Review: Stardew Valley (One Game You HAVE to Play Now!)

Anyone who texts Benny San of the Harvest Moon series must try this game. Stardew Valley is a laid-back take your time and do whatever you want kind of game. There is no actual point to the game except for to have fun and be as creative as you want with your own Farm. The game goes through several seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each one having an effect on the townspeople that you can interact with. As well as affecting the type of crops you can grow, the fish you can catch, and the celebrations that the town people have.

This type of game is perfect for anyone who just wants to zone out and do nothing but just play a game. There are no drawbacks to the game nor are there any ways to lose. The unfortunate thing is there’s no real way to win. This game is a creative type with the end goal of just helping you relax. From the music to the cartoonish drawings. Everything about this game is relaxing.

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Review: Stardew Valley (One Game You HAVE to Play Now!) 2

Relationships in the Game

Similar to the game Harvest Moon you have the opportunity to get married if you wish. You can do this by earning hearts with certain single characters in the game. You have to have an upgraded house along with a good relationship to even start the process. There are other steps to the game to become married but part of the fun is figuring that out. Every character has a select item that they like the most, some items that they like a little, and several items they highly dislike. By befriending people they will send you things like relaxing and new types of interactions.

Creative Play Within the World

The game is set to be creative and however, you want to go about relaxing and enjoying your time. In the beginning, there are several different types of characters you can make. Ranging from male to female, different hairstyles, different facial hair styles, and a large assortment of colors. You can choose the types of clothes they wear in the beginning.

As a pet, you have the choice of a dog or cat. It even allows you to skip the intro in case you are restarting. There are several types of farms you can choose from. Each one having a bigger Focus on select skills that you can improve. The first Farm is the standard one that has the most land so it is easier to farm. The second Farm is the Riverland Farm where it’s easiest to fish and level it up around your farm. The third Farm is the forest Farm where it has Forest nearby so it’s easier to improve your forging abilities.

The fourth one is the hilltop Farm where there is a large section you can mine near your farm so you can level up your mining skill easier. The funnel Farm is the Wilderness Farm. The benefit to the Wilderness father is at night monsters come out so you can level up your combat ability easily.

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Skills That You Can Grab

If it has a skill system with five different types of skills you can level up. These skills are farming, mining, forging, fishing, and combat. Each with its own unique benefits. At level 5 on every skills tree, you have the choice of choosing from two different benefits in the skill type. For example, farming at level 5 will give you the choice of making more with your crops when selling them or making more selling animal products.

Harvesting All Your Crops

There are over 50 types of fish you can catch, 20 types of crops you can plant, numerous amounts of dishes you can prepare and several different types of minerals you can mine. All of these work together in some way or form to help further your gaming pleasure.

Crafting the Goods to Use

There are numerous things you can craft as you level up your skills that can help you in different ways. Some of which are just decorative and help give you a feel of really customizing your own Farm or House. Others may help make farming easier or fishing easier. It really depends on the skill tree that you’ve leveled up. Also, you can level up all different skills and use the different crafting items that are rewarded to you to benefit other skills. For example, having a high mining skill helps allow for mining bonuses so it is easier to get ore for item-level ups.

Review: Stardew Valley (One Game You HAVE to Play Now!) 2

My Overall Thoughts on This Game

stardew intro

All and all this game is perfect for any age and most playing styles. It has cartoon-like graphics with a minimal amount of violence. Every conversation is appropriate for nearly any age. If the player chooses not to talk to anyone then the game progresses just as smoothly as if they were to interact with everyone. All choices do kind of change the outcome of what can happen in the game but the game itself is really just for enjoyment with no real goal.

Stardew Valley as an XBox Game

Fun for All
Overall Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the perfect game to play. Stardew Valley might be the game for you. Find out the different skills you have to build in order to make it big in the game and get further.

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