Review: Pie Face Showdown (Pie In The Face?)

Do you remember that wild and crazy game that hit it big all across the internet called Pie Face?  Multiple players of this game took turns spinning a wheel to see how many times they were to push a button and possibly getting whip cream thrown in their faces.  Well, they have put a new twist on that game. Pie Face Showdown puts you head to head with your opponent, and it is up to your quickness and arm stamina to see who gets the cream in their face.

Are You Ready to Take a Pie in the Face?

The new and improved Pie Face Showdown brings all the excitement of the original game to the table but also brings just a bit of competitiveness with it.  Instead of having a spinner decide your fate, it is all up to just how quick you can actually hit that button and how fast, not as easy as it sounds.

Review: Pie Face Showdown (Pie In The Face?) 2

What’s Including in the Box

  • 2 chin rests
  • 1 throwing arm
  • 1 pie thrower
  • 1 sponge
  • 2 splash card masks
  • instructions on how to play the game.

Review: Pie Face Showdown (Pie In The Face?) 3

Putting the Game Together

Assembling this game is actually really easy, all that needs to be done is to insert the arm, chin rest and face mask in the slots.  Then, of course, do not forget about that whipped cream being placed right on the hand. You can put as much or as little whip cream on this hand, you’re here to have fun so I say load it up. 

If you do not have whip cream just sitting in your refrigerator do not panic, just like the first version of this crazy game it comes with a sponge that you can wet down and also use (but, where is the fun in that) so another suggestion would be to use shaving cream as well if you do not have any whipped cream laying around.   

Review: Pie Face Showdown (Pie In The Face?) 4

Playing the Pie Showdown

In order to play, you, of course, need two willing victims to rest their chins on the rest and place their faces through the mask holes.  The faster you press the button the further that throwing arm will move to your opponent’s side. Then the fun begins, ready, set, start pushing that button just as fast as you can don’t let up because if you do you will get creamed. 

The player who presses that button the fastest without letting up is considered to be the winner of the game.  But, if you ask me the winners are the people who are actually watching these two go head to head with the high hopes of creaming the other.  The whole experience of playing this game will have you rolling on the floor with laughter, and it just may remind you of your childhood days when Hungry, Hungry Hippos was the latest toy craze.

Review: Pie Face Showdown (Pie In The Face?) 5

My Take on the Game

Pie Face Showdown will keep your children occupied for hours on end as they anticipate who was going to be creamed, and of course which one was going to be able to eat that whipped cream.  As they are keeping themselves occupied by getting creamed, you can be entertained by actually watching them get creamed, so this is a win, win situation. 

This game is highly suspenseful, it could make you feel just about every feeling that there can be all at the same time, but you will not regret one minute of this exciting fun fast paced whipped cream throwing game.  There is nothing about Pie Face Showdown that you will not like (well unless you are a person that just does not like getting messy or sticky). 

Have you ever wanted to throw a pie at somebody, just like you saw back in the day when you watched the three stooges?  Here is your chance and it even gives them the chance to stand up and protect themselves as well, so be careful about what you wish for it just may be you getting pied. Not only will you get the chance to crush your opponent but you will also get those all so wanted bragging rights.

Keeping in mind that this family game is loads of Hilarious family fun, that the pie throwing arm could ultimately spring into action at any time, it is very easy to set up as well as clean, the game comes with a sponge, but you have to supply your very own whipped cream. You will need a total of two victims (players) would be no fun playing against yourself so have the whole family join in the fun. 

This game has been geared for ages 5 years old and older, and of course, adult assembly, as well as supervision is a requirement.  There are small parts that can become a choking hazard so it is a good idea to keep away from small children who are under the age of three.


Are You Ready for Pie Face Showdown?

Ease of Use

Do you want a pie in the face? You can check out what Pie Face Showdown is able to bring to the table, including a pie in the face.

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