Review: Altus tank by GUO (Why I Hate It)


Re-fill convience
Lack of leakage
Lack of cold hits
Temperature control

Don't even think about buying it..

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The Altus Tank by GUO….who are they? Well they are a company that has self proclaimed in building the world’s first coil-less atomizer. Well at least that was the sales pitch that unfortunately turned me into customer.

Let’s begin with my experience as a vapor. I first began vaping two years ago as a means to curb my smoking habits and just like many, I worked my way up from the ecigs at gas stations, to power house mods you can find on the market nowadays. Every few months I would upgrade the mod that I would be using and also buying various tanks.



Several months ago I thought I hit the sweet spot, I had a beautiful RDA by Reuleaux with a Kennedy drip tip. The RDA was a work of art, and the drip tip delivered insane flavor and style. Well…all that came to an end when the customs officials at Dominican Republic decided that my vape wasn’t fit to fly.


So the first day that I step foot back in the US, I head into my local vape shop to replace my seized vice. When it came to the mod, I chose the Reuxleaux once again simply because they are one of the best on the market, and they are incredibly stylish. So here is where I messed up, instead of going with the Kennedy Drip Tip again, I voiced my concern over picking up an atomizer that still delivered insane flavor but actually had a tank. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely some novelty in dripping into your cotton frequently, but if you’re outside your home or office, it definitely becomes an inconvenience.

By this point you should know what I was suggested…the Altus Tank. I told that this is some new technology, and I don’t have to rebuild it, or buy coils – I just have to re-wick the device. I asked several times whether or not the flavor is comparable to a drip tip, and I was assured it was.

So where did GUO **** up?

In everything but the flavor.

Here we go:

  • This is a bottom fill tank, meaning you have to take so many pieces apart to just refill your tank that it’s pure torture. Not to mention that it also limits how much liquid the tank can actually hold.
  • Leaking, Leaking, and Leaking – This right here drives me nuts. This tank will continuously leak to the point that you better have your mod standing upright at all times. If I would lay my device sideways for 5 minutes, you can bet your bottom dollar that it has leaked. There have even been instances where the device sat on my table, and the whole tank emptied out all over my RDA.
  • Constant re-wicking – For some reason or another, you will find a burn taste hitting you within 2 days of re-wicking the device. Why is that? I believe its a clear error in the design that doesn’t allow the liquid to smoothly flow towards the cotton that is on top of the heating chip. Because of this, the cotton on the heating chip burns up quickly, and everything becomes horrible.
  • Cold hits – If you’re a chain vaper, it may not be an issue. But if you prefer to take a few pulls and then place the device down. You’ll have to keep in mind that the first two pulls are going to be weak and flavorless. The tank does need time to warm up.
  • Don’t let it burn you – Now…when it does heat up, the tank becomes super hot that you actually have to be careful

With all that being said, the only thing that GUO got right was actually giving off a good flavor with this tank when all the stars align perfectly.

My overall recommendation? Jump off a cliff before you use this tank. I know that currently the company is selling the tank for a discount ($60 vs $100); but for $60, it’s still not worth it. Save your money.

Here it is on my mod:



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