Review: Fitbit Ionic (The Best New SmartWatch?)

We have all heard of the fitness trackers called Fitbit by now.  These trackers have long excelled as well as dominated the world of fitness.  But, they have placed a whole new twist on their newest tracker, following the lead of the Apple Watch this is their very first smartwatch motivated device.  With the built-in cache of prevailing sensors, smartphone notifications, music storage as well as many more functions and let’s not forget about the fitness capabilities, it was manufactured to go head to head with the Apple Watch. 

When capering it to another watch in Fitbit’s collection, (the Blaze) it is actually a step up due to its built-in GPS.  The blaze actually required you to connect to your smartphone for the GPS functionality.  It is also water resistant so you are now able to track your swimming.  The Ionic comes in many colors such as Blue Gray, Slate Blue, Smoke Gray or Charcoal, Burnt Orange, and Silver Gray.

Review: Fitbit Ionic (The Best New SmartWatch?) 2

Review: Fitbit Ionic (The Best New SmartWatch?) 3

Fitbit Ionic Operation

When it comes to the operation of this watch it does take a little bit to get used to, when you finally get acclimated it turns out to be quite simple.  For example, you would swipe left in order to access the applications and swipe right to view your notifications (how simple is that).  There are three buttons that are dedicated the buttons on the right are used as shortcuts and the button on the right brings you back.  The applications that are available currently are limited but they do include Starbucks as well as Pandora. 

Fitbit Ionic and Tracking

As you already know, Fitbit has become the master of providing fitness views to the general public.  This new Ionic is no different, the application is information packed and still absolutely palatable.  You will receive insights on your resting heart rate, sleep stages, and your cardio level.  You will also be able to track your daily steps, calories burned, distance walked, as well as the number of minutes you were active on a daily basis. It’s a great tracking app for nutrition and weight loss. The application also allows you to track your sleep pattern, food intake, liquid intake, and your fitness level.  At a glance, you will be able to see how many steps you have taken for that day, how many calories that you have burned, as well as your heart rate which is taken every second when you are in an active state and every 5 seconds when you are not. 

The Ionic comes pre-loaded with a few other very helpful applications such as an inactivity reminder, coach app, and breathing sessions.  The Fitbit Coach is actually a pretty neat app it will guide you through workouts while showing you visuals onscreen of the proper way to perform the activity.  The Ionic will recognize the activity that you are doing through its new SmartTrack technology, or you can select weight training, running or swimming which is preloaded.

Review: Fitbit Ionic (The Best New SmartWatch?) 4

Fitbit Ionic and Smart Abilities

Just like other smartwatches (in dutch), you will receive the notifications that you have come to expect from a smartwatch such as your email or text.  You can also go into the settings and select other applications that you would like to receive notifications.  The fact that you are able to add a Starbucks card for that morning cup of coffee on the way to work is a great feature.  In order to use this capability, you just pair a card within the Wallet section and then all you have to do is hold down the left button.  The Fit Wallet will also accommodate debit cards and credit cards such as eligible Visa, Master Card, American Express, Wells Fargo, Capital One and Bank of America Cards.

Fitbit Ionic and Life of the Battery

Fitbit claims that the battery life within the Fitbit Ionic will last 4 days without needing to be recharged.  As we all know by now what a company claims and how long it actually last is two very different outcomes.  This is not because the company lies, it is due to the simple fact that different people use their electronic devices in different ways.  Two people may use the very same device and the battery may last the first person 4 hours while the battery last the second person only two and a half hours.  This all depends on what application you use and for how long you use it for.

Review: Fitbit Ionic (The Best New SmartWatch?) 5

Review: Fitbit Ionic (The Best New SmartWatch?) 3

Fitbit Overall

The Ionic seems to be more comfortable than the Alta, but on the other hand, it does not seem to be as seamless as a traditional watch.  The overall design of the watch is very sleek but can be a bit diverging.  If you are a person who prefers a round face or is more design focused, this may not be for you.  Regardless of the overall visual appearance, the screen is actually very easy to read and is very responsive to the touch.

The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is turning out to be a fabulous fitness tracker that has smartphone capabilities.  But if you are looking for a dedicated smartwatch check out the Apple Watch it contains a more robust platform and it integrates better with outside parties. 

Review: Fitbit Ionic (The Best New SmartWatch?) 7

Fitbit Ionic Pros:

  • Has a Large Screen
  • Tracking tools such as Sleep and Fitness are very robust
  • Manufactured to be Water Proof
  • Has the Capability to Track your swimming
  • Payment Contact Capability
  • Has a Decent Battery Life Span
  • Has the GPS Function Built right in
  • Reminder notifications such as Inactivity Guided Breathing Sessions

Fitbit Ionic Cons:

  • Limited application Integration
  • Overall Design can be a little bit overpowering

Fitbit Ionic and the Workout You Want

Easy of Use
Capabilities and Options

When it comes to getting a total workout, FitBit has your back throughout the entire process. How does this FitBit model stack up to the others out there? Make sure you know which model to choose the next time you go to purchase a new one.

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