Review: Addy Focus VS NeuroFuse (Which pill is the best?)

Today we have two brain supplements that have been picking up a great bit of publicity around the world, Cogni Lift and NeuroFuse. As some of you may know, I wrote a review of Addy Focus a few weeks back, in which I was highly disappointed with the supplement. I also covered a review on a supplement called Optimind a week back or so, that I’ve been very impressed with.

We will be reviewing a supplement by the name of NeuroFuse and compare it against Addy Focus . I ordered Neurofuse from their website, and the pills arrived in only three days. Here is the bottle that I received:

Neurofuse The bottle came in a size that I found common with most brain supplements I have tested, and inside I found 60 pills. These were easy to swallow pills that were meant to be taken twice daily. So far, it shares the same similarities as Cogni Lift. That too is a supplement that comes with 60 pills and should be taken twice a day.

In order to properly test Neurofuse, I stopped taking my daily doses Addy Focus so that I can make this review properly. So I did.

Well what happened when I started taking Neurofuse? Nothing.

These pills have been just as worthless as Addy Focus was. No improvement in concentration, energy, focus or memory. They were akin to taking weak coffee pills for a premium price tag.

Let’s take a closer look at the terms of purchase for Neurofuse:

click to enlarge

Neurofuse does offer a free trial, but you will have to pay $4.99 for shopping. When you pay for shipping, they will send you a 10 day supply. Notice how they say that you have 14 days to try the product? Well that timer begins from the moment you place your order, not from the day that you actually receive your pills. So what happens if you took the pills yourself and didn’t like them? You can simply throw them away and move on with your life, right?


If you fail to CALL Neurofuse to cancel your subscription, you will be met with the following charge:

click to enlarge

14 days after placing your free trial order, Neurofuse will charge you $69.99 + tax PER bottle. Yep, you’ll be paying more than $70 to receive a single bottle of pills that simply do not work!

Not sold on my opinion yet? How about we look at a few online reviews on Neurofuse:

neurofusereview3 neurofusereview2 neurofusereview1


I didn’t even have to search long for such reviews, they are everywhere! You’ll notice a common practice here, you sign up for a free trial, and all of sudden you’re enrolled into an ongoing subscription of being charged $74.99 monthly and any attempts to cancel your subscription are futile.

In my own opinion, a company should keep customers on board by providing a valuable product without employing any sneaky billing tactics. It is quite obvious that Neurofuse, just like Addy Focus are simply in the game for a quick cash grab.

Now you might be asking, well Mark, their billing practices seem shady, borderline illegal, but maybe it does work? Well, it didn’t work for me, and let’s see what others had to say:

I guess it doesn’t….

Now, there are a couple things I want to clear up here. It Neurofuse dangerous to take? Very likely not. Nearly all brain supplements in the industry contain the same exact ingredients, mind blown? So why does Optimind or Cogniflex work, while Neurofuse and Addy Focus do not work?

Their propriety blend. The brain supplements that make pills that work have figured out the best measurements of the nootropics found in their pill. Nootropics are basically “smart drugs” and they are the leading ingredients for all the positive effects you’re supposed to receive in a brain pill. If a company does not use the correct measurements, then the effects from them will either be very minor or non-existent.

Companies such as Neurofuse have simply forgone the process of testing out different measurements, and simply threw in a bit of each nootropic and called it a day.

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  1. I made a site using joomla and I have a domain and a machine, the problem is whenever I go to that domain the site is still unviewable. Does onybody know how to help me out?.

    1. Did you make sure to set your nameservers properly? The hosting company you signed up with should have provided you have a pair of nameservers. Submit those nameservers at the domain registar where your domain is currently in.

  2. Mark, I’m confused… I got on your website when searching for info on “OptiMind, where your review said:
    “As I’m writing this review, I’m trying to find any negatives but I simply can’t list a single one…. Optimind receives my full endorsement. The product works, and it works extremely well. There is absolutely no reason not to try the product when the company is literally giving out free samples.”

    But then I came across this article and saw:
    “As some of you may know, I wrote a review of Cogni Lift a few weeks back, in which I praised the supplement for it’s fantastic results. I also covered a review on a supplement called Optimind a week back or so, in which I explain what a scam the company and product are.”

    What’s up with that?

    1. Virginia,

      Thank you for pointing out the mistake. It’s a typo on our end which will be fixed shortly.


      1. Sure, no problem… but what was the typo? Do you think Optimind is a scam or would you give it your full endorsement?

        1. Virginia,

          The review has been properly updated.

          The cause of the misinformation in the review is that months ago we redid the whole website, and had to port over many reviews onto a new platform. During this transition, this specific review was improperly transitioned. It has been fixed.


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