Review: Peter Thomas Roth “Meet Your Mask” Set (Putting Gold On Your Face)

The skincare and cosmetics industry is surely a crowded space, and the face mask category seems even more packed.

You can find thousands, seemingly limitless options, for different facial masks and multi-use products claiming you’ll see results instantly. From sheet masks to detoxes, I’ve tried countless products and have no intention of slowing down on the hunt for the perfect face mask. One company has even created a tool that generates any single mask (you can make it at home using your own ingredients, and as long as you add water that could be anything from yogurt, to honey, to red wine-not advisable).

Theoretically it’s possible to get a mask now using any ingredient, but I wanted to try out several from the same company to compare and contrast, noting some key benefits to use as well as areas of improvement.

Masks seem to be appealing to the concept of a quick fix, they tend to offer faster results than the use of a moisturizer or serum over time, and most of us can support the idea of a quick pick me up in the morning or after work.

They’re also a great option for evenings in with friends, and theres a component of the product feeling equally parts relaxing and invigorating. One company famed for their collection of masks is Peter Thomas Roth.

PTR formulates a wide range of products for the skin, most of which are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, and focuses on anti-aging, particularly serums and masks. I had tried out a few products in the past, with a particular affinity for the anti-aging cleansing gel, but could not remember which mask product I liked. So when I received the kit as a gift, I was really looking forward to trying out all of them and seeing potential recommendations for varying skin types and concerns.

This review will cover the featured masks in the collection, including benefits to use and pros and cons of the set prior to potential purchase.

Peter Thomas Roth "Meet Your Mask" Set
Image Credit: Peter Thomas Roth

Review: Peter Thomas Roth "Meet Your Mask" Set (Putting Gold On Your Face) 2

The Main Features

The set includes 13.8ml sizes of the Cucumber Gel Mask, Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, Irish Moor Mud Mask, 24k Gold Mask, Rose Stem Cell Mask, and Blue Marine Algae Mask.

The sizes actually lasted quite a few months, which is rare for any starter kit or trial size product. I also used all of them fairly frequently (at rates suggested), and probably could have even been more conservative with application. At $21, there’s a savings per value of an additional $20-$30, and while that’s still not inexpensive by any means, it definitely seemed worth it in terms of value and longevity. Excluding one product in the set I could not use due to highly sensitive skin (which I account and explain below), all of the products lived up to claims of hydration, anti-aging benefits, and brightening. They felt lovely on the skin and I noticed a visible difference immediately.

It makes a wonderful gifting option, particularly if the recipient likes skincare but you’re unsure of what they’re using, as most of us likely wouldn’t turn down a shot at a mask.

The Masks

In order of personal preference (from most to least favorite), here is a breakdown of the products included, including some key benefits to use.

24K Gold Mask

So, I’m traditionally vehemently against the use of gold in cosmetics and food product, for various reasons, something doesn’t seem socially correct about it.

While I didn’t expect to enjoy this product, it was by far my favorite mask of the collection and incredible to use. The mask left skin supple, smooth and instantly brightened. A really refreshing glow is delivered to the skin, and it worked quite well for my dry and sensitive skin. After using it I would receive compliments about my skin, and the difference was really remarkable quite quickly. I would definitely recommend this without any reservations, it’s suitable for all skin types, extremely effective, and safe for use with very sensitive skin (barring any individual allergy to ingredients). The mask contains caffeine which helps tighten the appearance of aging skin. This lavish treatment helps fight the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and even hyper-pigmentation with continual use.

Peter Thomas Roth "Meet Your Mask" Set 24 K Gold
Image Credit: Peter Thomas Roth

Rose Stem Cell Mask

While I took caution before trying this considering previous sensitivities to products with rose ingredients, it actually worked quite well, provided great results, and was very very sensitive skin

This was definitely my second place winner for the entire set. It was hydrating, soothing, and restored radiance and glow to the skin. I enjoyed using this one before putting on makeup, as it really added to a dewy aesthetic. It’s also perfect for the evening. With all of the masks, I removed as instructed after approximately 15 minutes or so, using on clean skin. It hydrates, regenerates, firms, and tones the skin using 4 rose stem cells. The mask employs¬†plant biotechnology that isolates and replicates the perfect rose stem cells to minimize visible signs of aging, so it offers the additional benefit of treating fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrating the skin.

Peter Thomas Roth "Meet Your Mask" Set Rose Stem Cell
Image Credit: Peter Thomas Roth

Blue Marine Algae Mask

I really loved this product because it provided equally strong benefits with respect to hydration, and anti-aging, and was definitely suitable for sensitive skin.

It felt equal parts refreshing and calming. The mask employs ingredients to create an “eco-barrier bubble,” meaning it soothes and protects the skin even after topical application and removal. It aids in protecting the skin from additional damage and helps prevent future fine line and wrinkles. It also smells lovely, without any perfume or chemical odor.

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

This mask is excellent, and smells like fresh pumpkin and spices.

I found it was extremely hydrating as well as acting as an exfoliating treatment. I think the multi-use nature of this product add benefit and value to application as well, as I didn’t feel any need to use an exfoliating product in conjunction with it. The smell is a bit strong, but it doesn’t have any artificial quality to it, it’s likely just more pronounced as it sits on your face. It also provides anti-aging benefits and helps combat any dull or dry skin, resurfacing the texture and adding balance to the complexion. Would definitely recommend this one, and it likely ties as a favorite with the Blue Marine. The pumpkin enzyme peels exfoliate and alpha hydroxy acid polishes the skin to reveal a more youthful aesthetic.

Peter Thomas Roth "Meet Your Mask" Set Pumpkin Enzyme
Image Credit: Peter Thomas Roth

Cucumber Gel Mask

This mask was great, and offered the most benefits with respect to hydration and soothing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking to calm irritated skin and improve balance. It’s suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and provides additional anti-aging benefits as well (although hydration is the main key to use). The mask employs a mix of fresh fruit ingredients, including pineapple, as well as chamomile and cucumber. Great for using after a long day in the sun, it feels like aloe on the skin. Recommended, especially for sensitive skin types.

Peter Thomas Roth "Meet Your Mask" Set Cucumber Gel
Image Credit: Peter Thomas Roth

Irish Moor Mud Mask

I could not use this product on my (sensitive) skin at all, and do not recommend it to those with very sensitive skin types or any skin conditions. I don’t believe I can attribute this to a specific allergy, although that remains possible, I found it highly reactive and irritating. I experienced redness and burning after using it only for several minutes and had to remove it with cold water immediately. I know others who love this mask and use it without any issue, so if you have a more normal skin type and don’t typically react to product, you may love this product.

But I definitely had to use Vitamin E cream after trying this out to reduce redness. It’s supposed to be purifying, hydrating, and decongesting, and fans of the mask claim it helps unclog pores and reduce their appearance. In reading other reviews I couldn’t find anyone who had the same experience, and rather a lot of reviews state this is the best of the set- so this should of course be taken with the understanding that everyones skin will react differently to product. I even had a friend try it out, who is also quite sensitive, and she experienced no adverse reaction. It contains volcanic ash, activated charcoal, and mineral-rich Irish moor mud.

Peter Thomas Roth "Meet Your Mask" Set Irish Moor Mud
Image Credit: Peter Thomas Roth

Money-Back Guarantee

Peter Thomas Roth has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, this policy favors the new or returning consumer. If you are dissatisfied with the use of the products, or if they do not work for your skin to provide suitable benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulations, you may elect to return the entire set. In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item. You may also wish to exchange the product for an equal and full refund- or opt for a single product you prefer. One must bear in mind that you will need to return the entire set, as individual items within the kit are not available for return.

Even with allergy to one of the masks, I enjoyed the others so much I did decide to keep the set, and still felt it offered a really good value.

Peter Thomas Roth "Meet Your Mask" Set Masks
Image Credit: Peter Thomas Roth

Positives and Negatives

The only negative I’ll express with regard to the set was the charcoal containing Irish moor mud mask. While it seems to be an unusual skin, it is marketed as very safe for sensitive skin, however I didn’t personally find that to be the case. While I didn’t opt to exchange the product because I really enjoyed the use and application of all the others, when purchasing a set there is a slightly higher risk of allergy to at least one product. I still felt it was a valuable purchase, and definitely lasted much longer than anticipated with regular product usage. I always enjoy the variety of a set type product, and felt at least one of the products had good multi-use benefits as well.


  • Great option for gifting, particularly if you don’t know what type of skincare someone usually prefers
  • Suitable for travel, highly portable (can be taken to the gym, etc.), and suitable to fly with
  • The set offers great variety and is great for testing different products out prior to investing in a full size item, which can be pricey
  • Longevity: I was very surprised that the masks lasted a few months, with traditional starter kits product use is limited to approximately 30-45 days, but you should have these for a while even with regular use (only a small amount is required)
  • Products all smell great
  • Free of any sulfates or parabens
  • Suitable for use in dry or oily skin types, including acne prone (did not break out upon use of any mask)
  • All products provided great benefits including hydration, anti-aging, repairing dull skin, and provided a glow to the complexion, brightening skin
  • Product can be used as a 10 minute mask or refrigerated and applied as an overnight treatment
  • Pumpkin Enzyme mask can act as a mask and exfoliating treatment in one
  • The 24C Gold, Rose Stem, Marine, Pumpkin, and Cucumber Gel Masks were all wonderful, with the first two being personal favorites
  • Worked very quickly, results were visible directly following use and application
  • Cruelty free company- products are never tested on animals and do not contain animal products
  • Most of the products are highly suitable for sensitive skin, but it is recommended to spot test prior to use


  • The most common complaint about the product is regarding price and general price objections, personally I found the product offered pretty great value and certainly great benefits to use, so while it is a splurge at $20 for a facial mask kit, the retail value remains above $55, and by using the pumpkin enzyme mask, you can likely eliminate the need for any scrub or exfoliating product
  • For very sensitive skin types, I would recommend patch tests prior to use, especially with the mud mask and pumpkin spice (while I wasn’t reactive to the latter even with very sensitive skin, I could see this being irritating to someone with a topical condition)
Peter Thomas Roth "Meet Your Mask" Set Masks Texture
Image Credit: Peter Thomas Roth

Review: Peter Thomas Roth "Meet Your Mask" Set (Putting Gold On Your Face) 2

The Final Verdict

I was extremely pleased with the set, and even after trying dozens of topical skin treatment and mask products, I would say the Rose Stem Cell and 24C Gold masks are probably the strongest mask-category products I’ve used, including compared to ones with much higher costs. I felt the set offered great value and was surprised to see how long it lasted, unlike most starter kits. This also makes an excellent gifting option. Even upon having a reaction to one of the products, I enjoyed the others in the set so much that I would purchase it again, or at least purchase the full size version of the 24C Gold treatment mask. The products would all be suitable for dry, aging, and oily skin types, and they provide excellent benefits with respect to both hydration and anti-aging.

It’s a great kit, great gifting option, and each formulation employs powerful high-quality ingredients that deliver visible results quite quickly.

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