VAPTIO’s C-Flat Review: (Updated December Review: Warning)

One day, after growing tired of my typical Logic e-cigarette pens (after using them for approximately a year after successfully quitting smoking), I decided I wanted to try something different.

The battery life wasn’t great, the flavor was lackluster, and I was seeking a shift. With so many different options on the market for vaping and devices, and even a growing industry of companies selling vitamin products and non-nicotine based flavors like “cereal” in vape delivery system, I was in the dark about which to pick. In the course of my limited research, Juul received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and seemed to be the clear winner of the category. But I felt the price tag for the starter kit was slightly out of budget, and the prospect of purchasing a full kit complete with flavors I knew I wouldn’t like (tobacco, mint), ultimately outweighed ones that sounded delicious (creme brulee).

So I headed to my local vape store in search of an alternative product to Juul that came well-reviewed online. Unfortunately, this SKU was not in stock. I explained my dilemma and what I was seeking, vaping habits included, to the employees at the store. The manager of the store, now a good friend of mine, recommended a product that was, dare I say, perfect. The starter kit of the Vaptio C-Flat Executive vape ran $15 less than Juul, and included the device pen, charger, and 4 starter pod refills, the latter of my own flavor selection. All for $35. Since this time, the company now offers different style starter kits at varying prices (with different components and options for each, all at a similar value). There are online options to save further, but these do include ship fees that can make up the difference. I opted for the coffee flavor and gave it a whirl inside the actual store, with permission, of course.

The first few hits were enough to satisfy my cravings, perhaps exceed them, as this was definitely an increase in nicotine content compared to Logic.

For a moment I had to take a long breathe and pause. What was my own logic behind the upwards shift? A notion that I’d use less per week, save money, and be able to refill the pods with different replacements over time with less nicotine content. Due to my affinity for the product and self-confessed partial addiction to it, I can’t say any of these proved true, but I’m ultimately quite pleased with the decision to change manufacturers. In terms of cost, I’ve managed to stay relatively flat to prior purchases with Logic, for more volume and a better product. Also, I suppose I have a strong desire to “vape coffee,” if such a notion is possible, within the scope of reality. I was delighted to inhale what tasted like fresh expresso.

The flavor-quality was excellent and the pod long-lasting, with more volume per container than Juul but less cost per replacement ($20 for a pack of 4). I would like to denote that this review is not intended to disparage other brand manufacturers, but to simply offer a point of comparison that most are more familiar with.

Vaptio C Flat Executive Series
Image Credit: Vaptio

The Main Features

The Vaptio C-FLAT Portable Pod System is an all-in-one portable device, with a 350mAh built-in battery and a max output of 15W. The refillable tank section has a 1.5mL maximum reservoir, that can be used to continue purchasing replacement pods from the same manufacturer, or supplemented with a typical salt-based refill liquid. It’s a great product for beginners to vaping, or those looking for a shift to an affordable but excellent quality vaping product.

Here are the specs:

  • Dimensions: 120.5mm by 24.9mm by 15.1mm
  • Plug-and-Play Ecosystem
  • Integrated 350mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 15W
  • Atomizer Resistance: 1.0ohm
  • Zinc Alloy Shell
  • Duckbill Mouthpiece Design
  • LED Light Battery Indicator
  • Direct Voltage-Based Output
  • Single-Button Firing Mechanism
  • 1.5mL Refillable Pod Cartridge – Ceramic Coil
  • MicroUSB Charging Port – 5V/500mAh, 45 minutes of charge is good for all day use
  • Proprietary Magnetic Connection
  • Available in a wide array of colors

Included in Traditional Starter Kit:

  • 1 C-FLAT Full Starter Kit
  • 2 C-FLAT Tank – Pod Cartridge
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual
Vaptio C Flat Executive Series 2
Image Credit: Vaptio

Positives and Negatives

While most of my experience using the pod system and Vaptio device has been overwhelmingly positive, there have been a couple of snags along the way, mostly related to manufacturing processes. Certainly not enough to discourage me from replenishing product or seek out a different product. Here are some main pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchasing these products:


  • Very portable, easy to travel with, lightweight yet extremely durable, compact and ergonomic
  • Wonderful quality of flavor
  • Flavors include coffee, strawberry, apple, mango, menthol and melon (I have only tried the first four, and prefer the first three, in order of list, with coffee being the most preferable)
  • Newer flavors are also available (lemon, watermelon, orange, grape)
  • Price is reasonable for starter kit and replacement cartridges, and depending on frequency of vaping, the $20 packs of 4 pods can last quite a long time, providing a great value
  • Fast charge time, with 30-45 minutes providing a day of use
  • Pleasing design aesthetic
  • A great alternative to leading manufacturers with comparable quality at a lower cost
  • Highly durable, not easy or prone to cracking or breaking
  • No odor when in use
  • The manufacturer makes all different types of vapes and devices with varying specs and functions, so if the C-Flat isn’t for you, there is probably a different design more suitable


  • Especially with the coffee flavor, there are a couple of manufacturing issues with replacement product (but these cartridges can always be refunded or replaced), typically the issue is that the pod does not fit into the actual device, or will not snap into place correctly- this is only remedied by returning the cartridge or placing tape on the outside of the vape
  • Second main manufacturing issue: the tip of the mouthpiece is prone to breaking every few months, in a specific location, however this has recently been addressed and mitigated on a manufacturing level (and the device was always replaced free of charge for me when this happened)
  • I tried the mango flavor and was definitely not pleased with it, but this remains a matter of personal preference
  • Depending on experience or preference, some may find the item pricey
Vaptio tank Set Series
Image Credit: Vaptio, Model Featured is Vaptio Fusion

The Final Verdict

Ultimately this product, both the starter kit pod-system and replacement cartridge options, are definitely recommended for new and experienced vapors alike. This system and product provides a suitable and effective alternative to spending a lot more on devices on the market with the same specs and quality. I was very pleased with my shift to the brand and am glad I opted out of the Logic pens. The durability of the product is also an unexpected surprise, given the lightweight and portable features. I love the coffee and strawberry flavors, but am also happy to know that the device can support other replacement liquids of any flavor, with less or no nicotine content.

Others may enjoy different varieties or tanks offered by the same company, with their Vaptio Fusion growing in popularity and offering a similar ergonomic design.

Updated December 2018 Review

While I had initially given Vaptio’s C-Flat Executive Series Pen a glowing review and used it for months free of any issues and with only the best results, particularly due to pricing and nicotine content in comparison to competitor products, about a month ago the devices (while not inexpensive to replace repeatedly by any means, and something that would cost a consumer hundreds) started having manufacturing issues that required a review update.

In the past, I had noticed slight manufacturing issues on a much smaller degree that had only happened a few times over the course of about 7 months or so of continual use. At that time, the issue was typically limited to a small breakage on the tip of the device (always at the exact same location).

The first time this happened my reaction was simply one of confusion, and in thinking I had dropped the device or caused this damage somehow without realizing it, I opted to replace it and did not think much of it.

However, throughout the following few months this small chip/breakage happened several times free of any damage, drops, or issues to attribute to the self (always at the exact same location, and the only remedy was taping it shut or replacement).

To note, this issue is listed as a con as per our initial review.

At that point, I contacted employees at my local smoke shop whom I had developed an ongoing relationship with to describe this unusual issue. They reached out to manufacturers and continued to replace the device free of charge (about 3-4 times over the next couple of months).

At some juncture despite their gestures of kindness and continual friendly demeanors, they began asking me to try to return the product with the box (to my own guilt a couple of times I had forgotten to save the original packaging). Why was this of such importance to them? I finally figured out, and it was later confirmed despite their gestures of professionalism and gratitude for my previous business, in dealing with the wholesale manufacturers from Vaptio and the company themselves, these local smoke store owners were unable to receive due refunds on behalf of the company.

On their behalf, this already equates to losses in the hundreds.

Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of a disappointing error and lack of fair play on behalf of a company making quite enough money to refund local smoke store employees making just above the minimum wage, ones who always acted with professionalism and were certainly entitled to refunds based on poor product manufacturing.

Starting this past month, the devices began having further manufacturing issues taking place on a continual basis (at this juncture, it is with every available device).

I noticed when trying to charge the device about a month ago, blinking lights appeared followed by a complete inability to charge at all. Confused, I tried charging the device with different cords and USBs, as well as using different outlets.

When taking it back to the local shop to discuss this with the employees (who have subsequently become friends), they were confused as well, and also tried connecting the piece to different outlets and chargers. At this point, the kind manager offered to replace a new piece (which now runs at over $40 plus tax), and I accepted the offer, with already subtle feelings of guilt in mind considering their losses.

I figured this was just a singular issue or poor device problem, and yet this has now happened over 10 times (a meager estimate)- and currently occurs with every single Vaptio Executive Series C-Flat Pen. As repeated gestures of kindness, they continued to replace the devices in full for me while working with wholesale distributers and the manufacturing company. The owner even purchased over 10 new devices with only me in mind, as apparently it is not an extremely popular SKU.

Unfortunately, due to a very positive relationship with the employees and an attempt to save every box and accompanying charger, even with continual replacement the lack of charging ability continued.

Every time I saved the boxes, chargers, and everything possible in an attempt for them to recoup lost earnings. And every single time the manufacturer and company itself has refused to refund their deserved profits, which has now equated to a loss (on behalf of local store employees) to the attune of upwards of $3000-$4000.

While this resulted in transient feelings of frustration and misunderstanding on my end (and guilt, more so than anything), as well as losses due to pod purchases (which pail in comparison to the store owners lost finances), the most enraging part of this has been the failure on behalf of the company itself and wholesale distributers.

While this was once a device I highly recommended for anyone seeking a vape pen device, particularly due to savings in comparison to nicotine content and overall functionality, this is no longer an item I would recommend anyone purchase as a viable option- if you are new to vaping or an existing customer.

The last time this happened (several days ago), I told them I would no longer continue on with this process, and will be investing in a different piece recommended to me (the Aspire Breeze 2). The kind owners and employees even offered me a deal and generous savings on the piece on top of all of this.

Had I not been a regular customer and had the store owner and employees not exercised only the highest degree of professionalism and courtesy, this would typically result in your average consumer losing quite a bit of money themselves (particularly if you opt to reinvest in another device in the belief that you have caused this error).

The most important message out of this: it was quite unjust on behalf of the manufacturer and wholesale distributers to not provide store employees working hours on end to support themselves with well deserved refunds for defective devices. In comparison to their general earnings, they quite easily have the money to refund defective items and should only be offering gestures of apologies.

I am thankful that both the store employees and myself have come to an arrangement to change devices and will give up a product I once came to love and adore, but this should only serve as a much needed warning for consumers considering this item: we no longer recommend a product that used to be quite functional and a great option for vapers seeking pens.

I personally reached out in attempts to help myself with messages that went nowhere and were not responded to on behalf of Vaptio and distributers.

The most reprehensible actions in this case are the lack of deserved refunds for owners making their own livings and only exercising professionalism, and is my hope anyone reading this will support local employees as well as opting out of this product.

Vaptio Starter Kit

Fair Play

No Longer Recommended

Not recommended
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