Review: Amazing Grass (Is It Really That Amazing?)

Ever heard of Amazing Grass? Well, apparently this is a supplement on Amazon that has held the #1 rank in the Instant Breakfast Drinks for over a year now. That was enough to pique my interest in the product, especially since it is meant to replace your morning breakfast.

I can’t tell you how many times I am running late for work in the morning and have no time to prepare myself some morning food, so I end up getting to work on an empty stomach and then regret my whole life for the next few hour until lunchtime.

Amazing Grass Review

So I took the plunge and purchased a 8.5 ounce bottle of Amazing Grass. 

Before we get into whether or not the product works, we should take a look at the Nutrition Label, here is a copy of one provided by the company:

It’s quite clear that the product is packed with a lot of vitamins. Carries very little calories and sugar, which is fantastic. But how did it make me feel? 

First of all, the product is a powder. Second of all, the product tastes absolutely disgusting! This isn’t something you can simply mix with water or hot milk and chug it down. You have to mix it in with some yogurt or make a morning shake and mix it in. It’s honestly the only way to hold it down.

Review: Amazing Grass (Is It Really That Amazing?) 1

But once you get past the taste, I have good news. It worked. I actually felt a very nice increase of energy within 30 minutes of taking it, and then no crashing afterward. This wasn’t the type of energy you feel after taking down a pint of coffee or taking a shot of 5-hour energy, but it felt like a very healthy increase in energy that kept on going for a while.

On top of the energy, the product did say that it can clear up your skin. Did it clear up mind? Yes, it did. I had a little bit of acne on my back that’s been there for the past year, and since I’ve begun taking Amazing Grass, the acne is less red and looks more faded.

I also want to point out I sleep better for some reason. I’ve stopped waking up restless, and actually feel like I’ve gotten a good 8 hours of sleep in, even though its more like 5 or 6 hours.


If you find yourself having a hard type taking in the powder, it is definitely worth trying out some of the recipes that they recommend. I can, fortunately, say that I have personally gotten used to the taste so I can simply stomach it with a cold glass of water.

Let’s take a peek at a few online reviews on AmazingGreen:

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As expected, the biggest complaint is the taste of the powder. So I do want to warn you again if you know that you typically have difficulty with odd and bad tastes, then you might want to look past using AmazingGreen unless you’re willing to work their recipes. With that being said, it’s quite obvious that outside the taste, customers absolutely love the product and stand by it.

For me, they do get a full recommendation because the product works, and it is healthy. I’ve always had difficulties eating healthy for breakfast, I’ve been able to eat healthier for dinner by dealing with a meal delivery company like sun basket, but haven’t been able to find a solution for breakfast until I tried AmazingGreen.

Review: Amazing Grass (Is It Really That Amazing?) 1

Amazing Grass

Increase in energy
Better sleep
Clearer skin

If you can get past the's a great product!

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