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It’s the Sleekest Stroller Around – You Need One – The Joovy Jogging Stroller

If you have a little, then you know how hard it is to get from A to B. Not only do you have to find something that is going to stand up to the test, but also something that is going to feel comfortable for you. A lot of the strollers on the market promise this or that and they might confuse you. However, after purchasing the Joovy jogging stroller, you will never want to turn back to anything else ever again.

The stroller has some of the best specs, as well as the most comfortable seating for a little. You won’t have to worry about your little one not strolling around in pure comfort and joy. Take a look at all that this awesome stroller has to offer and I promise, you will wonder why you never thought to get a Joovy stroller before.

So why should you choose the Joovy Stroller? Let me tell you a bit more about it and what you can expect from this dependable stroller for your babe.

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  • Extra high, wide seat for baby
  • Recline the seat into many positions
  • Organizer, running leash and cup holder
  • Comfort handle
  • Breaks and tire locks for security
  • Rain guard
  • Aluminum built frame
  • Shock absorbing frame and tires
  • Compact fold
  • Easy to put up and take down
  • Smooth running capabilities
Image: momspotted.com

Using the Stroller

You can use the stroller as a jogging stroller or you can use it for a regular stroller. The choice is yours. You can lock it in place or keep the wheel smoothly moving across the ground. You don’t have to worry about not being able to get to where you can need to go. This is one of the slimmest, best fitting strollers that I have ever found on the market. It is one of those strollers that you can feel it working, without having to do much of the working on your own. This is something different.

A lot of the other jogging strollers that I have come across seemed bulky and large. They were harder to manuever around certain places. I did not find this happening with this one, which is one of the biggest things to think about.

If you want a way to get through anywhere or something that is not going to hold you back, then this can be the ideal stroller for you.

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Perks of The Stroller

This wouldn’t be a review if I didn’t put the perks of using the stroller in here. One of the biggest things that I loved about this stroller was the ease of use. Since it is one of the lighter weight strollers, it provided me with the ability to get to where I needed to go without having to fight with the stroller to move where I wanted it to move and so on. This was one of the biggest benefits.

It has so many organizing compartments that come with it, so you never have to worry about leaving anything behind. Throw it underneath the child, use the cup holders, there is also a tray for the baby to use. You have many options and even extras that connect right to the stroller itself. You’ll be all set to hit the road.

It is also extremely safe. I was a bit hesitant at first to run anywhere with the wheel that wasn’t going to lock into place. However, with the lock that is on the front, this was no longer an issue with the stroller. It is now smooth sailing.

Another great feature is that my little is comfortable wherever we decide to go. The seat is comfortable for him, the straps and even the shocks. So if we go over some big bumps, he doesn’t really notice them, which is a plus.

The stroller is also a great one to consider when you want something that is going to hold larger children. You can still get your jog in, even when you have a larger toddler with you. Who knew that this stroller could be so lightweight and comfortable and still hold up to all that weight?

Were There Downfalls?

There were not many downfalls to using this stroller. This was definitely a well thought-out design. With comfort, flexibility, lightweight and much more packed into one stroller, it is the all in one for everyone to grab.

I would say that the price is a bit high. For the quality and benefits that you get with the stroller, it is well worth it, however, the price could stand a little change if they’re trying to give something a bit more affordable to the parents of the world.

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My Overall Thoughts

I would say go for it. If you’re looking for a great stroller that provides you with all the benefits that you need to jog anywhere and everywhere, then this is going to be the stroller that is for you. It provides you with a little bit of everything that is needed, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to get a workout in, even if you have your little. The lightweight part of the stroller is one of the biggest benefits, so you can jog just about anywhere and everywhere that your heart desires. It is worth the price and can hold up to 75 pounds, making it a great selection for when you want the stroller to grow with the kids.

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Joovy Jogging Stroller


Learn whether or not this is the jogging stroller for you with all the perks that it provides you with.

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