Review: Kindle Paperwhite (Best Value E-Reader?!)

There are so many e-readers out on the market today that it’s tough deciding on the one that’s right for you. There is the Nook e-readers as well as four mainstream Kindle readers that are currently available today, not to mention all the off-brand readers that are still circulating from people like Sony. With so many options it can be overwhelming to make a decision on which reader to get, but the Kindle Paperwhite achieves an excellent balance between price and features.

Review: Kindle Paperwhite (Best Value E-Reader?!) 2
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The paperwhite weighs less than many paperback books on the market today, making it very comfortable for reading with a single hand. There’s no need to set it down on the table to read, or to use two hands actively to flip through pages, keep it in just one of your hands and read comfortably for hours on end.

Excellent Price Point

There are few eBook readers on the market today that offer such an affordable price while offering the same feature set as the Kindle Paperwhite. It comes with a backlit display, it’s fast and lightweight and offers access to the massive Kindle library, all for just over $100. That’s a good value for anyone that enjoys reading, and once you start reading with an eBook you won’t want to stop, it’s just so convenient. Sure the basic Kindle is less money at around $80, and it’s a decent first reader, but without the backlight, it’s less convenient for anyone that likes reading in the dark.

Backlit Display

There’s something particularly enjoyable about curling up to a good book at night, and with select devices like the Kindle Paperwhite or the Nook Glow you can enjoy reading in the dark comfortably. The Paperwhite does a really nice job of lighting up books in the dark in a comfortable way. This means you won’t experience fatigue while reading and can thoroughly enjoy the experience from start to finish. The backlit display is the main reason that the Paperwhite gets my vote over the standard low-cost basic Kindle E-reader. Of course options like the Voyage or the Oasis come with more lights for a more even page display in the dark, but the difference is negligible if you’re just looking for decent light conditions to read in.

Excellent Battery Life

I don’t know the exact amount of time that the Paperwhite lasts on a typical use, but I’ll go a week or more in between charges with several hours of reading a day, which is more than enough for my needs. The trick is to keep the Kindle in Airplane mode during use, to keep the WiFi from draining the battery faster.

Fast Page Turns

The older Kindle products suffered from a slow screen turn, but that’s not an issue with the Paperwhite. The page turns are quick and easy. You’ll be able to flip pages faster than you could with a standard book and this makes reading more enjoyable.

Ample Storage

Kindle books are small for the most part, which means you can hold hundreds of them on the Paperwhite easily. It’s convenient to bring a whole library of books with you on the go, and you can do that with the Paperwhite. Sure it’s not the only device to pack in decent storage, but it offers enough space to keep storage from being a factor even when you look at more expensive readers with larger built-in space.

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Review: Kindle Paperwhite (Best Value E-Reader?!) 4

Clear Reading

The Kindle Paperwhite offers 300ppi resolution for its text, the same thing that the Voyager and the Oasis offer as well. That means in terms of clarity you’ll enjoy the same reading experience on all three of the devices. Nook products also offer a similar resolution, but a smaller reading library compared to the Kindle products.

Access to the Kindle Books Store

Amazon offers one of the biggest networks of eBooks available today, and it’s awesome being able to pick from all the different Kindle books available. The Kindle Paperwhite offers access to each of those products and it makes shopping for Kindle books possible right on the device itself via the store feature. That means you can enjoy all the reading you like while on the go, and you’ll have access to most new books and many older titles as well.

The Kindle Paperwhite offers an excellent balance of features and price, making it one of the best reading options available on the market today. While it’s very similar to the Nook Glow Plus in price and features, it offers a better network of books, top-level customer service and unparalleled support from Amazon that help it stand out against the Nook. If you don’t care about customer support the Nook Glow Plus does offer a nice waterproof feature that the Paperwhite lacks, but there are just too many features and benefits in the Amazon ecosystem for the Nook to edge out the Paperwhite.


Ease of Use

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