Review: R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil (Glowing, Shiny Hair?)

For those of us with dry, unruly locks, R+Co’s Tinsel Smoothing Oil may help in restoring hair that fails to improve in appearance even with the assistance of the best conditioning products and treatments available on the market.

Designed to leave the hair incredibly shiny yet greasy free, treat the appearance of split ends, and tame frizz, the product formulation uses only the finest ingredients to drastically improve the aesthetic of the hair- and can be used on dry or wet locks.

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins to support overall hair health, this oil based treatment is used on dry hair or moist hair following a standard shampoo and conditioning treatment, and is definitely one of the highest quality products on the market I have found to date.

Similar in quality to manufacturing products like Oribe and Quai, this slightly less expensive treatment sells for less and only a very minimal amount of product is needed to combat even the most dry and most frizz-prone hair. Even for those with normal hair types, the product can help in restoring lustre and vibrancy to the hair for a “fresh from the salon” appearance, particularly after any styling.

It bears the additional benefit of protecting the hair from any heat styling tools, and is safe for use with those with color treated hair (will not effect the color hold at all), as well as all hair types (wavy, curly, straight, coiled, and keratin-treated).

While I have found the product works best if used as a treatment after the shower with damp hair, there are several multi-use functions and benefits that add value, and the product does last for quite some time, adding value to what many would consider fairly pricey given the category.

This review will cover some main product features, some positives and negatives to bear in mind prior to purchase, some main ingredients contained in the formulation and corresponding benefits with use, as well as a final verdict, to help you make a more informed purchasing choice prior to any potential point of sale.

R+Co Tinsel Oil and Products
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Review: R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil (Glowing, Shiny Hair?) 1

Review: R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil

R+Co’s Tinsel Smoothing Oil is a luxurious hair treatment designed for wet or dry hair of any type (wavy, straight, curly, coiled, color treated) and in any condition, including those with even the most dry and parched locks.

Designed to hydrate and condition the hair while restoring shine and brilliance, this is one of the best treatment products on the market I have tried to date, and if you are dealing with any dullness, frizz, dehydration, or split ends, this serves as a perfect remedy for all of the aforementioned conditions.

Additionally, the product serves as a heat protecting agent with the use of any hot tools or styling devices, protects the hair from environmental toxins and exposure, and even protects the hair from chlorine for those who swim on a regular basis.

It is a treatment that can be used following a blowout or other styling treatment, or used on damp and wet hair after the shower and your regular routine. While both work in restoring radiance and making the hair feel “baby soft” and incredibly smooth, some users may prefer one method over the other, or even both. My preferred use of this treatment is on damp hair, as more product tends to be absorbed and less is generally needed for use. When the hair dries, styling is much easier and the hair feels soft and looks visibly more radiant and vibrant.

This is definitely a product I would recommend as a worthy investment that stands the test of time and provides a great deal of longevity even with daily topical use.

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R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil Ingredients and Benefits

Here is a look at some key ingredients found in R+Co’s Tinsel Smoothing Oil and some corresponding benefits with everyday topical use:

Argan Oil

  • Works in tandem with the other ingredients in the formulation to restore overall shine, hair health, and promote a more textured aesthetic
  • Works to naturally protect hair from the heat of styling tools (blow dry, straighteners and curling irons), helping to prevent any further damage to the locks and allow you to still style as needed
  • For those with dry, brittle, or full hair: fully restores moisture for those with dry hair (even the most dry types)
  • Works for all hair types (wavy, curly, coiled, color treated)
  • Naturally protects hair from chlorine damage if used before swimming or water activities/sports
  • Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, Argan Oil eliminates any potential dandruff and dry scalp and moisturizes the hair and the follicle
  • For those with unruly hair: helps repair frizz, flyaways, and split ends, minimizing the appearance of the latter dramatically
  • Promotes new hair growth and may help prevent hair loss in the future
  • Protects hair from the sun and provides a suitable environmental barrier to prevent further damage
  • Defines curls for those with curlier hair types, providing shine and moisture sans any frizz or fuss
  • Delivers a natural shine to the hair, leaving it radiant and glowing, restoring luster while helping to promote a flawless and texturized aesthetic following use

Vitamin E

  • Antioxidant properties contained in Vitamin E can help reduce free radical damage and acts as a natural protectant and barrier for the hair to help prevent future damage
  • May help in promoting hair growth as well as preventing hair loss, in those experiencing any shedding or seeking extra texture and volume
  • Helps to promote blood flow in the body, which may lead to overall healthier hair, especially in conjunction with the other ingredients in the formulation
  • Helps to promote balance in oil production and works for all hair types, helping balance out oiler scalp and hair types while replenishing moisture for those with very dry hair
  • For those with dull, uneven, or sallow hair: helps to instantly promote and restore shine to create a more attractive finishing aesthetic
  • Supports scalp health and can treat topical conditions on the scalp
  • Helps to prevent damage from the use of heat styling tools
  • Helps to decrease the appearance of frizz, split ends, and unruly locks

Jojoba Oil

  • Helps to prevent frizz and unruly hair and the appearance of any “flyaways”
  • Counterintuitively, helps reduce excess oil production in the scalp and promotes balance of oils to the scalp and hair, providing balance and nourishing properties
  • For dull or sallow hair that needs a pick-me-up, helps restore shine, glow, and radiance
  • Helps in the treatment of split ends and minimizing their appearance
  • Safe for sensitive skin and topical conditions on the scalp, and may even act as an aid in the treatments of acne and eczema
  • Due to jojoba being lighter in texture than other heavier oils, it prevents any stickiness or greasy appearance of the hair following use
  • Helps moisturize the hair, scalp, and helps to repair even the most dry hair types
  • Rich in antioxidants for hydration and nourishment, and to support overall hair health and leave the locks with a shiny and glowing finishing aesthetic
  • Provides deep moisture directly to hair and scalp and binds hydration, very absorbing, to provide a long moisture hold
  • Leaves the hair incredibly soft, smooth and restored, adding shine and texture
  • Works in tandem with other ingredients in the formulation and contains vitamins and minerals to support overall hair quality and health
  • Safe for those with color treated hair and those of varying hair types (and even scalp conditions)
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Positives and Negatives

While the vast majority of features, benefits with use, fine formulation ingredients, and varying multi-use properties make this product an excellent choice for anyone struggling with split ends, unruly hair, frizz-prone locks, or simply seeking to restore shine and achieve a more radiant aesthetic, the only downside in this case is the price point. With that said, in comparison to product longevity and the finishing aesthetic, this is certainly a worthy splurge, even if it is just for special treats or occasions.

With that in mind, here are some main pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase:


  • Suitable for those of all hair types and varying concerns (including straight, wavy, curly, coiled, color-treated and keratin treated hair)
  • For those with color treated hair, the product does not degrade or effect the color in any way
  • Benefits with use in wet or dry hair include restored shine (that lacks any greasy aesthetic), vibrance, and improved texture
  • Even for extremely dry hair: the product helps restore moisture and is a higher quality treatment that most in the category I have tried to date (if you are seeking a product beyond a mask or regular conditioner)
  • When used out of the shower with damp or wet hair, the product helps (with only a couple of drops needed) to restore shine and brilliance
  • The product helps form a suitable barrier to protect against heat damage with styling products and heat tools used, and even helps swimmers exposed to chlorine damage
  • When used on dry hair following a styling treatment or blowout, the product helps add texture, shine, and vibrance- while helping provide a hold throughout the day
  • The product never feels greasy, sticky, or leads to any residue or product buildup in the hair
  • Cruelty-free company: the product (and all brand products) is never tested on any animals, no animal product is used during any manufacturing processes, and no animal product is contained in any formulation
  • The formulation is devoid of any parabens, sulfates, or harsh chemical additives- and only uses the finest ingredients designed to promote hair health, growth, and overall restoration
  • While pricey, a very minimal amount of product is needed, providing a great shelf-life and longevity, and adding value


  • Price point and price barriers: perhaps the only con I can claim as a negative for this product is the price point- while you are getting the finest ingredients and the product truly works to provide an incredible finishing aesthetic, we cannot argue that the $20+ price sticker for this category is cheap, however I have never personally regretted this purchase due to the benefits associated even on a modest budget

Money-Back Guarantee

Especially considering the price point or if you are new to the hair treatment category, the return policy in this case may be a highly important factor for you.

The manufacturer, R+Co, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, and this policy favors the consumer, both new and returning. If you are dissatisfied with the use of the product, or if it does not work for your skin to provide suitable hydrating or general benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulation to the scalp or hair, you may elect to return it at any time.

In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item. If the item was received as a gift (without receipt), the policy applies for an even exchange, and this policy is applicable to online purchase, as individual store policy may vary depending on location and distributer.

If you feel the policy if not taken into consideration, you may contact customer service, and you can remain ensured you will receive a full refund.

I was happy to discover that the formulation was gentle and nourishing (while providing outstanding hair care benefits), but due to price barriers or sensitivity concerns this policy may help assuage fears, as individual allergies are highly variable.

While I felt compared to the longevity and aesthetic benefits this was a worthy splurge for a treatment product, this is a highly individual choice, and only one you as a consumer can decide on.

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Review: R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil (Glowing, Shiny Hair?) 1

The Final Verdict

If you’re dealing with unruly or frizzy locks and looking for a perfect treatment solution that will leave the hair looking vibrant, silky, and feeling incredibly soft, R+Co’s Tinsel Smoothing Oil is an excellent solution. Even with an oil base, it never leaves the hair looking or feeling greasy, and is actually quite soothing and nourishing.

The product can be used in wet or dry hair with only a minimal amount needed for results following use, it is a great solution to protect from heat damage from styling tools (and even chlorine for swimmers), and offers a brilliant finish after a style or blowout thats akin to a “fresh out of the salon” appearance.

In addition, it helps minimize the appearance of any split ends, breakage or damage, while helping to prevent further damage in the future.

While it is an excellent solution for dry and dull hair that has not improved with other treatment products, it is also an ideal solution for any hair type- as those with more normal hair types may find using a minimal amount of product can help achieve that salon-perfect aesthetic on a day to day basis.

I would highly recommend this product free of reservations for anyone looking to restore texture, shine, and maximize the hair finishing aesthetic.

5/5 stars, and would rate this higher if the metrics were sensical!

R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil



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