Colon Broom Review: Losing 19lbs After 60 Days (Before & After)

Just like many of you, I was finding advertisements for Colon Broom all over social media, and the allure of losing weight by mixing up a cocktail roped me in. I mean, who doesn’t want to lose weight?! In my Colon Broom review, we’re going to discuss:

  • What is Colon Broom?
  • What is Colon Broom supposed to do for you?
  • Did Colon Broom work for me?
  • Is Colon Broom safe for you?

Before we begin, I will say that I spent about 8-12 hours researching ColonBroom before I initially made my purchase, and I have been using it for 60 days now. Later in the review, you’ll find my own before and after results from using the product.

What is Colon Broom?

bottle of ColonBroom
My bottle of ColonBroom

From looking at the bottle, we can see that Colon Broom labels itself as a “Dietary Supplement”, and the largest tagline that we see is “Natural way to help get rid of unwanted bloating”. Without question, whether you look at their website, at the bottom, or the pamphlets that they deliver alongside with the bottle, there is a big focus on “losing weight”.

If we pick away at the name “Colon” Broom, then that also tells that it is likely some sort of colon cleansing – and it is!

So colon cleansing is a process where the colon is emptied of waste and toxins, which can help with weight loss by promoting better digestion and reducing bloating.

Waste buildup in the colon can cause it to stretch, which can lead to bloating and discomfort. When the colon is cleaned, it returns to its normal size, which can help with weight loss.

Additionally, colon cleansing can improve nutrient absorption. When waste and toxins accumulate in the colon, they can interfere with the absorption of nutrients, which can lead to malnutrition and weight gain. By removing these toxins, colon cleansing can help the body to absorb nutrients more effectively, which can aid weight loss.

But what ingredient within Colon Broom would actually help with colon cleansing?

colonbroom ingredientsThe magic ingredient within ColonBroom is Psyllium Husk Powder, which is a substance that is high in fiber and is also a laxative.

What is Colon Broom supposed to do for you?

Now that we know that the Psyllium Husk Podwer is the magic ingredient within Colonbroom, what does this magical ingredient really do?

  1. Easy way to take in fiber
  2. Stimulate bowel movement

Let’s talk about fiber. Only 7% of Americans take the required amount of Fiber on a daily basis. Having the appropriate amount of fiber in your diet is incredibly important since it regulates blood sugar levels, lowers your cholesterol, regulates bowel movement, lowers the risk of heart disease, and makes you feel more full.

When it comes to stimulating bowel movement when you take Colonbroom aka Psyllium Husk Powder, you’re required to drink A LOT of water. When you do so, it helps get rid of the waste and toxins that accumulate in the colon. The waste and toxins interfere with the absorption of nutrients, which can lead to malnutrition and weight gain.

So to sum this up, ColonBroom helps you by adding fiber to your diet, which is very healthy for you and also reduces your appetite to eat. On top of that, it helps clean out your colon, which gets rid of the bloating, and the toxins within your colon. Which once again, makes you healthier.

My Colon broom Review/Experience

weight loss on colon broom

(Notice: This review is a work in progress, and I plan to have it completed by April 1, 2023!

Colon Broom Review

Stimulating Bowel Movement
Weight Loss

Colon Broom may not be an instant solution to losing weight, but it definitely makes it much easier!

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