Review: Late Night Chauffeurs (Better than Uber or Lyft?)

Recently I came across this new company called “Late Night Chauffeurs“. When I go out if I know I’m going to be drinking, even if it’s just a few drinks, I make sure that I don’t drive and instead take an Uber or a taxi home from wherever I am instead. I was speaking to a co-worker and I was telling her how I recently went out to a bar and had to take a taxi home and it cost me $80.00 for a 35-minute drive for me and my friend. Uber is less but they still charge a good amount because they are using their own gas and adding miles to their car which they upcharge for. My co-worker told me about Late Night Chauffeurs and explained what it was to me.


It’s a company that will send a driver to you, and they will drive your car to wherever you want. When they reach the destination there will be another driver from their company that will be there waiting for them to take them to their next pick up. Now at first, this sounded pretty weird to me, and kind of shady. Letting a random person come to where you are and drive your car home with you and whoever else in it. But the person that told me about it is someone who is smart and who I trust, so of course, I took her word for it and I am glad I did. I’m also not sure if the company is anywhere besides New York yet. The idea for this company seemed pretty genius and very convenient, plus it was a lot more affordable than a cab or an Uber. I also found this deal on Groupon which sounds pretty good to me:

  • $35 for up to 15 miles of driving service ($70 value)
  • $44 for up to 25 miles of driving service ($90 value)

They also let me know that even if you don’t purchase the Groupon, if you mention it to them they will honor the price. Unfortunately when a Groupon is purchased (and this goes for any company) Groupon actually keeps 50% of the already discounted price, so the business actually ends up losing money instead of making money. You can make a reservation online at

I also noticed that Late Night Chauffeurs can send complimentary inserts to go with wedding invitations so that guests can make a reservation in advance if they want to be able to drink and have a great time instead of worrying about having to drive home and not having as much fun as they could have had.

Considering that my wedding is in two months I sent out my invitations last month without knowing this, so I am super bummed about because I think it is such a GREAT idea and so many people probably don’t know about it yet! Of course, you can always call last minute if you decide you can’t drive your car home but it’s probably much easier and quicker with a reservation which you can do right from your phone. I actually ended up making a reservation to be picked up maybe a half hour before I needed a ride and the driver came quickly. He was also extremely professional, friendly, and polite. This definitely beats getting a DWI which can cost on average $10,000.00! I have nothing bad to say about this company only great things and of course, I will recommend them and keep on using them in the future.

Late Night Chauffeurs

Friendly Service
Quick Service

Might just be better than an Uber!

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