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Just when you thought you were getting too old for card games, the gaming market has recently been stormed by a game called Cards Against Humanity. Quite a catchy name if you ask me, and fits the game quite well. Well how is it played?

First of all, the game comes with 460 white cards, and 90 black cards. The black cards contain a question, while the white cards hold an answer. Every round, one of the players in your group will be the “Judge”, and he will draw a black card and read the question. The rest of the players will then randomly select a faced down white card from the table, in addition to whatever white cards they are currently holding when first given out at the beginning of the gaming session. The players with the white cards will then have to choose which of their cards would warrant the funniest answer to the question. The judge will then select which player had the funniest answer. Once doing so, the black card is then given to the winning player to add to their hand. Before the game began, rules would be set up for how many black cards you must hold to win the game first.

So now that we are past the rules and guidelines. Let me show you an example of some of the funny match ups I have been able to make:


As you can see…some pretty funny match ups. It’s obvious that this game isn’t intended to be played with your young children or probably even with your parents! You will find many match ups will be racy, and fairly inappropriate, so please keep that in mind. Other than that, the game is plenty of fun. I had the opportunity to play the game for the first time this past weekend with four of my friends and my stomach is still cramping today from all the laughing that was had that night.

Does this game get my approval? Yes it does, definitely worth the buy. Just make sure you play with people of a suitable age.

Mark Ortiz

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