Review: Baboo Bunny Diaper Bag (Carry Your Entire Home)

If you know someone that is going to be having a baby, then you want to make sure you have the best gift out there. This means beating all of the other gifts out of the water. When it comes to the right diaper bag, new parents cannot have enough. They need something that is going to grow with baby, but also provide many benefits.

The Baboo Bunny diaper bag was a lifesaver for me, as I am able to have so many benefits that come with this one bag that does it all. I will show you what I mean when we walk through many of the perks of owning this bag. You might be surprised when I say you could actually hold the baby inside this bag because it is seriously huge!

You’re easily able to carry it anywhere you go, as well. There are like four different ways the bag can be carried – can we say that they thought of everything in this bag!

Review: Baboo Bunny Diaper Bag (Carry Your Entire Home) 2

Baboo Bunny Diaper Bag Features:

  • Choose between black or gray
  • Have enough room for everything
  • Insulated pockets
  • Snap closure pockets
  • Multiple ways to carry it around
  • Comes with a changing pad
  • Affordable
  • Easy grab pockets for tissues or wipes
  • So much, much more!

Review: Baboo Bunny Diaper Bag (Carry Your Entire Home) 3

The Perks About this Diaper Bag

As compared to other bags out there, this one is going to be in the running for the lead spot. Not only can you wear it as a backpack, but you can carry it around like a purse, you can strap it to the stroller, you can basically do whatever you want – it can be your new suitcase!

There are so many pockets. Let me say that again. SO many pockets! You’re easily able to carry everything with you wherever you go. You do not need to worry about not having a spot for anything that you need to bring along, and some extra room. You have everything you need right inside the bag.

There are zipper pockets inside, in the front, on the sides, on the back. They have a pocket for just about everything. The front pockets are even insulated, so you can bring hot and cold items with you while on the go and not have to worry about them losing their temperature!

The inside of the bag folds out, so you can open it wide and fit even more in it if needed.

There are many perks to having such a large diaper bag, especially one that allows you to use the hooks on the back to attach it to a stroller or wear it as a backpack. You no longer have to worry about going out of the house without having something that is going to hold all of baby’s items inside it. You’re set to go on any adventure.

The bag comes with a changing pad, so you don’t have to worry about those messy cleanups while on the go or having to come up with your own pad. You can just whip it out and change a butt and be on the go again. When they get a bit older, they can use this as an overnight bag. It does not have a baby appearance to it, which makes it ideal when it comes to letting other older kids use it to their advantage.

There are really so many benefits that you would have to use the bag for yourself to find out all of them, since everyone is different. These are just some of the perks that I really enjoyed about the bag. It can be a great product to have for any baby or parent looking to make life easier out there.

Review: Baboo Bunny Diaper Bag (Carry Your Entire Home) 4

Are Their Downfalls?

Some might say that not having too many color options would be a downfall. I am partial to white. I like white everything, with kids, this really isn’t practical. However, it gives it a nice clean appearance. They do not have many color options and only come in gray or black, but this can be overlooked because of all the other perks that the bag is able to provide.

As for any other downfalls, there really isn’t any, so it is a bad that you must have when it comes to carrying items around and actually getting use out of them. Be able to show it off to everyone else that you know and find out their thoughts on it. I am pretty sure that they’re going to love it just as much!

Review: Baboo Bunny Diaper Bag (Carry Your Entire Home) 5

The Verdict

This is an awesome Diaper Bag and if you’re about to have a baby, have a baby or know someone that is going to have a baby then this is a must-have item. You want to make sure that you get something that is useful and this bag has just about everything you need to cash out and get the most from the bag and all that comes with it. It was definitely a lifesaver for me, I am sure it would also be a lifesaver for many other parents out there wondering how they’re going to carry all that baby stuff around!

Make sure to check it out for yourself, for the price, it is definitely a must have for when you’re trying to make sure to bring all of baby’s items along for the ride. It has a spot for everything built right in, even for those water bottle or coffee mug that you want to bring along. They thought of you, too!

Baboo Bunny Bag for When You Need to Bring it All!

Ease of Use

If you're looking for a cute and spacious bag, then you can make sure to find it right here. Check out the specs and get one for yourself!

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