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5 Browser Games You Need To Be Playing

In the age of mobile apps and console downloads, it can be easy to forget that some of the best simple video games exist online. And we’re not talking about Steam downloads that essentially amount to console- (or at least PC-) quality games. Rather we’re talking about good old-fashioned browser …

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Review: Nintendo 2DS (Worth the savings over the 3DS?)

The is actually an alternative version of the Nintendo 3DS (my review of the 3ds).  It has been constructed specifically with those younger gamers in mind.  This becomes very evident when you inspect the very rugged design, non-3D screen as well as the tablet-like shape.  There has been a lot …

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Review: Pie Face Showdown (Pie In The Face?)

Do you remember that wild and crazy game that hit it big all across the internet called Pie Face?  Multiple players of this game took turns spinning a wheel to see how many times they were to push a button and possibly getting whip cream thrown in their faces.  Well, …

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