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My Time Using Biotin and My Thoughts About This Supplement

Biotin has been making the news lately while doing so it has raised a bunch of questions on what is it good for and how well does it work.  Biotin has been stated to be used for things such as weight loss, nails, hair, as well as skin.  The following is what I have found while I used this product.

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Weight Loss with Biotin

Are you trying to lose weight, Biotin just may a solution that you have been looking for.  Experts have stated that it helps to lose those unwanted pounds when your body has enough biotin.  Biotin is a B complex vitamin that is essential when it comes to metabolizing the food that you eat into energy.

Biotin also helps break down carbohydrates and fats in your system, this means that there will be less fat as well as muscle reserves within your body.  It has been stated that a single daily dose of biotin 300mcg can help with losing a significant amount of unwanted weight within a shorter period of time.  Taking biotin in order to lose weight should, of course, be joined with a disciplined eating habit as well as exercise.  So, what exactly happened when I tried biotin to lose weight?

My Experience with Weight Loss and Biotin

I have taken 10,000 mcg of biotin each morning for the last two months, and truthfully I have not seen any significate weight lost.  I have not changed a pants size or seen inches come off my waist.  I cannot even state that I have more energy from taking biotin each morning.  But what I can say is that I do actually feel a little better health wise anyways.

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Your Hair and Biotin

Many have claimed thatNatrol Biotin Maximum Strength Tablets helps promote healthy, shiny hair.  It is said that people have seen positive results within six to eight weeks of consistently using this product.  Now, keep in mind that they do not claim that the results will be the same for every person that uses biotin.  Trimming and washing your hair on a regular basis is also recommended for best results (well we all know that saying about trimming your hair every six months will help it grow).  It is also recommended that chemical treatments and heat be avoided (we all know what these types of things do to our hair). 

There are different forms of biotin that can be used when it comes to hair treatment. Some people prefer to take a pill orally, while on the other hand there are others who use topical applications such as hair oils, conditioners, and even shampoos.  It has been stated that biotin molecules are actually too large to be absorbed through the skin so when using topical applications it is a waste of time (although, keep in mind that this actually has not been a proven fact).  Here are some of the top-selling biotin hair products on the market today:

  • Nexxus biotin vitatress scalp cream
  • Organix collagen and biotin shampoo
  • Hair supplements that include: biotin 5000 GNC
  • Andalou lavender full volume biotin styling spray

My Experience with My Hair and Biotin

Since I started taking 10,000 mcg of biotin each morning for the last two months, I have noticed a significant change in my hair.  When I used to wash my hair I would get a hand full of fallout to the point that I was actually amazed that I wasn’t bald yet.  Now, that fallout hair has been reduced to a minimum and my hair does seem to be growing a bit faster.  As for the frizzes it really has not done anything for that (guess I am just doomed).  So, in other words, I do believe this product works great for hair especially if you have a problem with fallout or you just want longer thicker hair. 

Your Nails and Biotin

It has been said that there is a connection between human nails and horse hooves which in turn has brought many to believe that biotin will aid in nail growth and strength (there is no actual proof of this).  Many people who have stated that they used biotin have reported that the have seen significant changes in their own nail growth.  It has been stated that nails go from fragile brittle and chipped nails to longer, stronger, and thicker nails. 

It has not been stated how much one should, in fact, use when trying to get healthier nails, yet many have used the 2500 mcg for a total period of time of four weeks and have reported very positive results.  If you are not one that does not mind taking a pill they do have nail polishes that are infused with the vitamin that comes with the promise of healthier looking nails.

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My Experience with My Nails and Biotin

I have to start by saying that my nails really were not in really bad shape to start with.  Although, they would grow to a certain length and then all of a sudden start breaking. While taking 10,000 mcg of biotin each morning for the last two months, I did notice that my nails did actually grow past the normal point of breakage and did seem to be stronger and healthier looking.  So, again I would have to say that biotin does work with helping you gain healthier nails.

Your Skin and Biotin

Not only has biotin been said to help your hair and nails but it is said that it will also help your skin. This is the reason that many companies use biotin in their products such as moisturizers and anti-aging creams.  Biotin has been stated to help reduce the chance of your skin breaking out.  It has also been stated that it will help protect your skin from water loss as well as the sun’s harmful rays.

Many have claimed that they have had positive results when using biotin for healthier skin, and others have claimed that they have developed oily or even dry skin and some have reported getting acne.  Here are some products that contain biotin used for healthier skin:

  • Beauty diamond eye program
  • C-Estamins nutritional skin care supplement
  • Glorenew serum

My Experience with My Skin and Biotin

Over the two month period that I have taken 10,000 mcg of biotin I have really not noticed any change in my skin.  It is not oilier or drier than it was.  I did not get any acne breakouts, but then again I usually do not. I still have the patches of red skin here and there across my cheeks, nose, and forehead.  So, what I am saying is that I really did not see any results that would state that this product helps with skin care.

My Overall Experience with Biotin

I would have to say that I will be continuing to use biotin, although it really did not do anything for my skin or weight loss.  I do believe that it did give me great results with my hair and nails.

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Biotin is Making Changes

Easy of Use

When it comes to the world of supplements out there, it is always good to consider what comes with each one. What are you likely getting from the Biotin that you decide to take? With this being said, it is important to factor in the pros and cons of this talked about supplement on the market.

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