Analyzing the Costs of Vaping and Smoking

In recent months, it seems that the vaping trend has swept with huge popularity across the country. People choose to vaporizer, but for some, the financial costs and benefits are the biggest consideration. Rumors say that vaping is cheaper than smoking, and with 36.5 million people smoking in the United States alone, this vaping question brings up an interesting pros and cons debate of which activity is less expensive.

In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss which factors determine whether it’s cheaper to vape or to smoke. First, we will talk about what supplies are needed to vape, then we will analyze the expenses of smoking. Finally, we will compare the two and find out which one is easier on your wallet.

What Supplies You Will Need To Vape

Many different styles of vaping have been developed in recent years. When deciding to vape you have the option of choosing an e-cigarette or a vaporizer. An e-cigarette usually has the same look and feel of a traditional cigarette. A vaporizer, on the other hand, is a bit larger and looks like a pen. Both styles have varying features that people prefer, but it will be up to you to decide which fits you best.

If you are just beginning, a starter kit is probably going to be the best option. It will definitely be more cost-effective than if you were to buy everything separately. A starter kit can cost anywhere between $15 to $100. Inside a starter kit, you will find a vaporizer or e-cigarette, charger, and a user manual. Sometimes, your starter kit may include replacement parts and refills that may come in handy later.

Over time, there are parts that will need to be replaced on your vaporizer or e-cig. These parts are actually fairly easy to replace. As you vape over time, you will notice that after a while your machine will put out less vapor. This is caused by the e cigarette coil inside the machine wearing out. These coils are responsible for heating up and turning your e-juice into vapor. Factors such as how often you vape and the sweetness of your e-juice can cause your coils to wear out faster.

If you choose to vape liquids that are really sweet, the sugars can caramelize on the coils. This will cause a burnt taste, but many times the burnt taste could also be caused by the wick burning out. The coils and the wick are often separate from each other but can be bought together for cheaper in one piece called an atomizer. Coils & Atomizers usually go for about $6 to $12.

Now, when it comes to e-liquid, there are many different kinds. There is tobacco, dessert, fruit, candy, and beverage flavored e-liquid. Typically sold in 10ml and 30ml sized bottles that are squeezed into your device, you may also purchase cartridges that fit inside your e-cigarette. E-liquid comes in tobacco and nicotine free options. On average, this will cost about $6.

Another cost benefit that can be found with vaping is that there is also no need to buy lighters or batteries. You can just use an e-cigarette charger.

The Expenses Of Smoking Traditional Cigarettes

The average price of cigarettes is about seven dollars. For someone who smokes a pack a day that’s around $ 200 a month, which totals $2,400 dollars a year (depending on how much you smoke). An extra cost, on top of the cigarettes, will be the lighters you must purchase.

Let’s Compare The Two

The average person who vapes will use about two and a half milliliters(ml) of e-liquid a day. If they buy a 30ml bottle, that will last them 12 days, which is almost two weeks. So, buying a $6 bottle of e-liquid twice a month for a year will be $144. Then, your coils or atomizer will need to be replaced maybe once a month. Coils & atomizers only cost about $6 to $12, so totals about $72 to $144 dollars a year. All together your yearly expenses for your device will be no more than about $288.

As we said before, cigarettes would cost the average smoker about $2,400 a year. Compared to $288 a year for vaping supplies, there almost no contest. Smoking is definitely more expensive.


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