Review: SENSO Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones (Hands-free and On the Go Tunes)

I’m a big fan of audio media. Podcasts, music, and audiobooks are my main sources of outside entertainment. The positive part of enjoying this medium is that I can listen to my choices wherever I am. Which I do. I love distractions.

An issue I ran into was my main headphones were a bit bulky for when I’d go for a bike ride or walk somewhere, plus the cord was a bit of an ordeal. Ever had your headphones get snagged on a doorknob? It’s one of the worst feelings in the world.

After dealing with this for awhile, I became frustrated on a particular day wherein my headphones fell off and into a puddle on the side of the road. They survived, but were soggy and who wants to wear soggy headphones? Now I wasn’t too upset about my clothes being wet since I had a shipment coming in from Stitch Fix, but on the way home I saw a jogger with a pair of wireless headphones in. I immediately became incredibly envious and pulled open Amazon once I made it to my computer.

Here I found the SENSO Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones. Reviews seemed good, they were in my budget, and they claimed everything I was looking for in on the go headphones.

After a few days of waiting and mailman stalking they arrived.

Review: SENSO Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones (Hands-free and On the Go Tunes) 2

Review: SENSO Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones (Hands-free and On the Go Tunes) 3

The Headphones

They’re basically earbuds with clips for that go around your ears attached and one cord that keeps them together. Honestly, despite that vague description, they’re quite attractive looking. I’m a big fan of the color scheme, black and red, and they’re not overly noticeable but seen easily enough that others are aware that you do have something covering your ears.

The comfort level on them was impressive. They fit quite nicely over my ears, they don’t pinch or anything like that, and after a while you hardly even notice them. Ever get fatigue from having headphones or earbuds in too long? I haven’t from these yet. That’s a huge positive in my book.

Besides that, it has a pretty nice battery life. I’ve had them last for about 8-9 hours straight and they take about 2 hours to fully charge from my experience. Not too bad. If you’re active every day, just make sure to charge them every night and you should not run into any issues.

Build quality feels good on them. I wouldn’t like run them over with a car or something, but they’ll survive plenty of drops and the like. The clips don’t feel flimsy, and like I said quite comfortable.

One last note, you can take calls on these as well. It has a built-in microphone and a button to answer calls on the clips. I was not planning on using this feature initially, but I found it actually pretty useful. Now I’m one of those people with hands-free headsets walking down the road. Younger me would have been surprised.

Sound Quality

I will say I was not disappointed in the sound of these guys. But there is that tradeoff you’re making when swapping from high-quality over-the-ear headphones to what are basically earbuds. They sound good. Just not quite as good as other types of headphones. Not a big deal.

The bass definitely surprised me, though. The levels are surprisingly deep without distorting and kept a nice crisp sound even on songs with a lot of range. Cool! I was not expecting that at all, I figured the sound would only be passable. But it turned out much better than I hoped.

An issue I was worried about was clarity and volume. I tested this with a podcast I listen to frequently, and I was pleased to find out that I had no trouble understanding even the quietest moments. Maybe not crystal clear, but better than any earbuds I’ve ever used before.

Phone calls sound great as well. Actually much better than the speaker on my phone, which has caused me to swap over to these for important calls.

The noise canceling is a feature they advertise for these headphones. I didn’t really notice any noise canceling, at least compared to my actual noise canceling headphones. Not a huge ordeal for me, that’s not why I bought them. But, if you’re going into these just for that feature I would look elsewhere.

I was pleasantly surprised at pretty much every aspect of the sound quality of these headphones.

Review: SENSO Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones (Hands-free and On the Go Tunes) 4

Review: SENSO Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones (Hands-free and On the Go Tunes) 3

So what we have here are comfortable, well-built, and nice sounding modern earphones. I now am able to ride my bike or go on my walks without the fear of ruining my headphones or having them yanked off my head in a wrong move. This is actually a huge relief for me, more than I thought it’d be.

The convenience of having these things ready every morning to walk around town listening to my favorite audio programs is awesome. I love being out in town, but I don’t always want to be paying attention to people. These are perfect for me.

Don’t go into these expecting perfect hi-fidelity sound. With that said the sound quality is more than passable, and on certain songs actually quite good. I’m a little bit of a snob about sound, but these one’s work well enough for me. Please take note, though, these are not really noise-canceling headphones, don’t go in with that hope. You’ll have to shell out a bit more for earbuds with that type of feature or get yourself a nice pair of over the ear headphones.

I actually prefer it not being noise canceling, though. I want to be able to be somewhat aware of my surrounding, you know?

The aesthetics are great, the sound is good, the comfort is awesome, and the price is well worth it. Highly recommended for those looking to enjoy a nice audio experience while out and about.

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SENSO Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones

Battery Life

Great for listening on the go. Not great for noise canceling.

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