Review: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (They’re Real & Spectacular!)

Designed to replicate the voluptuous and sexy aesthetic of the female body itself, Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara is an iconic fan-favorite with an hourglass-shaped brush designed to separate, coat, and curl each lash without any smudging or clumping.

The Better Than Sex formulation contains ingredients that are soothing and nourishing to the lashes and designed to be safe for the delicate skin around the eye, an important factor when selecting a mascara- as many products can be irritating, or begin to feel heavy throughout the day.

Have you ever used a new mascara, even with just a couple of coats, and had a burning desire to remove it within only a few hours?

No bueno.

With this product, that does not happen, and you can safely wear it all day with a high degree of comfort.

This review will cover some main product features, some key ingredients contained in the Better Than Sex formulation, some positives and negatives to bear in mind prior to purchase, and a final verdict, to help you make a more informed purchasing choice prior to any point of sale.

Review: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (They're Real & Spectacular!) 1

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Floral Backdrop
Image Credit: Too Faced

Review: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced’s iconic and bestselling Better Than Sex Mascara is a .27oz (8ml) product, currently sold and featured in a limited edition “Birthday Sex” packaging container (the exact same formulation as the original, simply with pink glitter packaging as an homage to 20 years of an iconic product).

The mascara has a brush with firm bristles that make the application process easy, and it’s simple to create a feathery look using 1-2 coats with a lengthened and volumized finish.

The formulation of the Better Than Sex Mascara is generally so strong only one or two applications are needed for a daytime or evening look, and the finishing aesthetic is natural- yet so improved in terms of both volume and length that it is comparable to wearing false lashes (but simply a more natural and pain-free approach to doing so).

Each lash is individually curled and separated, and there is no clumping or sticking during the process or “raccoon eye” finish or slip. It is also easy to wear throughout the day and highly breathable, without feeling heavy or having any urgency/need for removal.

The mascara does not flake or come off and is highly buildable depending on the finishing aesthetic you’re seeking, so you may want to add an additional coat for an evening out or a more dramatic look.

At the same time, the product still does not feel heavy or weigh down the eyes in the way products in the category typically do following multiple applications.

While I would not call this my topĀ favorite mascara I have tried to date, it definitely tops the list even as a mascara and eye makeup junkie- and hits all of the right buttons while lacking all of the typical downfalls (clumping, slipping, smudging) and traps that even the best products in the category can fall into.

However, for the price point it is likely my favorite mascara I have tried to date, and I would highly recommend it for those seeking enhanced dimension, volume and length. It also soothes the lashes with a gentle formulation that is hydrating and helps prevent any breakage, damage, and lash shedding.

One of my favorite parts of using this mascara (other than feeling as if it was weightless throughout the day), was the feathery finish and jet-black color.

The pigment is incredibly rich and quite sexy.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Floral Backdrop 2
Image Credit: Too Faced

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Ingredients

Especially with ingredients used around the sensitive eye area or lashes, it is important to know what you are putting on your eyelashes- and in this case, the Better Than Sex mascara formulation offers additional hydrating benefits in conjunction with all of the regular benefits of a great traditional mascara product.

As you would read labels with food products and topical skincare product ingredients carefully, especially if you are sensitive, it is important to do the same with any eye products you are using.

With that in mind here are a couple of key ingredients (a full list can be provided from the manufacturers website) in the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and corresponding benefits with use:

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Products
Image Credit: Too Faced

Rice Bran

  • Helps in brightening, hydrating, and restoring radiance to the lashes, locking in moisture and promoting a healthy shine
  • Helps to combat any potential lash shedding or breakage/splitting
  • Helps combat bacteria, dead skin build up, and fights any irritation (which can lead to lash irritation or shedding, damage and breakage)
  • Helps reduce blemishes and acne, as well as fighting acne causing bacteria which leads to new breakouts (around the eye areas)- often using poorly formulated eye or mascara products can lead to breakouts, milia, or clogged pores around the eye areas or even eyes themselves
  • Contains flavonoid compounds and natural antioxidants to support lash growth and health


  • Anti-inflammatory properties help in treating any topical redness or irritation around the surface of the eyes and help to prevent any irritation from forming near the eyes or on the lashes
  • Soothing and nourishing to the lashes, cooling, and cleansing (feels refreshing upon application)
  • Helps in providing deep hydration that still leaves the lashes smooth and free of any dirt or oil, without drying out or stripping them out of natural oil production
  • Helps in treating any potential topical infections and decreasing bacteria on the skin, detoxifying properties
  • Attracts moisture to the skin, which is very absorbing and leaves the lashes smooth and soft
  • Anti-acne benefits: helps to decrease acne around the sensitive eye and lash areas, while helping to prevent new breakouts from forming in the areas
  • Helps in depleting any lost hydration and soothes very dry lashes- helping prevent lashes from falling or breaking/splitting
  • Gentle and suitable for all lash types and lengths
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Brushes
Image Credit: Too Faced

Better Than Sex Mascara: Positives and Negatives

While I found this cult-classic mascara definitely lived up to its hype after testing it out in terms of benefits with use, pigment, long wear, comfortability with all day use and hold, and overall finishing aesthetic- some users still felt it was either overly hype or too clumpy for personal preferences.

The price point is also not ideal for those on a tight budget, however it does last for months (6-8) without drying or product erosion, unlike some drugstore formulations, if you are considering the price on more of a month to month basis.

With that in mind, here are some key pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase:


  • Excellent for lashes of all lengths (even shorter lashes), as the mascara does a great job of lengthening and lifting without clumping or smudging
  • Extremely popular product and “holy grail” item for its category even amongst mascara junkies and makeup gurus, which speaks volumes (pun intended)
  • Does an excellent job of lengthening and volumizing while separating each individual lash and preventing lashes from sticking together
  • Gives an illusion of false lashes especially with multiple coats without the pain, expenses or irritation involved in glue products or salon treatments
  • Promotes depth perception and a multidimensional finishing aesthetic
  • Leaves the lashes with a jet black color with even tone
  • Has moisturizing properties and high quality ingredients that do not irritate the eyes or area around the eyes (hydrates the lashes)
  • Safe and suitable for all lash types, lengths, and colors
  • Cruelty-free company: company does not test products on any animals, use any animal products in its ingredients, or during its manufacturing processes (with the exclusion of beeswax)
  • Excellent product longevity: lasts for several months even with continual daily use without drying out, adding value
  • Even with continual wear throughout the day, the product does not slip or smudge, and feels highly breathable (there is no urge to take it off or remove it throughout the day)
  • The wand makes it easy to reach inner and lower lashes without smudging or clumping
  • Flexible, soft, and feathery finishing appearance following use
  • Easy to remove using any soap, or gel or oil-based cleanser
  • Lovely and sleek packaging aesthetic (which does not influence product quality, but certainly does not hurt and is a nice added bonus)
  • Gives the eyes a wonderful “pop,” irrespective of eye color
  • Product is formulated with safe and clean ingredients and free of any parabens
  • Incredibly rich jet-black pigment that is quite sexy
  • As a self-proclaimed lash junkie who has tried most products in the category (usually in the form of starter kits to save my credit cards from workouts), I can say Better Than Sex lives up to its hype as a holy grail product, it definitely beats Benefits “They’re Real” (as a personal opinion), as well as numerous products I have tried from Tarte in the category, along with Chanel Volume Noir (with no offense intended towards these manufacturers)
  • Due to a brush structure with very strong bristles, one coat is generally enough to achieve a carbon black full finish with enhanced length, volume, and depth perception


  • Some users feel the product is overrated and attribute a lot of its success to marketing, claiming they still experiencing clumping when using the product and prefer other brands
  • Price point: while this is definitely a worthy splurge that proves longevity with use and excellent benefits (and is comparable in price point to other similar products on the market in the category), it certainly cannot be compared to a drugstore brand formulation in terms of the price sticker
  • Some users claimed to still experience smudging or “panda eyes,” while this is something I have not experienced using many mascaras at all, it is always advisable to try to apply a primer first prior to applying mascara- as this will usually mitigate this issue right away (if not- this may simply not be the best product for you)
  • For vegans: this product does contain beeswax
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Floral Backdrop and Products
Image Credit: Too Faced

Money-Back Guarantee

Especially if you are new to the brand or have exhausted many different mascara options in the past, the return and exchange policy in this case may be a highly important factor for you.

The manufacturer, Too Faced Cosmetics, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, and this policy favors the consumer, both new and returning.

If you are dissatisfied with the use of the Better Than Sex Mascara, or if it does not work for your lashes to provide suitable cosmetic benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulation, you may elect to return it at any time.

In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item.

I was happy to discover that the formulation was gentle enough to use even with very sensitive eyes and did not cause any irritation, but due to price barriers or sensitivity concerns this policy may help assuage fears, as individual allergies are highly variable.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Brush Wand
Image Credit: Too Faced

Review: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (They're Real & Spectacular!) 1

Is Too Face Mascara Better Than Sex?

In words we thought we would likely never type or ask to summarize a beauty product review, and certainly cannot accurately answer- Too Faced’s Better Than Sex is really great and certainly a classic, and it is fairly spectacular for most users.

I found it offered great aesthetic enhancements with use and definitely went beyond any marketing claims and exceeded all of my expectations.

In comparison with other products in its category on the market, its developed a loyal cult-following a legions of fans who refuse to purchase any other product, and is celebrating two decades of continued success with the same formulation for good reason.

This is a great product that works to produce fully enhanced lashes with a beautiful finishing aesthetic that appear as close as you can get to false lashes while still appearing natural. The finish is multidimensional with enhanced depth perception, a jet black color, and improved volume, curl, length- and the formulation is also great for hydrating the lashes and preventing any breakage, damage, or shedding/loss.

This is definitely a mascara worthy of a happy birthday and a trial run if you’re new to Too Faced Cosmetics, as its certainly one of the best items I have tried even as a self-proclaimed eye makeup and mascara junkie.

If anyone asks you if they’re real, you can answer in the affirmative and respond that they’re also spectacular if you have the confidence.

Who doesn’t want a sexy enhancement from time to time?

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Depth Perception


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