Review: Yubi three-way universal power strip – is this the best power strip to own?

Adaptors for plugs from different countries are no big deal these days. They’re readily available from literally anywhere, from your local pharmacy to more heavy-duty ones at an outdoor store.

In this day and age, we always need power for something, whether it’s a phone or a computer, or, frequently in my case, a guitar amp.

For reasons that aren’t important here, I found myself with several non-US plugs on various toys I own, all to be shared on one single US adaptor. It really was not an ideal scenario, but I needed an ideal solution.

My things that needed plugging in mostly had a UK plug, so my first line of thought was to see if I could get a UK power strip, so I could use my single adapter plugging that into the wall.

But, then I came across this solution from Yubi, and it was far better. A US plug that could go straight into the wall, with three universal plug sockets. I hadn’t heard of anything like that before, and it just seemed magical! It would save the messing of finding a UK power strip, and it using my single adapter all the time. With this, I could just plug it in the wall and leave it there, keeping my single adapter with me if I was traveling.

In terms of cost, I think it was actually working out a little bit cheaper than getting a straight up UK power strip too: perhaps unsurprisingly, I couldn’t find them in the US, and the delivery cost from the other side of the pond made it not particularly worth it.

It all seemed like a win!

Review: Yubi three-way universal power strip - is this the best power strip to own? 2

First impressions

When I first got it and took it out of the box, it seemed like quite a curious contraption. I hadn’t seen anything like it before.

Without even plugging it into the wall, I wanted to see if it was really true:a power strip that could take any kind of plug, so I immediately plugged a bunch of different things into it.

Review: Yubi three-way universal power strip - is this the best power strip to own? 3

One thing that concerned me was that it didn’t seem to fit all my UK plugs. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that one of them was actually a European plug in a UK adapter that I could remove, I would probably have been returning it. If it wasn’t for one of my plugs – by pure chance – being European, the strip would have been pretty useless.

I hadn’t noticed, or it hadn’t registered , during my research was the circuit breaker reset button. It came with surge protection, but I guess in the event of such a surge, pressing this button would make it better again. I’ve had surge-protected power strips before, so that was all fine.

Review: Yubi three-way universal power strip - is this the best power strip to own? 4

When I was doing my research, I had seen that the cord attached to the power strip was two foot long. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it wasn’t until I had it there in my hand that I realised how short that actually was.

It wasn’t a major concern though, as I wasn’t using it to stretch across the room. I just needed it to be able to plug in all my stuff at the spot in my apartment at which I work, where there was already a plug.


It didn’t register when I first inspected it, but the plastic this powers strip is made from is actually pretty filmsy. I haven’t broken it yet, but I do feel the need to be quite careful with it.

In saying that, it does make it very light. So between that, and the short cable, it make this a useful gizmo to bring on the road. For example, when I’m traveling on bus or train, and I need to be charging my phone and my Chromebook, this is ideal. I have done that, more than once.

I’ve had the Yubi universal power strip for about three months now. Granted, it’s mostly been in the apartment living room, but things can still fail that don’t go anywhere – this hasn’t been one of them.

Review: Yubi three-way universal power strip - is this the best power strip to own? 2


I’d absolutely recommend the Yubi universal power strip for anybody with a variety of plug types.

Even if you don’t have them yourself, I think if you’re somebody who has family from abroad, they’ll think you’re amazing if you have these to hand when they come and visit, where they can plug their stuff in as easily as you can plug yours.

As somebody in this scenario, personally, when I have a grown up house, I’ll be trying to get sockets like this all over, instead of regular US ones! This is also useful to have when you’re traveling yourself, in case you need to buy electronics locally – like a phone charger or something.

Yubi three-way universal power strip

Value for money

An ideal adapter for multiple international plugs

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