4 Signs That Vaping is Not a Fad

There’s no doubt about it—vaping as a trend is one that has positively swept the nation, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. While some may argue that vaping is not a trend, but rather a fad that is doomed to a quick death and subsequent obscurity, there are several facts to take into consideration that demonstrate the flaws in such an argument.

  1. An Increase in Interest and Retail Outlets

When vaping first crossed into public awareness in 2007, few retailers worldwide sold so much as a drip e cig, and the relative obscurity of the trend made them difficult to find. Nowadays, this is hardly the case. More than ten years later, retail outlets across the country cell vaping materials, vaping itself has become accepted and even commonplace in public spaces. Videos of amazing vape tricks, analyses of different types of smokes, and specialty shops abound, and internet forums and social groups exist around this phenomenon that would have never been considered possible just a few years ago. Interest has only continued to grow for the past decade, and the market has adjusted accordingly, with a rapid increase in places at which vaping materials can be purchased, and any individual who vapes quickly becoming less of an outlier and more of an average Joe.

  1. Research and Further Expected Increase

The rapid increase in interest is not purely a social or layman’s perception. Study after scientific study has been produced that details the social, physical, and economic effects of vaping—hardly the trademark of an industry that is on the brink of vanishing. Perhaps it is as a response to the exponential growth of the vaping industries that these studies have been produced, but it seems highly unlikely that the scientific community would be willing to put so much time and energy into research for an industry or a social phenomenon that is truly just a fad. Some studies have even shown an expected increase in the sale of vape materials over the next few years, demonstrating the confidence held at least by those within the industry that vaping is not going away anytime soon.

  1. Fight Against Regulations

The fact that the vaping industry is heavily regulated is not one that is without contention—those outside the industry claim that it ought to be more heavily regulated, while those within point to the already extensive list of FDA regulations and requirements that they see as constricting a rapidly-expanding industry. This, too, is another sign of the vaping industry is likely longevity. An industry that is truly just a fad has no need of long-term regulation, just as those who support such an industry are not likely to fight so hard against said regulations if they truly believe it to be only a temporary means of support.

  1. Proposed Health Benefits

If vaping were a fad that were built only around the enjoyment or showmanship of a few dedicated individuals, surely it would not be subject to the intense media or scientific scrutiny that it is actually is. Proponents of vaping have come up with several alternative uses for vaping materials, as well as a complete rebuttal of health concerns raised by would-be naysayers, that seem to indicate a staying power for the vaping industry beyond just aesthetic or social purposes. Some of these proposed health benefits include using vaping materials as an aid for quitting smoking or improved lung function in the case of asthmatics or those with other respiratory problems.

Vaping, then, it would seem, is not going anywhere just yet. Despite the efforts of the preexisting tobacco industry or overly-concerned moral watchdogs, there are several pieces of evidence to suggest that vaping is not a fad or a flash-in-the-pan, but an industry that is here to stay.

Mark Ortiz

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