FurReal Friends Torch ‘My Blazin’ Dragon’

FurReal Friends Torch ‘My Blazin’ Dragon’ 2

If you are a magical creature fan like I am, you will fall in love with this adorable little creature.  This is absolutely the cutest toy that I have seen by far.  The movements and sounds combine in order to create some very adorable responses when the user rubs on the baby dragon’s belly or nose.  Now that you get that this little guy is adorable, what really peaks the interest of many children is the fact he breathes “fire”.  Well, not exactly fire, what actually happens is a very fine mist comes pouring out of Torch’s mouth that is what really gets them.  Now being a parent you will know, just like many other toys, Torch will hold a child’s interest for just so long and then it is off to another.

Product Specifications:

  • For ages 4 to 7 years of age
  • Made in China
  • Requires 4 C Batteries – Not Included
  • Made of Plastic and Electronic components
  • Includes small pieces that may be choking hazards

Like any other item that you are able to purchase, they have their Pros and of course, Cons and Torch are no different.

FurReal Friends Torch ‘My Blazin’ Dragon’ 3

FurReal Friends Torch ‘My Blazin’ Dragon’ 4


  • Torch makes some really adorable sounds when belly and nose are rubbed
  • Torch is of course really cute and adorable
  • Torch really has lots of personalities
  • Torch looks as if he is breathing fire, as he torches his marshmallow
  • The water filters within Torch can be reused by cleaning them


  • Torch does not come with the 4 C batteries that are required
  • The marshmallow on the stick is sometimes hard to “roast”
  • Torch’s head is the only part of him that actually moves, he does not even wag his tail
  • Torch is made out of hard plastic, not much for cuddling
  • After the novelty of the “fire roasting marshmallow” aspect, not much to play with

Torch is 14.5 X 14 X 8 inches, and he weighs about 6 pounds total. Torch brings his very own crystal shaped tool so you are able to fill his tank with 1 to 2 tablespoons of water so he is able to breathe “fire”. 

Other things that are included with Torch:

  • Crystal water vial
  • Two extra water filters that are reusable
  • The color changing marshmallow on a stick
  • Torch (of course)
  • Instructions

Your children will find playing with torch is really fun for a little while anyways as they pet his nose or pat his belly to get him to breathe fire and torch his marshmallow.  The fire actually is pretty impressive, the mist is really ultra-fine and is set with a red/ orange light which lights the mist to make it appear to be fire. The marshmallow that comes with Torch actually changed from white to a toasted brown color when it gets wet from the mist, and when it dries out it turns back to the white again.

Even though the only parts that actually move on Torch is his eyes, ears and head, they do make for some very adorable combination movement.  The sounds that Torch makes include little giggles, gurgling, cooing noises, baby roars as well as many other sounds that a typical baby would make.

FurReal Friends Torch ‘My Blazin’ Dragon’ 5

Caring for Torch

Caring for torch is basically very easy – make sure to empty as well as dry out the tank that holds the water when your child does not plan on playing with Torch for an extended period of time, as well as wiping off the outer body with a damp cloth.


If you have small children Torch will, in fact, entertain them for a longer period of time than if your children were older.  Due to the fact that Torch does have some parts that are mechanical, as well as he is made out of hard plastic, adult supervision is advised so that Torch does not get broken.  Another factor to keep in mind that the tank that holds the water does need to be cleaned and dried while it is not in use, due to the possibility of mold growing in wet damp places.  The filters that are in Torch will need to be changed periodically, although I have not found a business that carries said filters, Torch does bring an extra with him.

So, all in all, he is very cute and adorable.  But Torch is not very cuddly since he is made out of plastic.  Although he does breathe “fire” and torch marshmallow and who doesn’t love a well-roasted marshmallow, after the fact that this novelty wears off children tend to lose their interest, but truthfully if you have children you will know that this happens with just about every toy that you have ever bought for him or her.  The only difference is just how quick will it fade, and this, of course, depends on the child as well as the toy.

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