5 Things You Should Know About Vaping

Vaping is one of the most recent fads to take over the social scene, and its following continues to grow exponentially on a daily basis. Behind all the coolness and glamor attached to this social craze, there are some interesting facts that every vaper, or aspiring vaper, should know.

Little to Zero Nicotine Content

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances, and this is evident by the number of smokers that continually fail to rid themselves of this addiction. Vaping, on the other hand, uses e-liquid, which can have zero, medium, or high-strength nicotine. For most vapers, zero nicotine strength e-liquid works perfectly fine. However, many vaping newbies start off with high-strength nicotine content and gradually work their way down to medium- or zero nicotine strength e-liquids. As vapers switch to devices that produce much more vapor, the need for high-strength nicotine reduces since they are satisfied much faster.

You should also be pleased to know that e-liquids with lower nicotine strengths have been found to taste much better than those with higher nicotine strengths. This greatly enhances the experience of the vapor and makes vaping that much more enjoyable.

Alternative to Tobacco Smoking

leo vaping
Image Credit: E! Online (Leonardo Dicaprio, a previous cigarrate addict has switched to vaping)

Smoking is one of the hardest addictions to overcome, as many a seasoned smoker will testify. One of the ways in which smokers work to overcome their addiction is through managing their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. E-cigarettes work especially well to support this. In fact, a significant number of vapers are former cigarette smokers that took solace in vaping.

Moreover, the smoke emitted from vaping devices has been found to be much less toxic compared to cigarette smoke, which is good news for everyone. Previous research established that the vapors produced by e-cigarettes were significantly less toxic compared to cigarette smoke. This combination of benefits has helped many smokers transition from cigarettes to the e-cigarette option.

Start-Up Costs

Buying rechargeable and refillable vaping devices is much better than buying disposable ones and makes much more economic sense. Most start-up kits for e-cigarettes range in between $25 and $75, with advanced devices costing much more. As a newbie, these starter kits work perfectly fine. If you are getting the rechargeable e-cigarette, then you should make it a point to buy a refillable tank that allows you to fill up your own cartomizer. For most vapers, $8 of e-liquid comfortably lasts around 10 days. It doesn’t take a genius to see the potential savings that rechargeable and refillable vaping devices offer compared to disposal ones or even traditional cigarettes.

A New Subculture

The advent and growth of vaping have created an entirely new subculture. One of the most common experiences that people have with vaping is through social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Vaping YouTubers such as pbusardo (Phil Busardo) and igetcha69 (Scott Bonner) have armies of fans that continually demand videos on vaping safety to vaping product reviews and everything in between.

Also, vaping has provided a platform for many manufacturers to develop new and innovative products that improve the experiences of vapers all over the world. The growth of public vaping is a manifestation of this new and thriving subculture.

Chinese Originsecig inventor
Albert Einstein is to physicists what Hon Lik is to vapers. Lik is a Chinese pharmacist that developed the modern e-cigarette. Having lost his father to lung cancer and himself being a struggling smoker looking to quit, Lik was committed to developing a product that would provide a smoking experience without actually burning tobacco. The flagship device developed by Lik was named Ruyan, taking after the company that Lik worked for. This was back in 2003. Almost one and a half decades later, millions of former smokers have Lik to thank for their nicotine-free lives. Furthermore, the numerous varieties of flavor that are available to vapers today promise a nicotine-free vaping experience that specifically caters to the variant tastes of vapers the world over.

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