IDO-3D Vertical Five Pen 3D Art Set: What is a 3D Vertical Pen?

IDO-3D Vertical Five Pen 3D Art Set: What is a 3D Vertical Pen? 2
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A 3D Vertical pen is a pen that uses a special type of resin that allows the little artist or the big artist to draw off the paper.  Yes, this pen actually lets the user draw in the air.  One may think of it as drawing a sculpture, that is how I see it. 

When you first open your box you will find

  • 5 different colored pens (some kits may come with a different number of pens), Green, orange, blue, red, and purple.  The tips that are removable are color coded in order to match the pen as well as the resin inside.  They are a total of six inches long and have been ergonomically shaped in order to comfortably fit into your hand. The pens are actually squishy, they are not constructed of a hard plastic and they feel like rubber.  They are designed so the user can easily control the flow of resin that comes out of them, squeeze lightly for a thinner line, add a bit more pressure and get a thicker line.
  • 1 LED Light that is used to harden the resin that comes from the pens, in which allows the artist to draw vertically.  It attaches to the tip of the pen, there is an on/off switch that is located on the top side of the light, as well as a total of three LED lights that are all focused towards the tip of the pen when it has been attached.  In order to attach the light to the pen you just slide it on sideways and twist it to lock it in place, and you would reverse these steps in order to remove the light from the pen.
  • 1 clear flexible worksheet that allows you to use as a nonstick work area for your masterpieces.
  • 2 – 3D oval templates which help you create some round artwork.
  • 1 User Guide
  • 1 Template book

IDO-3D Vertical Five Pen 3D Art Set: What is a 3D Vertical Pen? 3
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IDO-3D Vertical Five Pen 3D Art Set: What is a 3D Vertical Pen? 4

Creating your Master Piece

Yes, this is truly amazing you can actually draw right off the paper.  You just need to make sure that the light is attached to the end of the color pen that you are using at the time.  As you squeeze the pen resin will emerge from the tip and the light will harden that resin. 

These pens are really fun to use, and your children will be entertained for quite some time with them.  There are some issues that need to be mentioned – the resin can actually be somewhat messy, and what your little artist creates has a very oily texture to it.  On the other hand, the cleanup process is actually fairly easy but take note do not get the resin on clothing and let it soak in.  Another issue is that there are no actual refills to be found.  With this said if you want to create more 3D drawing a whole new kit will have to be purchased (well then you will have 2 lights and 2 children can actually play at the same time instead of taking turns).  Keep aware of the type of surface that you are drawing on, if the surface is bright the UV light can actually reflect off the surface and harden the resin right at the tip of the pen and it will end up clogging.

With all of this said this 3D art set has been stated for ages 8 years and up, but do not let that stop you adults, this is great fun for the whole family.  It will bring out the create side in all of you.

IDO-3D Vertical Five Pen 3D Art Set: What is a 3D Vertical Pen? 5
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Is This the Right Gift for You?

If you are looking for a gift that does not include a video screen, where your child zones out for hours, and you want them to get just a bit creative.  The IDO-3D Vertical Five Pen 3D Art Set is the perfect gift for him or her.  This pen is amazing and it will definitely get their nose out of that computer for a while as they are amazed at how easily they will be able to draw in the air. 

If your child is on the younger side you just may need to give a little bit of help to him or her.  If he or she is older they will have no problem at all figuring out just what to do.  The amazement, as well as the fun, goes as far as the child would like it to, with this 3D game it is their very own imagination that creates the world beyond (not some predetermined video game).  Just think you may just be able to get them out of their room long enough to convince them to go outside and live a little. This is a perfect gift for a girl or boy and do not forget about those creative adults in your life.

The 3D Pen For All Types of Artists

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Want to give your artwork a little more? How about using the 3D pen that is great for all types of artists out there!

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