rack reject items that they are trying to offload on you, and make it look like a deal.

  17. Kidbox review

    I was so very excited to find Kidbox. I was even more excited when it finally was delivered. Even though the clothes were sized as 3-6 months they were more like 6 months sizes. I did decide to keep them anyway because not only does it help a child in need (your choice of four charities), they would fit her later in the year . Not to mention it was much more cost effective to keep them all than pay the ridiculous full price amount per item. All of that said, those weren’t the issues I had. My issues began after I paid for them.

    I set up the account using my Paypal, because it was the quickest. A few days before paying for the box, I plugged in my payment method and made sure to select it as my preferred payment. Would you believe they disregarded that and charged my Paypal account instead. So I contacted their customer service department and they did get back to me relatively quickly. Unfortunately, the damage was done. Due to their $72.32 charge it put my account in the negative, my bank then charged me a 35$ overdraft fee putting me a total of 68$ negative. The unbelievable part, you know besides them charging whatever payment method they felt like, was that the refund was held until the first. The first was four days later. That doesn’t include bank processing time either. Nor do they mention the refund would be put through PayPal, prolonging the refund, as well as it would be refunded in two separate amounts, 58$ and 14.32$.

    What did they do to rectify their screw up? Nothing, refund the amount, charge my actual listed preferred method and sent me on my way. Talk about the most ridiculous first experience with Kidbox. On top of the fact the clothes don’t even fit.

  18. I have been using Kid box for about a year now. I have two boys and have purchased 11 complete boxes. Some times the value is not there and I have also only purchased certain pieces from some of there boxes. I have only had a few complaints regarding kidbox but they have all been resolved. my first complaint happen with the box I received in Feb. of this year I live in Florida so in Feb. its already hot so I returned that box due to it being winter clothing. The only other problem I had was with the type of clothing my older son receive I emailed Kidbox and changed his profile the following box a success. With all children’s clothing sometimes the value is there and some times you can find the same thing cheaper someplace else. I definitely recommend Kidbox.

  19. I just tried Kidbox for both my kids on the recommendation of a friend. I ordered the baby box for my daughter and the regular box for my toddler son. I spent a good deal of time filling out their profiles and giving tips on what styles and colors for each of the kids. I was excited to get both of their boxes. They arrived today and I was so underwhelmed and disappointed. It looks like clearance rack rejects. The “retail” price they list is insane. I buy a lot of clothes for my kids at Nordstrom so I know what name brand retail is. I also know how to shop on Nordstrom Rack which is a WAY better deal than kidbox. If you like the whole box it’s kind of a deal (if you don’t mind past season or clearanced our items). None of them are current styles and all of them if you search the retailers have been discontinued or are on sale. I will never order from them again and I warned my friend that other discount stores like Nordstrom rack and Saks off fifth and even gap have better deals than what this company offers. They have no phone number to call, don’t care about the profile you fill out and try to trick customers into thinking they are getting a better deal than they are and try to force you to keep the whole crappy box of clothes they send out.

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