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NomNomNow Review: Is It The Healthiest Dog Food In 2019?

our dog
Mila, our pomski

We typically care more for our pets, than we do for ourselves. Isn’t that right?

My wife and I have always found difficulty in choosing the right dog food for our dog (Mila the pomski!).  We were always on the search for the healthiest dog food, and just as importantly, dog food that our puppy would love!

At first, we simply fed Mila dry pebbles from Science Diet. With time, we began to buy canned food from Science Diet and mixed it in with the pebbles. That was fine, but shortly we noticed that she wasn’t a big fan of her meals, she started going up in weight, and frankly, we were getting annoyed by the constant smell of dog food in our kitchen.


To our surprise, last month, we found out that there are companies such as NomNomNow that cooks, packages, and ships fresh meals to your door. In this NomNomNow review, we are going to discuss the ordering process, how the meals are delivered, how healthy their meals really are, and lastly, does Mila love it?!

Going into the purchase of NomNomNow, we were very much aware that we would be looking at paying more for her food on a monthly basis, then we currently are. But then we had to ask ourselves, we obviously love our dog, and would love for her to be with us forever, why not spend a few extra dollars upfront to ensure her longevity?

Years back, my wife and I swore to healthy eating, we cut soda, we cut processed foods, we began to cook for ourselves, so why not feed our dog even better.

Our NomNomNow Review

If you’re familair

Why is NomNomNow a Great Option For Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

I’m going to preface this explanation by clarifying that NomNomNow isn’t a brand exclusive to dogs with allergies; dogs without any dietary restrictions will love the food just as much. The reason why we focus on this topic is because this company’s dog food is especially good for such dogs.

Let’s get into the explanation.

Dogs can be allergic to the protein found in their food. Whether it’s general allergies, skin allergies or a sensitive stomach, it comes down to protein.

Research by BMC Veterinary concluded that 1-2% of dogs will have food allergies.

Now that we know what causes the allergy, our next question is – protein in what?

We’ll use a table to break down the typical allergens:

Dog Food AllergenPercentage of Dogs With Reported Reaction
Dairy Products17%

A sure way of figuring out your dog’s allergy is by requesting an allergy test by your vet, but those can cost as much as $1,000!

The more cost-effective and least invasive method would be feeding your dog with selective ingredients – which is where NomNomNow comes in.

Let’s take a look at how NomNomNow’s food is presented:

When you receive your dog food from them, you can literally see every ingredient in it. This allows for you to remove some ingredients to figure out what your dog is allergic to. From the table, you can see that ‘Dairy Products’ are a common allergen, so by removing the egg from the dish, you can test whether that is the cause of your dog’s problems.

The issue with buying kibble food, or food in a can is that all the ingredients are smashed up together. It becomes impossible for you to deduct your dog’s allergy.

Symptoms of Food Allergies (click to expand)

Symptoms of Food Allergies (click to expand)

  • Sneezing
  • Hot Spots
  • Rashes
  • Itching
  • Eye Discharge
  • Red Eyes
  • Hair Loss
  • Ear Infection

80% of the time, when itching is a symptom, it’s itching of the ears.

If you’re sold on NomNomNow, then you can click here to learn more, otherwise, scroll down for our personal review!

Our NomNomNow Review

We ended up ordering enough meals for 30 days since that was the most cost-effective option. This also allowed us to try out different flavors, and more importantly, different ingredients. If you’re ordering for your hypoallergenic dog, it’s best that you order multiple recipes, to deduct as many ingredients as possible.

chicken from nomnomnow
click to enlarge

This is the chicken recipe. When you receive your order, you’ll find that 7 packets are wrapped together.

back of chicken from nomnomnow
click to enlarge

This is the back of the chicken recipe. You can see all the individual ingredients! Keep in mind that your dog food is transported in dry ice, so during transport, the meals will end up freezing up a bit.

chicken, turkey, pork and beef from nomnomnow
click to enlarge

We received two tied up packages for each flavor that we ordered. Since we had 4 different flavors, we have a total of 54 meals. We are supposed to feed our dog two packets per day, which means that we have enough food for 28 days.

How much did 28 days of the healthiest food for our dog cost us?

how much it costs

As a new customer, we paid $66.88 by using this coupon code! Without the coupon, we would be paying $95.55 for a month of meals, which comes out to $3.18 per day.




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