Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids 2023 (Our Top 5 Must-Haves!)

We all know kids don’t like being left out of any special day, and even though Valentine’s Day is reserved as that one special holiday for grownup fun, for those of us with kids, we know we’ll probably end up getting them one or a two things to make them smile also.

From kids toys, to games, to gadgets, its fun to include the kids into Valentines Day 2019, whether you’re a couple with a new child, or an older tween or teenager.

What we don’t typically realize is Valentine’s Day is a holiday where kids themselves don’t have a partner or match yet, so making them feel extra happy and included in on the celebrations can be really fun. And sometimes it’s just nice to give your little one an extra treat for the heck of it.

paper heart cut outs

We’ve rounded up our top 5 picks for Valentines’s 2019 for kids of different ages to have fun with, and keep themselves busy with so you and your love can keep busy with plenty of romance on the big day!

Of course, it never hurts to toss in a card, candies, or a special something to tell them just how much you care for them in the same way you would anyone else on a day dedicated just to expressions of love!

Here are our top favorites this year for Valentines Day gifts for kids that will have them saying thanks and keeping busy!

Valentines Day Gifts For Kids

1. Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

gund baby floppy interactive elephant toy
Image Credit: Gund Baby

Buy Gund Baby Flappy Elephant

For new parents of babies (infants 0+), Gund Baby Flappy Elephant is an adorable soft and safe plush toy that animates- playing peek-a-boo with the ears flapping and singing “do your ears hang low” when you push the feet, and is perfect for Valentine’s Day for kids.

Flappy Elephant is surface-washable, 12 inches, requires 3 AA batteries, and is made from high quality material not prone to breaks or tears and designed to be as safe as possible for your newborn or baby to hug and play with for hours of fun and cuddles.

Gund Baby Flappy Elephant is space grey, but also has a companion toy, if you prefer “Flora the Bunny,” a white rabbit who also plays peek-a-boo and sings interactively when her feet are pushed.

This is not only safe, soft, and remarkably sweet, it’s perfect to gift your newborn or growing baby before you and your loved one go out for a special Valentine’s day evening out, and Flappy (along with a qualified babysitter) should provide him or her with plenty of safe and relaxing fun.

This way you can have the stress-free evening you deserve while your little one has a fun night of play or sleeps softly.

With perfect 5 star reviews across over 2500 Amazon ratings, this is a baby toy we trust along with finding cute!

2. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle
Image Credit: Fisher-Price

Buy Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

For your preschoolers, from 3 months to 6 years, Fischer- Price’s Think & Learn Smart Cycle is in interactive bluetooth-enabled indoor bike toy for kids to drive, race, and game- pedaling and exercising while they learn.

What could be better than health and learning at the same time, that your kids will actually have fun doing?

Plus, this will probably keep them pretty busy for hours on Valentine’s Day with a (responsible) babysitter while you and your partner have a fun night out and relax.

The cycling bike is sturdy and safe with steel construction and tough enough for your kids to really play and race as hard as they want free of any potential accidents, and the bluetooth technology enables play on a tablet or TV screen (the holder is adjustable to fit tablets of varying sizes).

You can also download the free “Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City” app for more racing and learning games, and the movable, steering handlebars with input controls and included joystick add to a fun play experience for kids.

The adjustable seating and sizing options make this a good option for kids of different sizes, which is why it’s great for the entire preschool range, and games focus on learning and skills based on different age groups.

For example, Games like ‘Alphaballoons’ prompt kids to find the starting letter of items they see on screen (‘Buh-buh-ball’.)

As your child gains success, the words get trickier, which helps them keep growing. There are also spelling and vocabulary options, reading & rhyming, and the faster they pedal, the faster they learn.

When you download the free app, kids can drive, game, and race against opponents, and they do this all while learning new skills for school.

We’ve yet to find a healthier and more fun toy on the market that helps kids learn to read during the process!

Compatible with:

  • Apple: iPad Generation 3 & 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad mini (1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • iOS 8 and higher and Bluetooth LE (4.0) and higher
  • Additional apps sold separately (subject to individual compatibility)

3. Stitch Fix Kids

Stitch Fix Kids Clothing Box Feature
Image Credit: Stitch Fix Kids.

Click here for our detailed review of Stitch Fix Kids

Stich Fix is one of our favorite picks for adults as an excellent style subscription service box, based on your own unique profile and fashion tastes.

For adults, you fill out an online profile based on all your own unique preferences (down to fit, style, preferences for likes and dislikes, patterns, how often you frequent special occasions, what you like to dress in, pricing, and measurements), and you’re sent a “fix” or style box right to your door selected by your own unique personal stylist.

It’s quick to sign up for, you can opt for monthly fixes (or 2-3 times per month) and you can return anything you don’t like.

Stich Fix has recently launched a unique kids line as well, taking a lot of the hassles, crying fits, dressing room tears, and time out of kids shopping, and making the entire process a lot of fun for boys and girls.

Sizes are available from 2T to 14, and included in each kids fix is 8-12 customized pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as a handwritten note from a stylist to your kid, and a prepaid return envelope to send back anything unwanted.

You can start by filling out your child’s individual custom style profile, their play preferences, personality, and size and fit preferences. You can specify how often you want to receive different items, like blouses, skirts, jeans, leggings, pajamas, and shoes, as well as items to avoid in general. So, if you’d never like, leggings, for example, Stitch Fix Kids will never include it in your box.

There’s even an option for different style options around the use of a school uniform, and you can use this as a “once in a while” subscription service option to help fill in wardrobe gaps, or as a regular monthly service option to take out all of the time, hassle, and headaches of clothing shopping.

You can also specify your own budget preferences, and how much you’d like to spend per item.

If you have a fussy kid who hates mall trips and clothing shopping and want to give a present that keeps giving all year, Stitch Fix Kids is the perfect Valentine’s Day for kids gift this season to save you and your family a lot of time, effort, and waiting in long lines with lots of whining.

This may save you and the hubby or partner a lot of time, guess-work, and hassles as well.

To read more about how Stitch Fix for adults works you can read our full review here.

4.KOOME Drone 720P HD Camera Live Video WiFi (Beginners/Kids)

KOOME Drone 720P HD Camera Live Video
Image Credit: KOOME

Buy KOOME Drone 720P HD

Perfect for teens 14 and up who love tech toys and gadgets, this beginner video camera drone is user-friendly, easy to set up, and has press of button features for take offs, landing, and height (no need to worry about orientation).

If you have a teenage boy or girl whose been “good” all year and deserves a special treat this Valentine’s Day for kids, this top-rated drone won’t even break the bank at just under $90.

It comes equipped with headless mode, altitude hold, 2 high performance batteries for up to 14 minutes of fly time, and real-time viewing from the included remote control. The 720P HD Wi-Fi camera can record excellent images and video perspectives from the air from a birds-eye perspective.

The KOOME Drone 720P HD allows for app control, so you simply connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi (iOS or Android), to allow for real-time transmission, camera function, and shoot and share options on the app’s interface.

One of our favorite features that allows for hours of fun? The KOOME Drone Camera lets you do 360 degree flips with a single flip of a button.

For the beginner adult tech junkie in your life who is also looking to try out drones as a first-time hobby, this also makes a great low-cost option (hint for the ladies with guys in their lives who secretly want to experiment with drones but can’t admit to feeling nervous, perfect option!)

5. LuMee Duo Selfie Phone Case

Buy LuMee Duo Selfie Case for iPhone

For the teen girl (or boy) on your list this Valentine’s Day who is always attached to their phone and social media accounts despite your best intentions but still getting their classwork done, the LuMee Duo Selfie Case for iPhone (compatible with versions 6, 6S, 7, and 8) is the perfect accessory for taking the best selfie.

With shock absorption and a sturdy bumper case, the phone protection itself is great, is there are 4 colors to pick from (rose gold, gold matte, white glossy, and black matte).

With warm natural LED lights, you can take pictures and videos in the best and most flattering lighting possible, with lighting that produces 90% brighter shots than any typical iPhone device. The lighting helps fill in shadowing, and is designed to pick up on the users face (or faces for couples and group shots) to specifically enhance the natural appearance of any selfie shot.

By simply holding down the back button key on LuMee’s charger case back (and releasing), the entire screen lights up in selfie photo and video mode and you can begin capturing flattering photos.

It works great for enhancing indoor and artificial lighting or nighttime shots, especially when your regular flash button isn’t doing the job. It’s also compatible with video chatting, for the teen who regularly needs to put her or his best face forward for her friends while showing off new makeup, hair, and outfit choices.

Couples and groups love the LuMee also, as it’s perfect for capturing cute shots on trips, special events, and taking shots to have special memories to look back on.

Your tween or teen will think of this as a more natural approach to SnapChat and Instagram filters and likely be the envy of all her friends who suddenly want to start borrowing her phone to test it out.

Bonus points: we love that the build-in flashlight feature is an added safety feature.

While slim, sleek, and lightweight, the only drawback is that the battery life is about 30 minutes per charge for a total lighting time (comes with micro USB), which could be a bit longer.

But in comparison to all the benefits, this is the perfect gift for the teenage girl on your list this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids: Celebrating

While we always think about Valentine’s Day as a celebration between lovers and couples, which it is, it’s very important to not neglect our kids during a day of love and celebration as well, as it can mean so much to them to be included in every holiday.

Whether you’re a new parent with a newborn or baby, or a couple raising a child or children from preschool age-teenage years, it can mean a lot to them to take part in shared family activities and receive meaningful gifts for the special occasion also.

During a holiday dedicated solely to love and expressions of caring, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is your kids.

So if you aren’t doing a family vacation this year, and even if you plan on a shared romantic evening with your partner, it’s really thoughtful to leave your kids with some special gifts or a gift from the heart that they can play with during the night.

cute candies valentines day photo

As an added bonus, this keeps them both happy, feeling loved, and busy so you can have free time to spend out on a romantic date night without any hassles and spending it with your love.

But for Valentine’s Day for kids 2019, these are definitely our top 5 picks for children of all age groups (from newborns to teenagers) that seem to be bestselling, top-rated, and perfect for making all types of kids happy on a day they deserve it too.

Toss in a special gift card or their favorite snack and you’ll really be parent of the year!

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