The TeckNet Gryphon Pro Keyboard and Mouse Set (#1 Gaming Value?)

Gaming on PC is becoming more popular and there are many people that are constantly on the lookout for a good keyboard and mouse set. This Gryphon Pro set from TeckNet not only looks really cool, but it functions surprisingly well for its price range as well. There are a lot of features on the set that you won’t typically see on a product in this price range. As a serious gamer there is a lot to like about this set, but is it really the excellent value that it appears to be on the surface? That’s what we’re about to really dig into.

Who said being a gamer wasn’t cool? It definitely is when you have these awesome gadgets to play around with!

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Beautiful Looking Accessories

Let’s start by saying that both the TeckNet Gryphon Pro Gaming Keyboard and Mouse are very nice looking. They both glow, which is cool, but each has a custom look to it as well. The keyboard has an edgier shape than standard and features some design patterns down at the bottom. The mouse has a sharper look to it than most standard computer mice, and it stands out as something that would be used by a gamer. That’s a good thing if you ask most gamers, and most people are likely drawn in by the appearance of this set before even considering if it functions well.

The TeckNet Gryphon Pro Keyboard and Mouse Set (#1 Gaming Value?) 1

Cool Adjustable Colors

If there’s one thing that most gamers appreciate, it’s a cool look and bright lights. Just about any gaming computer that you’ll spot on the market today sports some bright colored LED lights, and the same can be said for this keyboard and mouse set. Both the keyboard and mouse are equipped with colorful LED lights, and it’s possible to adjust the color of the keyboard to be three different colors. With the press of a button, you can easily switch from red to pink to blue backlighting. No matter which color scheme you choose you’ll be able to see the keys clearly while gaming late at night, but it’s pretty darned cool being able to switch from one color to another. The backlight is also adjustable so you can turn the brightness up or down to get the amount of illumination just right.

Ergonomic Multi-Function Mouse

This gaming mouse isn’t equipped with a dozen different specialized buttons like some are, but it comes with forward and back buttons, the three standard mouse buttons, and an adjustable DPI setting. By pressing the little DPI button you can immediately adjust the sensitivity of your mouse. This is a cool feature for gamers because it allows you to go from fine control to quick control depending on the situation.

TeckNet Gryphon Pro Keyboard and Mouse Set 2

Anti Ghosting Buttons

There are 19 keys on this board, including WASD keys that come with an anti-ghosting feature. This ensures that multi-key presses all get registered properly, which is very important in a gaming keyboard. It’s a feature that’s usually only available on more expensive keyboards, making this product an excellent value at its current price.

Disable the Windows Function Buttons

A serious problem that some gamers on Windows machines run into is accidentally triggering Windows functions while in a game. This can pull you out of the game and cause all sorts of problems at the worst possible times. This TeckNet keyboard comes with a special switch that disables all those Windows commands when you’re in a game. Simply enable that switch and you won’t have to worry about this interruptions any longer. It’s very helpful and something that most gamers will thoroughly enjoy.

Programmable Keys

MMO players that are in need of more hotkeys will seriously enjoy the added programmable keys at the top of this keyboard. They open up additional capabilities and TeckNet has managed to maintain a standard keyboard layout while offering these capabilities. That means you can set special key combinations to the above 10 keys and easily complete more complex tasks by tapping up above during gaming sessions.

TeckNet Gryphon Pro Keyboard and Mouse Set 3

The Disadvantages

There are just a few disadvantages that plague this set, and most gamers aren’t likely to be bothered by them too much. The first is that the mouse only has a single blue backlight color and you can’t change it to match your keyboard. If you really need them to match you can leave the keyboard set to blue as well. The second disadvantage is that the mouse seems to be a bit too light. It’s more difficult to move with precision since it’s so lightweight, but it’s not too bad. The final disadvantage is that this set comes with cords when cordless models are becoming the standard. Most gamers will notice that when looking at the details of the set, and it’s really all you can expect for this price range.

Gaming is a pretty demanding task, and this keyboard and mouse set has a whole lot to offer. Sure there are a few downsides but compared to all the features and value that this set offers, they aren’t much at all. It’s hard not to be impressed with the kit, and any serious gamer that’s looking for a budget keyboard and mouse set will be thrilled with what this has to offer. So take a look for yourself and see if this is something that you should have for the gaming that you do. It might be the best keyboard and mouse set you’ve ever come across.

The TeckNet Gryphon Pro Keyboard and Mouse Set (#1 Gaming Value?) 1

TeckNet Gaming Keyboard and Mouse - Is it Right For Your Gaming?


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